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GREAT UNISON (formerly Unison Engineering &

Construction Pvt Ltd) is an ISO (9001:2015, 14001:2015,
18001:2007) certified Indian organization offering services
in Engineering, Construction and Project Management.

It is the coming together of ex-employees of L&T, Leighton-

India and UGL-India, with an aim to realise their potential in
the global EPCIC space.

Our members have consistently and successfully delivered a multitude of important projects for their
Clients during their stint with their previous employers.

We envision a sustainable growth for our Clients through innovative, cost-effective and eco-friendly
solutions and continually strive for operational and technical excellence.
Currently concentrated on the following two business
• Energy
• Infrastructure
We wish to propel ourselves to one of the fore-most
names in these domains at the earliest.
We offer complete end-to-end solutions to our Clients in
project delivery including
• Design Management
• Planning & Scheduling Controls
• Material Management
• Project Execution
• Quality Control & Inspection
• Risk Management
• Budget & Cost Control
Focused on EPCI (Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Installation) of Energy Sector, Oil & Gas
related projects in both offshore and onshore and focusing for renewables for the future such as
Offshore Wind energy and Solar energy. Our teams experience in Oil & Gas include
• Subsea pipelines
• Platforms
• SPM facilities
• Topside revamp and upgrades in offshore
• Refinery modifications
• Shutdown operations
• Onshore & cross-country pipelines
• Onshore terminal works
Our team has worked on many EPCI jobs for various
Indian as well International Clients. Some of them are ONGC, CIL, RIL, IOC, HPCL, BPCL, Shell, Chevron,
North Oil Company, South Oil Company, RomPetrol, Conoco Phillips etc.
In Infrastructure we focus on projects related to the buildings. Our teams experience in the same
include design and construction of
• Industrial Infrastructure
• Retail Malls
• IT Parks
• Residential Townships
• Sports facilities.
Our team has worked with following Clients on various projects
• Hilton-Chennai
• Ascendas-Chennai, Pune, Bangalore, Gurgaon
• State Government of Hyderabad for International
Hockey Stadium,
• Noida Night Safari

Currently working on Marine Infrastructure and Oil & Gas

projects, Great Unison is looking to expand with more such opportunities in roads and railways.
Our resources are wide and varied in terms of manpower, equipment and technology, allowing
us to take up challenging tasks and ensure a timely delivery.

Headquartered in Mumbai, India, we are capable of global operations through strategic alliances
mainly in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. We also have an international office in UAE to
handle operations in the Middle-East and a regional office in Chennai to manage operations in
the southern region of India.

Abide by our strong ‘Code of Business Conduct’ with the core values being

• Teamwork
• Integrity
• Safety
• Quality
• Honesty
• Delivery
Our Service Offering

We offer a variety of services on both our focus verticals

• Design Engineering
• Procurement
• Fabrication
• Construction
• Installation
• Revamping & Refurbishing
• Commissioning
Our Business Verticals


Energy Infrastructure

Oil & Gas Ports &

Renewables Civils & Buildings
(Onshore & Offshore) Transportation
Great Unison focuses on Oil & Gas and
Renewable Energy sector proactively.
We offer a range of EPCI services for both
onshore and offshore Oil & Gas projects.
Our team has vast experience in dealing
with various upstream, midstream and
downstream operations. Our solution
designs guarantee improved operational
efficiency and reduced cost for the Clients
without compromising the safety of the
Oil & Gas - Offshore

At Great Unison, we understand the lifecycle of

individual components which allows us to
optimize the overall configuration from the
concept to the production. Some of the projects
undertaken by the team include

• Pre-Engineering Survey
• Subsea Risers & Spools Installation
• Subsea Pipeline Installation
• Jacket & Topside Installation
• Structural and Topside Installation
• Structural Fabrication
Oil & Gas - Onshore
Great Unison understands the critical
success factors driving onshore oil and gas
production and terminal businesses which
helps us provide practical solutions to
maximize the value of project investments. Encompass:
Our team of international experts have • Maintenance

unparalleled knowledge in front-end design, • Operations

• Supply Chain & Technical services
and international procurement with
• Refurbishment Project Delivery & Implementation
unrivalled experience in the management of
• Engineering
large, complex projects. Our expertise in
• Construction
onshore oil and gas and also our capabilities • Fabrication
• Commissioning
• Installation (onshore, cross-country pipelines)
Upstream Projects

