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Thursday, December 19, 2019 The County Times 1


County Times
St. Mary’s THURSDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2019



A St. Mary’s Country Christmas

2 The County Times Thursday, December 19, 2019


Carson Huett, Madison Huett and Brooklynn Huett celebrate the season at an open barn event at Van-
demere Farm Dec. 14 in Leonardtown. Photo credit: Meghan Huett

County ALS wants a new headquarters

Kids got to Shop with a Cop over the weekend CSM offers classes for homeschoolers



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Thursday, December 19, 2019 The County Times Local News 3

County Considering Traffic Circle in Hollywood

By Guy Leonard pen, but Route 245 was under
Staff Writer the State Highway Administra-
tion’s jurisdiction.
With the pending construc- The county would need their
tion of a new commercial cen- cooperation to move ahead
ter in Hollywood on what was with the improvements, Deat-
once 14 acres of farm land rick said, and the county has
north of the intersection of been unsuccessful in getting
routes 235 and 245, county pub- the state to require the devel-
lic works officials are looking oper to build the roundabout.
to make improvements to the Another option, the public
intersection that would be most works director said, was to in-
affected by the back end of the clude the project proposal in
development at Route 245 and the county’s annual transporta-
Old Three Notch Road. tion project priority letter to get
The intersection county of- state funding.
ficials want to improve is also The Hollywood Commercial
one of the most dangerous, Center, which includes a phar-
known locally by motorists as macy and other retail shops,
a “lazy x” with poor visibility is estimated to generate ap-
all around. proximately 10,000 additional
County public works chief car trips there. An adjacent car
John Deatrick spoke about the dealership will also be on the
need for improvements there property.
County officials are considering a plan to improve the intersection of Old Three Notch Road and Sotterley Road
last week at a combined meet- with a traffic circle. “It only makes sense,” Deat-
ing of all county commissioner rick said of some traffic calm-
boards in Southern Maryland placing a traffic roundabout as the current inadequate geo- skewed with poor vertical and ing measures at the intersec-
at the Prince Frederick cam- at Old Three Notch Road and metric alignment, we request a horizontal sight distance.” tion. “We’re trying to prepare
pus of the College of Southern Route 245, according to Deat- review of this intersection for a Deatrick told The County for the future.”
Maryland. rick’s presentation. roundabout or other appropri- Times that the county has ac-
While considered a minor “With the future develop- ate solution,” Deatrick’s brief- quired some right-of-way prop-
highway project in the county, ment of the Hollywood Com- ing stated. “The current unsafe erty along Old Three Notch
the effort would center around mercial Center pending as well geometric alignment is badly Road to make the project hap-

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4 Local News The County Times Thursday, December 19, 2019

ALS Seeks Funding for New Headquarters

By Guy Leonard in size to meet their growing needs.
Staff Writer Davidson summed up the ALS mis-
sion as one that has done more with less
The county’s Emergency Services for years.
Board voted last week to approve and “We’ve been providing a vital ser-
send along a request for funding to the vice… out of a two-car garage,” Da-
Commissioners of St. Mary’s County for vidson said. “They’ve grown out of that
a new headquarters for the St. Mary’s space twice over.”
Advanced Life Support (SMALS) unit. Currently, there is $75,000 in the
SMALS made a request for the coun- county’s capital construction plan for a
ty commissioners to allocate funding feasibility study for a new ALS facility;
for the new building for the fiscal 2021 Davidson said a steady revenue stream
capital budget. would still be required “to make sure we
“Our organization was founded in can pull this thing off.”
1983 and has occupied the same build- The feasibility study would establish
ing since 1988,” a missive to the com- the price of a new facility as well as its
missioners stated, as read at the Emer- design.
gency Services Board meeting held Some members of the emergency
Dec. 11 by County Emergency Medical services board wanted to modify the
Servies Chief Shawn Davidson. “That request made by SMALS to the com-
building currently houses SMALS and missioners, since the initial letter called The building housing the Advanced Life Support Unit only has two bays for emergency vehicles.
provides 2,200 square feet of space. for the commissioners to include design has been painstakingly and tortuously… from the Cedar Lane living facility.
SMALS is now leasing the property, and construction money in the upcom- long,” Davidson said, noting SMALS “The county engineers looked at it and
located next to the grounds of MedStar ing capital budget beyond the money for had petitioned the county for help in get- thought it probably wasn’t the best place
St. Mary’s Hospital in Leonardtown, ac- the feasibility study. ting a new building for six years. to go.”
cording to their letter. “Let’s start this journey with a Scott Cooley, president of the county Board Chair Mock Mattingly made a
“Now at 100 members the current $75,000 feasibility study,” said board medic unit, told emergency board mem- motion to vote on sending the original
facility no longer meets our needs for member Steve Facini. “We’ll see what bers the group had purchased a piece of letter from SMALS to the county com-
training, storage, vehicles or meetings,” comes out of the feasibility study.” land but had been directed by the county missioners, which passed unanimously.
the letter stated. Davidson warned against the board commissioners to sell that land.
SMALS estimates that they will need “micromanaging” the SMALS request. “We’re in the process for that now,”
a facility that is at least 7,000 square feet “We’re stretching out a process that Cooley said of a plot of land across

