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RAKINDO Kovai Township Ltd.

#1, Subbraya Avenue,
C.P Ramasamy Road, Alwarpet,
Chennai - 600 018
Ph:- 044-24994224 Fax:- 044-24994224

Purchase Order No. Date

H&R Johnson Indian Ltd. SOICP-CBE-H-086 9-Jul-09

Chennai, India The Purchase Order No. must be shown on all packages,
correspondence and invoices
Obtain acknowledgement HERE from Rakindo representative, after
Attn : Mr. Narayan (94449-54332)
Delivery Site Address Payment Terms :
Rakindo Kovai Township Ltd - Madukkarai Project Site 1. 100 % of the value of the Purchase Order to be paid as Advance.

Contact Person : Mr. Padmanaban (Mobile : 9790917270)

Delivery Terms :
To be delivered
Other at Project Site in Madukkarai, Coimbatore
Terms & Conditions:
1) Supplier shall obtain acknowledgement from RAKINDO representative for the delivery of Goods in order per this Purchase Order
2) Supplier's invoice shall accompany acknowledgement from RAKINDO representative for the receipt of Goods in order
3) Care and custody of Goods and related insurances until delivery to the specified destination shall be the responsibility of Supplier
5) This Purchase Order is based on Supplier's Quotation dated 30 - May - 2009
6) Supplier to guarantee, in writing, that the models in the Purchase Order will be under production for a minimum of 2 years from date of

Description of Goods/Services :

Supply of Tiles as per Annexure-1 appended to this Purchase Order. The tiles are for the model villas in Block - 5.

Item Description Unit Qty Unit Price Amount

1 As per Annxure-1
attached herewith Rs. 13,370.91

Total Value of Rs. 13,370.91


Warranty : Fright & Unloading: Taxes : Included

12 Months from the date of Installation Freight - not
included. Unloading
is clients scope

Supplier shall sign and return the Acknowledgement copy of this Purchase Order signifying acceptance to all terms and conditions under which it
is issued within seven days of receipt

For : _____________________________________________

By : _____________________________________________

Title : _____________________________________________

Date : _____________________________________________ ___________________________



S.NO LOCATION UNIT WALL DADO(300 X 200 MM) Wall Tile (200 x Rate/ Sq. Ft Total Cost
Light Shade Dark Shade 200 mm)
1 Powder Room
Denim Beige - OWJF03 Sq. m 6.75 24.50 1779.44
Denim Brown - OWJF03 Sq. m 4.60 24.50 1212.65
2 Wash Basin Tile
Ivory - OWJE01 Sq.m 1.25 26.50 356.43
3 Master bedroom Toilet
Leatherlite Crème - OWJF02 Sq. m 10.75 22.00 2544.74
Leatherlite Gold - OWJF04 Sq. m 5.25 25.50 1440.50
4 Common Toilet
ZAZ Silver - OWJF03 Sq.m 12.00 24.50 3163.44
ZAZ Steel - OWJF04 Sq. m 5.25 25.50 1440.50
5 Kitchen Dado Tile
Terracotta - OWJE03 Sq. m 4.00 33.30 1433.23
Total Purchase Order for Block 5 Rs. 13,370.91

Terms & Conditions:

1. The above prices are inclusive of current excise duty, freight & 12.5% VAT.
2. Unloading to be arranged by you/to your scope. Any Hamalli/mamool charges to your account. Delivery at Kovai Pudur (Coimbatore) Site.
3. The order quantity should be in boxes.
4. One week from date of issue of Purchase Order.
5. 100% advance to be paid along with Purchase order favoring H&R Johnson (India) Ltd, Chennai.
6. The quoted price/s shall be kept valid for your acceptance until 31/08/2009 and shall be subject to our written confirmation thereafter.
7. The above price is for a minimum quanity of full truck loads, for any part loads or small quantities local freight will be extra/at actuals from our Salem Depot.
8. Force Majeure clause shall apply for all orders placed on us.

9. If any variation in the Excise Duty, Sales tax, Govt. Rules at the time of supply, the same will be applicable and charged extra to your account.



Rakindo Kovai Township Ltd.,

No 1, Subbaraya Avenue,
C P Ramasamy Road, Alwarpet,
Chennai-600 018


Subj. : Purchase Order No. SOICP-CBE-H-086, dated 07 - 09 - 09

Work Order for Supply of Tiles

We, for and in consideration of our receipt of the sum of Rs. …………… (in words)
from you, representing the final progress payment, extra works and any other
payment due to us under the Purchase Order, including all supplements thereto,
hereby release and forever discharge you from all claims and demands whatsoever
in any manner arising out of, or related to, labor performed or materials and
equipment furnished by us under the Purchase Order.

In consideration of, and for the purpose of inducing you to make the aforesaid final
payment, we hereby warrant that we shall indemnify and hold harmless you from all
demands, liens, and claims of any nature in any manner arising from or related to
this Purchase Order.

We understand that the foregoing shall not relieve us of our obligations under the
provisions of this Purchase Order, which by their nature survive the completion of
work under the Work Order including, without limitation, warranties, guarantees, and

In Witness whereof, we have caused this instrument to be executed by our duly

authorized officer this _____ day of ……….. 2009.

For & On behalf of (Name of Supplier)

By : ……………………….

Title : ……………………….

Date : ……………………….