We have comprehensive experience in delivery of work

packages for offshore production facilities, maintenance
of offshore drilling rigs, and design & fabrication of
complex gas dehydration units for offshore petroleum
platforms. We offer various other services including
• Offshore Platforms
• Subsea Pipelines
• Single Point Mooring
• Revamping of Offshore Facilities
• Floating production storage and off-loading units
Mid-stream & Downstream Projects
Our team is vastly experienced in providing project
delivery and asset management services among other
mid-stream and down-stream offerings. Our capability
includes :
• Structural
• Electrical
• Instrumentation
• Mechanical
• Construction Services
• Pipeline Installation by Pipe-pull
• Construction & Installation works related to
refineries and LNG distribution terminals
• Allied works like O&M of assets/terminals
• Containment Services
• Supply Chain
Alternative Energy
Great Unison has always believed in aligning
itself with the future. Recognizing the vast
potential of renewable energy, Unison is
positioning itself to enter the alternative energy
• Maintenance
• Operations
• Supply Chain & Technical services
• Refurbishment Project Delivery &
• Engineering
• Construction
• Fabrication
• Commissioning
• Installation (onshore, cross-country pipelines)
Great Unison acquired world class competence in
the infrastructure domain with our highly
experienced professionals and we position
ourselves to be a comprehensive one-stop service
provider. We wish to add value at every stage of
the project. Our services include
• Concept Designing
• Front End Engineering Design
• Procurement
• Project & Construction Management
• Validation
• Plan start-up & Commissioning
Team Great Unison has been involved in
landmark building projects including airports,
IT parks, manufacturing facilities, hotels, office
complexes, residential complexes, commercial
infrastructuresOur team is fully able to draw
on the expertise and capabilities from around
Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Our service
offering covers everything from
conceptualizing to implementing a design.
Our services are characterized by
• Innovative Design & Engineering
• Cost effective Construction
• Safe work practices
• Quality Delivery
Our infrastructure team has worked
in port related projects. Our
methodologies are impeccable and
are tailored to work under any
geography and climate.
Unison team members have a vast
experience pertaining to marine
structures such as
• Jetties
• Berths
• Docks
• Wharfs
Roads & Railways

Previously, our team members have been engaged by

NHAI (National Highway Authority of India) and the
Government of Delhi among others in various
Roadway development projects. We have extensive
experience in tunnels, airports, highways, expressways
and much more.

