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ENGINE MECHANICAL (G13B, 1-CAM 16-VALVES ENGINE) _6A1-5 ON-VEHICLE SERVICE COMPRESSION CHECK Check compression pressure on all four cylinders as follows: 1) Warm up engine. 2) Stop engine after warming up. NOTE: After warming up engine, place transmission gear shift le- ver in “Neutral” (shift selector lever to “P” range for A/T model), and set parking brake and block drive wheels. 3) Remove ignition coil assemblies (1) and all spark plugs (2) refer- ring to Section 6F. WARNING: Failure in disconnecting couplers from ignition coil as- semblies can cause spark to occur in engine room pos: bly resulting in a dangerous explosion. 4) Disconnect fuel injector wire harness at couplers (2) 5) Install special tools (Compression gauge) into spark plug hole. Special Tool (A): 09915-64510-001 (B): 09915-64510-002 (C): 09915-64530 (0): 09915-67010, 6) Disengage clutch (to lighten starting load on engine) for M/T model, and depress accelerator pedal all the way to make throttle valve full-open, 7) Crank engine with fully charged battery, and read the highest pressure on compression gauge. ‘Compression pressure 71400 KPa Standard (14.0 kg/cm2, 199.0 psi) Limit 1100 kPa (11.0 kg/em2, 156.4 psi) Max. difference between any 100 KPa two cylinders (1.0 kg/em?, 14.2 ps) 8) Carry out steps 5) through 7) on each cylinder to obtain four readings 9) After checking, connect couplers to fuel injectors securely and install spark plugs and ignition coil assemblies.