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Summary Film “ Wonder ”

Wonder is a family drama and friendship film genre that has a lot of educational value for
anyone who watches it. The film released in Indonesia on December 8, 2017 tells the story of
a child with Treacher Collins syndrome, a genetic disorder that results in the shape of the ear,
eyes, chin and shape face abnormalities.

Wonder tells the story of August "Auggie" Pullman a special child who had to undergo 27
operations so that he could see, hear, talk, and many other things to survive. One of them was
his different face.

During this time he got home schooling taught by Isabel Pullman, his mother, who has a high
education. Finally his father, Nate Pullman and his mother decided that Auggie could go to
public school so that she could experience the life of socializing with others. Auggie who is
not used to showing his face to many people must open his beloved astronaut helmet during
school. With a normal face, the whole school must have looked at him with a strange

Auggie went through school brilliantly because he was so smart. But he did not have friends
because he was afraid of being infected by Auggie's opinion that he had "an infectious
disease". Auggie's life at school was not easy at first, he often got bullying from friends who
would mock a different face. But he began to get a friend named Jack Will and made him
more confident in school again. Jack Will also makes Auggie like alive and can play and joke
like his peers.

Throughout the film we are offered with the conflict of each family member, I really admire
the figure of Julia Roberts who is able to explore the character as a strict mother but at other
times also very gentle. His chemistry as a parent with Owen Wilson woke up very well.

This one film is packaged well, family conflicts that make up to the child who is not
confident with the physical differences he has. Wonder teaches us to always be supportive
and open with our parents and siblings. Because, it is they who know us better than anyone

In this film did not hesitate to tuck a scene where Auggie was bullied by her friends because
of the difference, interestingly again he never replied to all those things. Auggie proved by
the difference he had, he could achieve. Although Auggie didn't have friends in the end,
Auggie had lots of friends.

Not just focusing on the family alone, this film also gives another color by telling about the
pros and cons of friendship, the academic environment. The plot is not rushed either. The
audience was invited to recognize the figure of Auggie and its environment well, so that at its
climax we can shed tears without realizing it.

This Wonder movie is very heartwarming and inspiring for everyone. Especially for those of
you who may have been underestimating someone, or you who are victims of bullying, this
film is great for anyone.