With a well equipped team with world class

experiences of working with railway systems, Unison is
capable of performing projects involving railway
networks, railways, railway stations, metro trains,
monorails, etc.
Current Projects
Balance Work of Modernization of JD at Portions of JD4 & JD6
Client: M/s. Chennai Port Trust
The Balance Work of Modernization of JD At Portions of JD4 & JD6 . We have been declared as
L1 and the LOA is awarded. The project is expected to be completed in Q4 2018. The scope of
work of the proposal comprises of the construction of Civil works relating to modernization of
JD at portions of JD4 & JD6. construction of all Civil Works related to the Modernization of JD4
& JD6.
Construction of Jetty at Worli for Mumbai Coastal Road Project,
Client: M/s. HCC-HDC JV
The size of the Jetty is 88m (Length) x 10m (width) with berthing having a width of 32m. The
Piles are 1m dia and 34 nos of piles to be driven to 20m depth. The Deck structure consists of
30 beams and 76 deck slab. This Jetty will be used by HCC-HDC JV for the construction for
Mumbai Coastal Road Project. The project duration is 5 months.
Underwater Repair & Replacement of EDPL Outfall Structure
Client: M/s. Reliance Industries Limited.
This is a fast track project and to be completed within 3 months. This project is an EPCI project. The scope of work
consists of:
1) Bathymetry Survey & Soil Investigation
2) Revalidation of Existing Design and Third Party Certification of Design Revalidation
3) Procurement of Piles & New Diffuser Pipe
4) Fabrication of Piles, Pile Bracing, Hangers and Diffuser structure
5) Installation Work consist of…
5.1 Supply of Marine Vessels and Manpower Resources to carryout out
5.2 Clearances from Port, Customs and Police departments
5.3 Removal/Dismantling of existing Piles (3nos)
5.4 Removal/Dismantling Existing Hanger Supports of the Diffuser er
5.5 Removal of existing Diffuser
5.6 Recovering of existing flanges from existing spool for re-usagee
5.7 Installation of New Piles (4nos) to be carried up to founding
level (-12.91m)
5.8 Installation of pre-fabricated New Diffuser structure on rubblee
5.9 Installation of pile bracing and Hangers.
5.10 Restoration of 1 x flash light structure and 2 x warning sign
Completed Projects
Construction of North Cargo berth – III, India
The project is the construction of berth and approaches,
which comprises of Bored Cast In-Situ RCC Piles, RCC Deck
slab, beam, Bollards, Cone fenders, hand rails, vertical
ladders, lane marking and provision for anti-carbonation
coating on exposed surfaces.
Towing & Hook-up of FPSO
The project involves the towing FPSO Cyrus into the South Pars Oil Field (SPOL) from the UAE port to
the Well Head Platform WHP SPOL A2, about 100km off the coast of Persian gulf for permanent
mooring at a distance of 100m from the WHP. The Pre-tensioned mooring lines will be hooked up to
the FPSO after which 3 flexibles (12”, 12”, & 6”) and 1 umbilical will be connected between the WHP
and the FPSO.
Pre-set of Spread Mooring Anchor Pattern for FPSO
The project involves the Drag Anchor deployment with chain installation & chain tensioning. The FPSO
Cyrus will be brought into the South Pars Oil Field (SPOL) from the UAE port to the Well Head Platform
WHP SPOL A2, about 100km off the coast of Persian gulf for permanent mooring at a distance of
100m from the WHP. The Pre-set mooring was done using 12-point drag anchor methodology (3
anchors X 4 clusters) in Q1, 2017.
EPCI of WHP Riser Balcony, Middle East
The project would see Unison fabricating and transporting a riser balcony to a Well Head
Platform and installing it on a sub-cellar level. The scope of work would also involve the piping
of the riser balcony and pre-commissioning of the risers. The project is valued close to INR 26
Crore (USD 4 Million) and was completed in Q3, 2016.
Supply of 120 men Accommodation barge for Topside modification, Iraq
An Accommodation barge was supplied to the client
by Unison for assisting in the completion of the
topside modification in Iraq for HLG/Shell. Unison
was responsible for the vessel chartering, supply,
maintenance and monitoring.
Umm Quasar Jetty 3 Project, Basrah Terminal, Iraq
Great Unison has won the construct & installation contract for extension of the Umm
Quasar Jetty No.3 at Basrah, Iraq for HLG/Shell. The project is valued at US$ 25 Million. The
project was mobilized in May 2015 and has been completed successfully in Nov 15.
Design & Construction of Canal Retaining
Wall, India
The scope of work includes the construction
of 1.12Km length of concrete retaining
wall to strengthen the existing canal road
with steel railing on top of the retaining wall.
The project is valued around INR 6 crore (USD
0.9 Million)
Civil Works Include:
• Excavation
• Foundation
• Shuttering
• Steel Works
Construction of Road Works, Gujarat
Construction of Road works between Ch Km
510 to Ch Km 520 falling under Four Laning
of Fagne-Guj-Maharastra Border Section NH-
6 in the State of Maharashtra was awarded
to Unison by GHV (India) Pvt Ltd for a
contract value of INR 16 Crores.