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Thursday, December 19, 2019 The County Times Local News 5

Census Committee Looks To Count Commissioners Support

All “Low Response” Residents Legislation on CSM Budget
By Guy Leonard Residents who don’t answer census
Staff Writer questionnaires, either on-line, by phone By Guy Leonard a funding formula geared towards eq-
or in mailings, require an enumerator, a Staff Writer uity, a definition for emergency financial
By next spring the 2020 Census will be- census worked making a home visit, to situations that would necessitate a county
gin to count all the residents, young and personally gather the information. A majority of the Commissioners of St. giving less than its maintenance of effort
old, in St. Mary’s County but not everyone Osberry said some don’t want to answer Mary’s County agreed to support a piece amount as well as guidance on maintain-
has a history of completing mailed census for fear their information could be used of legislation and a memorandum of un- ing the regional campus in Hughesville.
forms, much less returning them. against them by the government, but that derstanding (MOU) that would provide Commissioner John O’Connor voted
These so-called low response groups, was not a concern. for a unified budget for the College of against the proposed legislation over con-
which can include undocumented immi- “We want people to understand the in- Southern Maryland at their Tuesday busi- cerns that the college was pressing for the
grants, those for whom English is not their formation is protected,” Osberry said, not- ness meeting. legislation to be passed with the MOU to
first language, members of the LGBTQ ing that releasing such information carried Under current law, College of Southern be formulated later; it left open the pos-
community as well as those with resent- a penalty of up to $250,000 and five years Maryland’s (CSM) budget, which comes sibility of one county choosing not to
ments towards the government. in jail. “I’m not going to jail for releasing from each of the three Southern Maryland provide funding for which the other two
These groups are the charge of the local information.” counties, must be spent on each campus in counties would have to compensate.
Complete Count Committee (CCC) of the Having a clear and accurate picture of proportion to what each county provides. “If we’re not dictating it in the legisla-
census. the county’s population was critical, Os- Having a unified budget, CSM officials tion, how are we making the MOU op-
Other groups include the homeless, berry said, because census data helped have said, would allow the college great- tional?” O’Connor asked. “All I can see
low-income households, children under steer funding and other resources to ju- er flexibility in placing funding where happening is contention between the three
5-years-old who are sometimes not re- risdictions based on population size; some needed. counties on legislation we’re not going to
ported on forms by their parents, and ra- of these included emergency response re- “The proposed legislation has no effect enact with CSM left on the hook.”
cial and ethnic minorities. sources as well as transportation projects. on the county funding levels nor does it O’Connor further argued that if fund-
“We’re trying to get the word out quick- Residents will be asked to complete 10 obligate a county to fund increases re- ing questions were not answered in leg-
ly so that people respond as soon as pos- census questions on-line or over the phone quested by the college,” a Dec. 13 letter islation between the three counties, and
sible,” said Bill Hunt, director of the coun- this year, Hunt said, while some forms from the college’s board of trustees to the MOU was optional, one county could
ty’s Department of Land Use and Growth will be mailed out for eventual completion the Commissioners of St. Mary’s County provide less than their maintenance of ef-
Management. and return. stated. “It merely changes how the col- fort funding.
Hunt, along with Lee Osberry, of the “We only have one shot to get it right,” lege is able to use its existing funds and “There needs to be some strong guid-
U.S. Census Bureau, said the more out- Osberry said. “It’s going to affect your will allow better service to students in all ance on this,” O’Connor said. “Either get
reach that can encourage low-response schools, your communities over the next three counties, as well as financial sav- rid of the MOU entirely and put it in legis-
groups to answer census questions, the 10 years, so please make sure you’re ings through operational efficiencies.” lation or make the MOU required.”
less expensive and time consuming the counted.” The MOU between the three counties
citizen count process. and CSM, the letter reads, could include

