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Jonathan: With the DepEd’s mission of providing quality

education for all, the Division of Roxas City has been providing
intensive trainings and seminar-workshops to the teachers.
Kate: S.Y. 2018-2019 is indeed a remarkable year because the
pilot implementation of collaborative lesson planning started where
teachers shared their talents and utmost expertise to come up with
effective instructional plans.
J: Good morning, mam Kate.
K: Good morning, sir Jonathan.
J: This day, we commend all the (hard work and sacrifices) of
the teachers and the people behind who made this event possible as we
attest a successful implementation.
JK: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Division Review of
Pilot Implementation of Collaborative Lesson Planning (CLP)
K: To start with, may I request everyone to stand to pay tribute
to the national flag through the singing of the national anthem to be
conducted by Ms. Corazon C. Corros , MT I Balijuagan NHS.
J: This is to be followed by a doxology to led to us by Mr.
Antonio M. Bicua, HT III, RCSPC
K: You may now take you seats, this time let us hear welcome
remarks from our Assistant Schools Division Superintendent, ladies and
gentlemen, Dr. Ferdinand S. Sy, CESO VI.
J: (Reaction about the remarks if necessary) Thank you very Dr.
Ferdinand S. Sy. At this point, to deliver his inspirational message to
every one of us, help me in welcoming our very own Schools Division
Superintendent, OIC, Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Feliciano S. Buenafe,
K: Thank you very much, Dr. Feliciano S. Buenafe, Jr for the
(adjective) message. And now, for the presentation and rationale of the
facilitators and participants may I call in the CLP Focal Person, the PSDS
of Cluster 2, Suzette B. Falsis.
J: Thank you very much mam, for the review of the
implementation of Collaborative Lesson Planning (CLP), may I call in,
our CID chief, Dr. Marvic S. Martirez
K: Thank you very much Dr. Marvic S. Martirez, at this point,
while we are having our snacks, it is now the opportunity to have a closer
look to the outputs of other districts through a gallery walk.
J: And that’s all for the morning session, to bless our food, may
I request _______________

K: I guess we are now full and energized after we had our lunch.
For the 2nd part of this event, let us reminisce our CLP Best moments
with our colleagues through a video presentation by subject area/cluster
CLP clustered schools 1-3
J: Alright, recalling unforgettable moments in our lives is the
best. At this point, let us hear some impressions from the different
representatives by cluster. Let us begin with Ms. Lorraine De Olino,
Teacher III, Culasi NHS representing Cluster I.
K: Another impression will be shared from Cluster 2, may I call
in Mr. Gerardo Damgo, MT II, CRAAHS.
J: The last but not the least, to share her impression, may I call
in Ms. Irmenia R. Condez, MT II RCSPC, representing cluster 3.
K: At this juncture, for the distribution of certificates, may I call
in _____________________ (read the content first) Facilitators –
Demonstration teachers – participants. (alternate J.K.)
J: and now, to post her words of challenge to us, may I call in
Ms. Suzette B. Falsis PSDS Cluster 2.
K: Thank you mam, and to accept the challenge from Ma’am
Falsis, may I call in Mrs. WIla V. Cagulangan, TII, RCSPC.
J. Thank you mam Wila, achieving something is not yet the end
of the journey but it opens for another opportunity to grow and to develop
oneself. And for the closing remarks, may I call in the principal III of
Milibili NHS, Mrs. Rosali E. Apruebo.
K. And that concludes our program this day, advanced Merry
Christmas and God bless.
JK: Enjoy the rest of the day!