Brief Scope of work:

Clearing and grubbing road land incl cutting of trees, uprooting rank vegetation, dismantling of existing
bituminous pavements, earthwork including removal of unsuitable soil, excavation where needed, filling
in borrowed material, construction of embankment, construction of subgrade and earthen shoulders,
construction of RCC in foundation for piers, abutments, wing walls and retaining walls, Construction of
small bridges, construction of cross drainage works, construction of various subbase works incl concrete
based subbases, structural works incl hand rails, barriers, handing over of finished entire works between
CH Km 510 to CH Km 520
Recovery of the SPM Buoy and Transportation to UAE
An SPM Buoy belonging to Cairn India Limited was damaged and had sunk-in. The underlying flexibles
were also damaged in this process. The team salvaged the buoy from the ocean bottom (30 meter
depth) and transported it to UAE for repair. The project also involved salvaging/recovery of Under-Buoy
hoses and electrohydraulic umbilical. The project was valued at around INR 33 Crore (USD 5 Million)
and was completed within 2 months of the contract award date.
Reinstallation of SPM Buoy, Indian West Coast
Another project was awarded by Cairn India Limited which involved installation of an SPM Buoy at
Bhogat, Gujarat. The project was valued at around INR 26 Crore (USD 4 Million) and was completed
Q2, 2014. Apart from the turret type SPM installation, the work involved installation of six mooring
chains, Under-Buoy hoses, electro-hydraulic umbilical, floating hoses, mooring hawser, onshore
telemetry system at landfall point and crude oil terminal.
Capability Overview
Our members have worked on over a dozen significant and prestigious project in India and abroad.
A few of them are listed below. Brief descriptions for the same are mentioned in the annexure.

Off-Shore Projects (Marine related) Onshore Projects

• Mangala Field Development – Marine • Jam Nagar Export Refinery

• Lakshmi Field Development Project
• Pipe Line Replacement 2 (Onshore Terminal & Pipe lay)
• WIN Revamp • GS1-GS15 Field Development Project
(Onshore Pipe lay)
• Vizag Port Project
• HVJ (Hazira-Vijaipur-Jagdishpur)
• SPM System and Submarine Pipeline Pipeline Project
• Kandla-Bhatinda Oil Pipeline Project
• Export Pipeline Offshore Construction
• Tunu Phase 4&5 and Tunu Phase 7
• Conductor Clamp-On Project (Onshore Pipe lay)
Capability Overview
• As for our country presence is concerned, UNISON may be relatively young, but our Business
Development team is working towards increasing our visibility in the market. However, our
members are widely known and celebrated among the top names in the industry. Hence, the
recognisability is only a matter of time.
• UNISON is a legally incorporated Indian company and are authorised to implement projects
anywhere in the world.
• We have set-up a fully functional office at a central location in Mumbai with an extensively
equipped Engineering and Business Development team. The office is strategically located and is in
the vicinity of major collaborators. We also have offices in Chennai and Dubai.
• Through our associations with various vendors during our long standing experience, we have built
a strong network of partners who are ever present and help us in expediting processes.

• The engineering and the project management capability is demonstrated by the number and the
type of projects delivered by team. Many of our project have amassed accolades for cost efficient
and timely deliveries and won awards for safety.
• Coming to the capability of our Business Development team, as mentioned before, our strategy
for sourcing opportunity is based on the relationship built by our key members.
Capability Overview

• A prominent epitome of our business development skill would be UGL-India.

• Senthil Kumar, the then CEO of UGL-India managed a profit in the very first
year of operation, which was otherwise considered unachievable.
• In UGL’s very first year of operation, Senthil managed to win a project from
Cairn India Limited (SPM Buoy Recovery & Reinstallation Project) beating a
host of experienced bidders in the process through technical expertise. Our
team has been awarded a completion certificate for the same.
• Headed by him, we are highly confident of our Business Model and the
upcoming opportunities in India.
• We believe that associating with the right partners, will lead through mutual
growth through exchange of facilities and amenities.
Our Clientele
Our Clientele
Our team members have worked on different projects for the following Clients

Cairn Energy Reliance Hindustan

Oil & Natural Gas Petroleum
Corporate Corporation

Bharat Petroleum Vizag Port


Kochi Refineries
Bharat Oman Paradip Port
National Highway
Refinery Authority of India

Mangalore Refineries
Indian Oil Corporation & Petrochemicals Ltd.
Our Clientele
Our team members have worked on different projects for the following Clients