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6 Local News The County Times Thursday, December 19, 2019

Crosby Looks To Rt. 5 Project Funding

By Guy Leonard “I’m just happy they’ve done something,” Crosby
Staff Writer said of the state’s finalizing a plan. “I’m confident it
will be finished before FDR Boulevard.”
Of the many issues with which legislators will have FDR Boulevard is scheduled to be completed in
to grapple in the General Assembly next month, Del. 2022.
Brian Crosby (D-Dist. 29B) says the road project to The legislature will likely be consumed with budget-
improve Route 5 near the intersection with Great Mills ary issues this year, said Crosby, to include the Kir-
Road is perhaps the most important local goal. wan Commission’s recommendations to drastically
The legislature opens Jan. 8 and ends April 6, Cros- increase spending on public education.
by told constituents meeting at the Lexington Park “This will drive the full 90 days,” Crosby said.
Volunteer Rescue Squad Dec. 12, and during that time “There will be monumental changes coming.”
he will be fighting to get the funding for the project. The Kirwan Commission, which is pushing for an
“The project at Route 5 and Great Mills Road, that’s additional $4 billion in education spending over the
the $7.5 million I care most about,” Crosby said. next 10 years, still has no funding formula, Crosby
The intersection that serves so many commuters to said, and has yet to have legislation modeled on its
and from Webster Field in St. Inigoes, and creates one recommendations.
of the worst traffic jams in the county during the morn- Crosby discounted many of the fears over tax in-
ing and evening rush hours, got its first improvement creases prompted by the spending recommendations
this summer, Crosby said, when the State Highway noting there was already $700 million set aside for
Administration closed off a portion of the spur leading Kirwan in its first three years, he said.
around the Sheetz convenience store there connecting Gov. Larry Hogan will have to deal with a $890 mil-
with the Route 5. lion deficit, Crosby said, and the state Court of Appeals
The main project will include replacing the bridge could soon make a ruling on historic black colleges
culvert over a portion of the St. Mary’s River and and universities allegedly being short changed $500
provide two dedicated north-bound lanes on Route 5, million over the years.
Del. Brian Crosby
Crosby said, from the Trading Post construction com- The costs to the state could be enormous, he said, on
pany nearly to Little Flower School. The dual north-bound lanes will merge again, he top of fears of a recession.
The improvements, though, Crobsy said, will not said, at a point near the Dyson Lumber store, which he “It could be a perfect storm ahead,” said Crosby.
include the intersection itself, where a perpendicular called “not the best merger point.”
traffic jam occurs each day as well. But, Crosby said, the project was finally underway
“The [Route] 246 intersection is not part of the plan,” and would start construction in 2021.
Crosby said.

