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Drawing – Syllabus

Teacher: Britt Blasdell

9-12th grade – M.T.TH.F

Contact Information:
Email: (this is the most effective way of communicating with me throughout the school year, parents!)
Phone: 970.247.2474 x2317
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Office Hours: I am available every morning at 8 am. as well as during lunch. Please email me to
schedule a meeting.

This class will have an emphasis on representation from direct observation. Drawing is
fundamentally about learning to see and to transport that vision onto a two-dimensional
surface via a variety of mark making techniques. As Picasso once said, “The hardest thing
about creating art is to train the hand to work with the mind.” We will be practicing just
that! Students will learn a variety of drawing techniques that will enhance their confidence
and portfolio. Students will explore constraints such as charcoal, chalk pastel, graphite, ink
etc. in a studio setting. This class will also contain University style critiques, art history
lectures and testing to ensure growth.

1. To visually perceive, analyze, and interpret visual information through the act of drawing.
2. To work with the visual elements of line, shape, from, space, value, and texture in the
creation of drawings.
3. Gain an understanding of figure and ground and their role in a drawing.
4. Gain an understanding of how to incorporate narrative, psychological, emotional, and
conceptual aspects of drawing and how to balance those with technique to create a drawing.
5. Begin to develop an individual drawing language that allows you to express your own vision
and ideas.

P.O. Box 4414 Durango, CO 81302 (970) 247-2474

I grade on a point system. Larger, several week projects are generally worth 200+ points.
Smaller, day projects/critiques/quizzes will be worth 20+ points. The grades earned in my class
rely heavily on class participation, effort and personal growth. You do not need to be a
naturally, amazing artist to get an A in my class! Extra credit is always an option. Cleaning up
and keeping an organized, aesthetically pleasing classroom is crucial. If students fail to clean up
properly, 5 points are deducted/infraction from their project.

1. Students will thoroughly clean up materials and area they used. This also means to take
pride in their art classroom and keep class materials well organized 
a. 5 Points will be deducted from project/infraction if student does not clean their -
2. I expect students to be on time, for tardiness requires a re-explanation of what we are
doing that day. Excessive tardiness will result in student staying after class to clean.
**after the 3rd tardy, student will be counted absent**
3. In order to earn full credit for critiques, students should be mindful, kind, engaged and
helpful during class critiques.
4. Students must relax, focus and have fun!

I have read and understand all of the expectations stated above. I agree that if the student
loses or damages any classroom art materials, he/she will be held financially responsible for
that material.

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Dear Parents/Guardians,
Please use the back of this paper to tell me a bit about your student. What should I know about
your student that will help me teach them more effectively? Much appreciated!

P.O. Box 4414 Durango, CO 81302 (970) 247-2474