The GREAT UNISON Advantage
• Innovative engineering solutions with value addition

• Strategic access to leading international Technology Licensors and Contracting companies

• Flexible, Client-conscious approach

• Quality-certified systems and standards

• Safety and environmental considerations

• Commitment to cost and time schedules

• Global presence and extensive networking

• Engineering capacity of well-trained and experienced technical specialists

Our Vision Our Mission

• To be the preferred contractors for our • To be an environmentally conscious, fiscally

Clients and achieve the top five status in the responsible, well managed for-profit
EPCI space. enterprise that reinvests for future growth
and development.
• To assist our Clients by leveraging technology
and a talented workforce as a dependable, • To create sustainable growth in returns to
ethical and conscientious partner. maximize the wealth and enhanced support
to our associates.
• To operate in a socially responsible manner,
while maintaining the highest HSE, • To uphold the highest standards of business
Operational Integrity and Cost Effectiveness ethics and lead the way in fulfilling corporate
standards. responsibilities.
Mumbai, India Chennai, India
Great Unison Contractors India Pvt. Ltd Great Unison Contractors India Pvt. Ltd
4B-22-25, 4th Floor, Paragon Plaza, Phoenix Balaji Bhavan, 3rd Floor, 9/9,Gandhi Street, Razak
Market City, 15, LBS Marg, Kurla (West), Garden road (MMDA Colony road), Arumbakkam,
Mumbai -400 070, Maharashtra, India Chennai – 600106, Tamil Nadu, India.

Sharjah, UAE
Unison ENC International FZE
P. O. Box 49474, ELOB office
No. E-12, F-19, HFZA E-mail :
Sharjah, UAE Website :

Name : Ramanujan IT City

Scope : Design & Construction
Client : Tata Realty & Infrastructure
Contract Value : US$ 240 Million
Brief Description :
Client Tata and the project design consultants have introduced the concept of Alliance project
delivery to India with this 750,000m2 mixed use property development.

The project consists of four IT Office Park buildings, a utilities building, three Residential buildings,
low rise Retail and Conference facilities all over a 3 level basement car park. The project is targeting
LEED Gold accreditation.

Scope of work includes procurement, planning and delivery of all construction activities in
accordance with established time, cost, quality, safety and environmental objectives for the project
including the provision of all cranes, hoists, concrete batch plants, bar bending facilities, concrete
handling and placement equipment, formwork systems and all other general plant and equipment
requirements of the project.



Name : PRP 2
Scope : EPC of offshore pipeline construction
Client : ONGC
Contract Value : US$ 750 Million

Brief Description
The Pipeline Replacement Project 2 involved the engineering, procurement and installation of over
200 km of fixed and flexible pipelines of various diameters in the Mumbai High Field, some 180 km
off the coast of Mumbai.

The project also covered extensive pipeline crossings, installation of risers and tie-ins, and topside
modifications of over 50 platforms.
Offshore works on the project commenced in November 2008. Stage one was completed in May
2009, stage two in 2010 and stage three in 2011.


Name : WIN Revamp
Scope : Revamping and Refurbishing of Water Injection Complex
Client : ONGC
Contract Value : US$ 141 Million
Brief Description
The scope of work included
• Detailed Design and Engineering
• Survey (including Pre-engineering, Pre
and Post Construction / Installation Survey)
• Procurement of necessary equipment
• Transportation
• Removal and Installation
• Piping
• Hook-Up, Testing, Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning


Scope : Package 1 -T&I of Heavy lift items
Package 2 - Fibre Optic Cable Lay
Package 3 - SPM Buoy Installation

Brief Description
Package 1 – The scope included to shift the PLEM from Mussafah port of Abu Dhabi to Hamriyah
port and to load out and transport Incl. Sea fastening (as per analysis) all the Heavy Lift Items from
Hamriyah & Khalid port respectively. The loaded out material will be transported to Iraq offshore
field at ABOT and KAAOT location. Seabed video survey to be conducted by ROV prior to
commencement of the installation, and the HLV position itself to lift, place, lower, set down,
levelling, piling, post setting video survey and installation survey of the below listed heavy lift
• Gravity based PLEM of 287 T
• VS1 Platform (which includes - Jacket, Boat Landing, Bridge support, LQ bridge, Topside
Structure & associated facilities)
• VS2 Platform ( which includes – Jacket, Boat landing, topside structures and associated


Package 2 – The scope included to install 44km of Fibre optic cables, 69.15 km of CP
Fibre optic. Retrieve 36 km of old Fibre optic cable and 52.20 km of CP fibre optic cables.
The outer sheaths of fibre optic cables were repaired and buried deeper to avoid

• Total new Installation of FOC – 44.20 Km.