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Thursday, December 19, 2019 The County Times 7


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8 Local News The County Times Thursday, December 19, 2019

Commissioners Mull Revenues, Expenses in Tight Budget

By Guy Leonard
Staff Writer

The county continues to experience growth in prop-

erty and income tax revenues, the Commissioners of
St. Mary’s County learned at a Tuesday budget work
session, but expenses continue to rise as well.
The process for formulating the fiscal 2021 capital
and operating budgets are just beginning but county
leaders saw projections showing that even revenues
exceeding normal expenses by the county would be
consumed somewhat by other operational costs.
Current estimates provided by the county’s Chief Fi-
nancial Officer Jeanett Cudmore estimate the county
will collect $249.2 million in revenues, between taxes
and other fees, for fiscal 2021 with expenses an esti-
mated total of $242.8 million.
This leaves a remainder of $6.4 million.
But Commissioner Mike Hewitt pointed out that the
capital operation cost of the county detention center
expansion would likely top $3.7 million; that would
year 2019 and $102.3 million in tax year 2020. isfy bond rating agencies, while $1.6 million rested in
have to be taken directly out of that variance.
Morgan expressed concern that the 4.5 percent es- the county’s “rainy day” fund.
“It’s tight,” Cudmore said.
timate was too high but agreed to go along with the That left $30.3 million in unassigned fund balance
“It’s real tight,” Commissioner Todd Morgan agreed.
consensus among commissioners that it would be the but, Cudmore said, just $9.5 million of that was avail-
A five-year projection of revenues versus expens-
right number. able to spend.
es show that by fiscal 2025 revenues would outpace
“We’ve constantly underestimated our growth,” said The rest maintained the 15 percent fund balance
expenses by $23.9 million, but the same projection
Commissioner John O’Connor. “I think 4.5 percent is policy.
warned that the positive variances did not take into ac-
the right number.” “Right now, we’re in good shape,” Cudmore said.
count capital construction operating costs.
Budget documents showed the county has a reserve “We’ve identified the amount that can be used and still
Cudmore recommended the commissioners proceed
of $46.3 million, but much of that was required to maintain our 15 percent.”
with their budgeting of operation costs based on a 4.5
maintain a 15 percent reserve relative to the county’s
percent rate of income tax revenue growth which, if
revenue totals to satisfy the county’s reserve policies.
the estimate holds, would bring in $92.6 million in tax
Of that $46.3 million, $14.2 million, was kept to sat-

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Thursday, December 19, 2019 The County Times 9

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10 Local News The County Times Thursday, December 19, 2019

laSt MiNute gift ideaS froM Governor Announces $130

Wentworth Nursery’s
C hristmas S hop Million Education Investment
More Slated for Pre-K Expansion, Other Priorities
southern maryland’s largest Governor Larry Ho- In Fiscal Year 2020, $31.7
gan, following his recent million in Pre-K Supple-
announcement to launch mental Grants provided
the next chapter of educa- funding for more than
tion reform in Maryland, 8,000 four-year-olds in
has committed another full-day Pre-K.
Door Step Evergreens $130 million in additional The governor also
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centrations of Poverty
to fund Concentration of
Poverty Grants to pro-
Grants. The governor will vide full-time coverage of
also introduce new legis- health care practitioners
lation to expand access and community school
to Advanced Placement coordinators. The fund-
Big Green Egg (AP) tests for low-income ing would also include
students. wraparound services for
All Ornaments (Mix & Match) Get a $100 Worth of BGE Supplies Portable Fire Pits “I believe very strongly extended learning time,
with Small or Medium Egg purchase
Save 25% Off
Many styles to choose from. that every single child in safe transportation to
Save $200 Worth of BGE Supplies
When Buying 5 or More with Large or X-Large Egg purchase SAVE 20%off Maryland deserves ac- school, and additional
cess to a world-class edu- social workers, mentors,
All Pruners cation, regardless of what counselors, and psycholo-
neighborhood they hap- gists. This investment Gov. Larry Hogan
pen to grow up in, and that would allow the state to cover the costs of over
Hand commitment must begin provide funding for a to-
Tools 25,500 AP exams.
with our youngest Mary- tal of 309 local schools. “With this important
landers,” said Governor Since taking office, legislation, we are giving
All Outdoor Hogan. “Education has Governor Hogan has in-
All Metal Garden Benches NOW deserving Maryland stu-
Garden Statuary been, and will continue to vested a record $32 bil- dents from low-income
Any Style 50%off 25%off NOW 25%off be, our administration’s lion in K-12 education families the opportunity
highest priority. With and committed over $420 to take AP exams free of
this funding, we are reaf- million above the current charge,” said Governor
firming our commitment funding levels required Hogan. “We are excited
to provide increased in- by legislatively mandated to expand access to the
vestment for our schools, formulas. Additionally, AP program, which gives
more accountability for this year the governor high school students the
Maryland parents, teach- released $255 million for chance to pursue college-
ers, and taxpayers, and the Commission on In- level studies, allows them
All Cactus All Air Plants All Succulents most importantly, better novation and Excellence to learn skills that are es-
Buy 3 Get One FREE Buy 3 Get One FREE Buy 3 Get One FREE results for our children.” in Education’s Fiscal Year sential to college and ca-
Pre-K Expansion 2020 spending plan. reer access, and provides
More than $100 million AP Opportunities Act students with an oppor-
SKU: 16572
will be dedicated over of 2020 tunity to save time and
the next two years to ex- Governor Hogan com- money through college
pand access to early sup- mitted to fund over $1 placement and credit-
port and interventions for million with the AP Op- granting policies.”
young children and their portunities Act of 2020 to
48”x 48”
families, including ac- provide low-income stu- Press Release
Felco Gift Pruning Kit cess to high-quality, full- dents in Maryland access
Gronomics Cedar reg. $149.99 2020 Old Farmers Almanc from Office of
day prekindergarten for to AP tests free of charge.
Special $7999 Garden Boxes $8888 NOW $899 Gov. Larry Hogan
three- and four-year-olds. This legislation would

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December 24th, 2019
Charlotte Hall Prince Frederick
30315 Three Notch Rd,
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1700 Solomon’s Island Rd,
Prince Frederick, MD
5 minutes North of Hollywood
41170 Oakville Road
Located at the Charlotte Hall Farmer’s Market
301-884-5292 410-535-3664 Mechanicsville, MD
800-558-5292 866-535-3664 301-373-9245 • 800-451-1427
Holiday Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8-6, Sat. 8-6, Sun. 9-6 Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7:30-5, Sat. 7:30-1, Closed Sundays 29890 Three Notch Rd. • Building A • Charlotte Hall • 301-884-3663
Thursday, December 19, 2019 The County Times Cops & Courts 11

Lexington Park Man Arrested

Calvert Man Struck by for Felony Drug Possession
Vehicle in St. Mary’s On December 11 the St. Mary’s
County Sheriff’s Office Vice Narcotics
Division with assistance from the Emer-
On December 14 at 6:15 p.m. dep- center and remains in critical con- gency Services Team (EST), K-9 Unit,
uties from the St. Mary’s County dition. Shelnutt and his passenger, and members of the Patrol Division ex-
Sheriff’s Office responded to the Jordan Michelle McLaughlin, age ecuted a search and seizure warrant at
area of Three Notch Road and Pegg 21 of Ridge, were not transported a residence located in the 46400 block
Road in Lexington Park, for the re- from the scene. of Chapman Drive in Lexington Park.
ported motor vehicle collision in- Sheriff’s officials say Johnson is Thomas Emanuel Gross, 34 of Lexing-
volving a pedestrian. Upon arrival in stable but critical condition. ton Park, was located at the residence
deputies determined a single vehicle At this time circumstances sur- and found to be in possession of a quan-
had struck a pedestrian causing in- rounding the collision remain un- tity of suspected heroin and cocaine,
jury. The St. Mary’s County Sher- der investigation. Anyone who indicating the intent to distribute. Gross
iff’s Office Collision Reconstruc- witnessed the collision or events was in possession of a handgun which
tion Unit responded to the scene and leading up to the collision is asked he is prohibited from owning due to a
continued the investigation. to contact Corporal Brian Connelly prior felony conviction.
Preliminary investigation deter- at (301) 475-4200 extension 8031 Gross was arrested and charged with
mined a 2004 Scion xB operated by or by email at Brian.Connelly@st- the following:
Kyle Deven Shelnutt, 20 of Drayden, • CDS: Possession With Intent to
was traveling southbound on Three Citizens may remain anonymous Distribute-Cocaine
Notch Road, and entered the right and contact Crime Solvers at (301) • CDS: Possession With Intent to
turn lane for Pegg Road. A pedes- 475-3333, or text a tip to “TIP239” Distribute-Heroin
trian, later identified as Brandon plus their message to “CRIMES” • Two counts of CDS: Possession-Not
Wayne Johnson, 28 of Chesapeake (274637). Through the Crime Solv- Marijuana
Beach, entered the vehicle’s path of ers Program tipsters are eligible for • Firearm-Possession- Crime of Vio-
travel as he attempted to cross the an award of up to $1,000 for infor- lence With Felony Conviction
southbound lanes of Three Notch mation about a crime in St. Mary’s Gross remains incarcerated at the St.
Road. Johnson sustained incapaci- County that leads to an arrest or Mary’s County Detention and Rehabili-
tating injuries and was transported indictment. tation Center on a no-bond status. Addi-
via helicopter to an area trauma tional charges are pending review with
the Office of the States Attorney for St. Thomas Gross
Mary’s County.