• Total new Installation of CPFOC – 69.15 Km.
• Total retrieval of FOC – 36.70 Km.
• Total retrieval of CPFOC – 52.20 Km.
• Repair of outer sheathing and increase burial (FOC) – 3.25 Km.
• Increase burial / Protection of existing FOC – 16.42 Km
• Increase Burial of existing FOC – 9.58 Km.
• Recover, install and increase burial of wet stored CPFOC – 1.05 Km.

Package 3 - The Package 3 scope includes installation of SPM buoy, line pipes, floating
and under buoy hoses, mooring hawser, umbilical's and other misc. items from UAE to
Iraq offshore site location. The following activities were also completed.
• Relocate the laid 48” pipeline between VS1-ABOT (600m long) to avoid possible crossings of
• pipelines.
• Install 1 x 48” Riser of the pipeline from VS1 at ABOT location.
• Install 10 nos of Tie-in spools (5 nos at ABOT, 4 nos at KAAOT and 1 no at SPM4 PLEM
• Installation of 1 x SPM Buoy, 2 x under buoy hoses with umbilical's, 2 x floating hoses, 1 x
mooring hawser
• Installation of 1 x J tube at KAAOT
• Concrete mattress and sleeper Installation
• Install 2 Nos. concrete sleepers along the VS1 – ABOT pipeline crossing
• Install concrete mattresses, along the length of this pipeline approximately 600m
• Pipeline trenching
• Burial of 750 m long pipeline between VS1 to VS2 at location adjacent to VS2, to a depth of
1.8m by carrying our post burial trenching method to achieve the draft requirement in front
• A diver surveys will be conducted pre and post burial to ascertain the condition of the
• Lift and position process pipe work on platform A berth1 south side of ABOT.
• Pre-commissioning of Pipelines (Flooding, Pigging and Hydro testing).

Name : Vizag Port Project

Scope : Mechanisation &
Up gradation of jetty
Client : Vizag Port Trust
Contract Value : US$ 50 Million

Brief Description :

The scope of work broadly included planning, engineering, designing, financing, construction,
development, operation and maintenance of the General Cargo Berth to cater to 200,000 DWT
vessels of 300m LOA. The work involved Installation of all footing and foundation work for
housing a conveyor system by construction of transfer towers which through piling.



Name : SPM System & Submarine Pipeline Installation

Scope : EPCI
Client : Mangalore Refinery Private Limited
Contract Value : US$ 41 Million
Brief Description
MRPL proposed to install one SPM and associated submarine pipeline for offloading of crude and
feeding to the refinery.
Scope of work included:
• Installation of Single Point Mooring (SPM) System off the coast of Mangalore (located 32 meter
below chart datum).
• Laying of 1219 mm (48”) diameter offshore crude oil pipeline, approximately 17.4 km long from
SPM / PLEM to Land Fall Point (LFP) at Mangalore in the state of Karnataka, India.


Name : Export Pipeline Offshore Construction
Scope : EPCI
Client : IOCL
Contract Value : US$ 25 Million
Brief Description :
• Post lay trenching and backfilling of 48 inches of crude pipeline and 14 inches of effluent pipeline from
land fall to approximately one kilometre offshore
• Pre-installation survey
• The joining of already fabricated 200-metre strings to form one string of approximately 1.9 kilometres
and installing it by surface tow method
• Installation of a tie-in spool between the existing 14-inch line and the newly installed 1.9-kilometre
• Installation of a diffuser on the end of the 14-inch line
• Flooding, cleaning, gauging and hydrostatic testing of the 14-inch line.