Sheriff’s Office Investigating

Shooting Incident in Lexington Park

On December 15, 2019, at approxi-

mately 2:30 a.m. deputies from the St. Citizens may remain anonymous and
Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office re- contact Crime Solvers at (301) 475-3333,
sponded to the 46800 block of Rogers or text a tip to “TIP239” plus their mes-
Drive in Lexington Park, for the report sage to “CRIMES” (274637). Through
of shots fired. Investigation determined the Crime Solvers Program tipsters are
numerous shots were fired from a hand- eligible for an award of up to $1,000
gun and as a result several vehicles and for information about a crime in St.
one residence sustained damage. At this Mary’s County that leads to an arrest or
time, no injuries have been reported. indictment.
Anyone with information on this inci-
dent is asked to contact Detective Daniel St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s
Sidorowicz at (301) 475-4200 extension Office Press Release
*8043 or by email at Daniel.Sidorow-
12 The County Times Thursday, December 19, 2019


301-475-5381 • 40845 MERCHANTS LANE

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Thursday, December 19, 2019 The County Times In Our Community 13

Shop with a Cop 2019 Forrest Center

Breakfast with Santa

Cpl. Angela Delozier helps out with Shop with a Cop 2019.

Writing - Math - Study Skills
Vocabulary - Phonics
Multiple law enforcement agencies took part in Shop with a Cop this year, including Maryland

Geometry - Trigonometry
State Police

On December 14, 2019, the Optimist of St. Mary’s County. The children
us - Calculus
Club - Earth
partnered with the Science
St. Mary’s
County Fraternal Order of Police, and
were allotted money to shop with; the
money comes from donations from pri-
hemistry - Physics
the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office,
in hosting the 16th annual “Shop with a
vate citizens and businesses throughout
the county.
Cop” program. The “Shop with a Cop” program is a
EP Children nominated by St. Mary’s
County Public Schools (SMCPS), police
non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organiza-
tion consisting of members of the St.
officers, and other agencies in the com- Mary’s County Optimist Club and the
/NMSQT - ACT - Advanced
munity, were picked up at their homes St. Mary’s County Fraternal Order of
by local, state, and federal law enforce- Police. This program is an all-volunteer
(AP) - State Tests - HSPT -
ment officers, as well as members of program with no paid employees.
the United States Coast Guard. The Due to the generous donations col-
children then shopped with the officers lected throughout the year, this year
at Walmart for themselves, family, or “Shop with a Cop” was able to take ap-
friends, and were treated to breakfast proximately 100 children shopping to
made by members of the Optimist Club spread Christmas joy.