Name : Mangala Field Development Marine Facilities Project
Scope : EPCI of SPM System including calm buoy
and export pipeline with heat trace system.
Client : Cairn Energy
Contract Value : US$ 92 Million

Brief Description :
The work included engineering, procurement, construction and installation of a Single Point Mooring
(SPM) system for export of heavy waxy crude oil from their Mangala field in central Gujarat to
Aframax / Seawaymax tankers near Bhogat on India’s West Coast. It also involved Installation of a
SPM & PLEM System (at approximately 28 m water depth) including drilled and grouted piling(6
numbers), anchor chain tensioning and installation, installation of subsea and floating hoses, and
installation of telemetry system



Name : Conductor Clamp-On Project

Scope : EPCI
Client : ONGC
Contract Value : US$ 8.4 Million

Brief Description :
Scope of work includes
• Design and detailed engineering including pre-engineering survey
• Procurement of material (except conductor pipes)
• Fabrication, load out , transportation
• Offshore installation
• Hook-up, pre-commissioning and commissioning assistance



Name : Jamnagar Export Refinery Project

Scope : EPCI for design and construction of Marine Terminals.
Client : Reliance Ports and Terminals Limited
Contract Value : US$ 154 Million
Brief Description :
The scope involved the installation of six subsea pipelines, three single point mooring systems at
the offshore end of each line, and two riser platforms at the near shore end of each line.

Each pipeline is approximately 20km long, with a diameter of either 48 or 30 inches and is used
to import crude oil to the new 30 million tonnes per annum refinery, and then export refined


Name : GS1-GS15 Field Development
Scope : Field Development
Client : ONGC
Brief Description :

The project involved laying a pipeline to integrate the G1 field with the production from the
GS15 field, which are located in the Krishna-Godavari basin in the Indian east coast. This
involved both off-shore and on-shore pipelines with the tie-back the Odalarevu onshore

The team successfully installed the nearshore and the onshore part of the pipeline from the
landfall point till the tie-in point at the terminal which was around 4 KM away.


Name : Lakshmi Field Development Project (Onshore Pipe lay & Terminal)
Scope : Onshore Field Development
Client : ONGC
Brief Description :
As part of the onshore field development project, an onshore oil terminal was be constructed
around 26 KM from the Indian west coast in Gujarat. The offshore field was connected to this
terminal by an onshore pipeline. The project was valued at US$44 Million and began in the year
2002. The same was completed on time (18 months).


Name : HVJ Onshore Pipeline Project
Scope : Cross-Country Pipeline
Client : Gas Authority of India Limited
Brief Description :
The construction of this onshore pipeline, which is also
India’s first cross-country pipeline began in 1986. The
pipeline begins in Hajira, Gujarat and spans across the
breadth of India, ending in Jagdishpur, Uttar Pradesh. The
pipeline crosses over 60 rivers, 300 roads and numerous
railway crossings. One of our members worked in the first
phase of the project, which consist of non-branched 1750
KM pipeline. This was setup to facilitate fertilizer plants in
Uttar Pradesh.


Name : Khandla-Bhatinda Pipeline Project
Scope : Onshore Oil Pipeline
Client : Indian Oil Corporation
Brief Description :
The Kandla-Bhatinda Oil Pipeline project was started in 1993 and was commissioned in 1996 to
transport imported oil to the land-locked Northern India. The pipeline spans 1443 KM and was
valued at US$ 80 Million in 1993.

Name : Phase 4&5 and Phase 7 Tunu Field Development Project
Scope : Onshore Pipeline
Client : PT Bouygues Offshore/ Total Indonesia

Brief Description :

A key member of team Unison worked on this project during his time in Punj-Lloyd.
Phase 4&5 of the project involved construction of gas pipeline in swamp and marsh at
Kalimantan, Indonesia. The length of the pipeline is 50 KM with varying pipeline diameters. This
project was completed in 1997.

Phase 7 of the project involved installation of gas trunk pipelines (36“ and 20”) in extremely
marshy areas. It also involved risers and doglog assemblies. The project was completed in 2001.


Name : Chenani-Nashri Tunnel Project
Scope : Design & Construction
Client : NHAI
Contract Value : US$ 500 Million
Brief Description :
The project involves construction of approximately 9km of 2-lane (13.3m dia) main tunnel along with
parallel escape tunnel (5m dia) in the lower Himalayan mountain range. The tunnel is located at an
elevation of 1200m with an overburden of up to 1km and will be constructed using the NATM
technique of sequential excavation and support.

The tunnel and approach roads provide a 10km alternative route for 41km of the existing NH1A which
passes through steep mountainous terrain and has significant geometrical, weather and safety issues.
The tunnel route therefore provides an all weather route that will provide significant time savings to
motorists. On completion this will be the longest road tunnel in India.



Name : Ramanujan IT City

Scope : Design & Construction
Client : Tata Realty & Infrastructure
Contract Value : US$ 240 Million
Brief Description :
Client Tata and the project design consultants have introduced the concept of Alliance project
delivery to India with this 750,000m2 mixed use property development.

The project consists of four IT Office Park buildings, a utilities building, three Residential buildings,
low rise Retail and Conference facilities all over a 3 level basement car park. The project is targeting
LEED Gold accreditation.

Scope of work includes procurement, planning and delivery of all construction activities in
accordance with established time, cost, quality, safety and environmental objectives for the project
including the provision of all cranes, hoists, concrete batch plants, bar bending facilities, concrete
handling and placement equipment, formwork systems and all other general plant and equipment
requirements of the project.


Senthil Kumar
Chief Executive Officer
Senthil Kumar has over 30 years of experience in the Engineering and Construction
industry. He has worked throughout Asia including Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore,
the Middle East, Australia and India. He has recorded success in all of his business
and project deliveries.

Prior to incorporating Great Unison, Senthil was the Chief Executive Officer of UGL
India . He was responsible for establishing UGL in India and helped their business
grow multifold.

Before his involvement with UGL, Senthil was the Chief Executive Officer – Oil &
Gas and Marine Division of Leighton Contractors in India where he has achieved
tremendous success in terms of business growth. He has touched the 220 Million
PY throughout his time at Leighton’s.

Senthil has won many accolades in his career. Of the many, the Pipeline
Replacement Project 2, which was headed by him on behalf of Leighton, has won
many awards including the Outstanding Health & Safety Award of Global Oil & Gas
Summit 2011 and the Outstanding Contribution in Oil & Gas Sector Award of EPC
World in 2011.
Senthil is a civil engineer and holds an MBA from MK University.
Professional Stints

Year 2014 – Present: Great Unison Contractors India Pvt Ltd Æ CEO
Year 2013 – 14: UGL India Pvt. Ltd. Æ CEO
Year 2008 – 13: Leighton Contractors Æ Operations Director to CEO - Oil & Gas and Marine Div.
Year 2005 – 08 : Petrosea Clough Joint Operation Æ Project Manager
Year 2003 – 05: JRM + CUEL JV (Thailand) Æ Installation Manager
Year 2001 – 03: CUEL + Unocal UCU Alliance (Thailand ) Æ Dy Installation Manager
Year 1999 – 01: Clough Offshore (Australia & India) Æ Construction Manager
Year 1995 – 99: Punj Lloyd Æ Project Manager
Year 1988 – 95: L&T - Dodsal Æ from Trainee Engineer to Construction Manager

Awards-A snapshot
2004 Clough Group Best Project Award for Kerisi
2005 Clough Group Best Innovator as an Individual
2006 Clough Group Best Project Award for Maleo
2011 Outstanding Health & Safety Award of Global Oil & Gas Summit for PRP2
2011 Outstanding Contribution in Oil & Gas Sector Award of EPC World for PRP2
Some Awards
Senthil Kumar receiving
“Outstanding Achievement
Award, 2012” on behalf of
LWIN for his contribution
at IORS 2013.

Senthil Kumar receiving an Award for

his contribution to the Oil & Gas
Industry from the hands of Mr. C.
Balakrishnan, Former Secretary Coal,
Govt. of India at IORS 2012.