YOU CALL Wildewood Shopping center

E 12/17/19* 23415 Three Notch Road
From Our Family
Suite 2021
sults. California, MD 20619
to Your Family
(240) 256-3388 1.800.CAN.LEARN

Placement (AP) are registered trademarks of the College Board. PSAT/NMSQT is a registered trademark of the College Board and the
14 In Our Community The County Times Thursday, December 19, 2019

A Little Girl’s Big Battle

With best wishes to our
customers for a great
holiday season and a
healthy year ahead.

enjoy responsibly
Photo of Benefit Ball for Princess Malaun by Joshua Herbert

Guy Distributing Co. Inc By Ceandra Scott

Contributing Writer
ily in Calvert and St. Mary’s counties,
Yes, we know what the parents

Leonardtown, MD One word...Beautiful! According to

Marvin Briscoe, president of Pyramid
showed, but what about the things that
were going on behind the scenes? The
heartaches and the sacrifices that they
Society Entertainment, “A community had to make for their little Princess.. I
SERVING ST. MARY’S that came together as one for a little prayed on it and God gave me a vision.
COUNTY FOR OVER 75 YEARS Princess who just beat cancer! Keep I thought to myself ‘We should have a
ringing the bell Princess Malaun! You Benefit Ball for Princess Malaun to
are a hero to many people that are young show the community that if she can ring
and old. No matter what you face in life, the bell with one of the hardest battles in
keep ringing the bell!” life, they can too!’
As I followed Malaun’s story for With faith and love, you can overcome
the past two years battling cancer and anything in life. Malaun already had the
seeing what the parents were going faith, but we just showed her that we
through, I pictured my daughter’s go- cared as a community and we are glad
ing through the same thing. I thought to that she is still with us. She is our real
myself “What can we, as a community life superhero.
do to contribute to Malaun and her fam- The benefit ball was held Dec. 8 at
ily?” She lives in Pittsburg but has fam- Southern Community Center in Lusby.

Hello, my name is Mason. Folks say they could sit next to me all day long, admiring
MY BEAUTIFUL FACE. I love to spend my time playing with toys and I'm SO
SMART I will even bring them back to you! I'm only 2 YEARS OLD and I seem to
know basic commands. I also have my more serious side that will chill with you and
watch Netflix. So I'm totally ready to join my NEW FAMILY and add JOY to the
household. My dearest wish is to BE HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS! So bundle up,
hop in the car and come meet me and BE MY CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! When you
choose to adopt from TCAS you are literally saving a life.
PLEASE CHOOSE ME! And, remember, if there is room in the heart, there is room
in the house.
Come meet me and the wonderful gang at Tri-County Animal
Shelter (6707 Animal Shelter Road, Hughesville) or call
301-932-1713 for more information. To see more of
my amazing friends available for adoption, “like” us on
Facebook @ Tri-County Animal Shelter Southern MD.
Thursday, December 19, 2019 The County Times 15
The Knowledge from 12,000 Dental Implants Placed
Leads Marylanders to Healthier Smiles
BY: JEFF TOMCSIK replace the root with my root; and my O’Roark: The life expectancy of a nation is very comparable to the price
Research Reporter root is made out of titanium. Titanium fixed bridge can be anywhere from ten of the three unit bridge. This amplifies
General dentist, Wayne L. O’Roark is has the incredible capacity to stimulate to fifteen years. On the other hand, since the fact that the value of replacing that
one of the leading providers of compre- the bone to not only grow around it but you’ve not replaced the root the bone tooth with a root replacement, not only
hensive implant dentistry in Maryland. tobond to it. Once youhave integration, underneath will continue to deteriorate. does not involve adjacent teeth but it is
He is a clinical graduate instructor at the and bone biology requires ninety days If the bridge is lost or one of the abut- comparable to the cost of a three unit
dental school at the University of Mary- for that to occur, you have a platform ments (teeth that hold the bridge) is lost bridge. I consider that as a number one
land. He is a Diplomate in both the on which to build teeth or a tooth. This or damaged then your problem gets big- advantage of doing the implant over the
American Board of Oral Implantology keeps the bone in function and helps to ger. In the case of the root replacement, bridge.
prevents loss of bone. I have implants that have been in func-
and the International Congress of Oral Tomcsik: I see a lot of ads for perio-
tion for well over thirty years.
Implantologists. He has dedicated the Tomcsik: Why replace a tooth with an dontists, oral surgeons, general dentist
past two decades to placing and restor- implant rather than a bridge? Tomcsik: So those people don’t have that all claim to place implants. How
ing implants. Dr. O’Roark has success- bone retention problems. The implant is does one decide who to go to if they
fully placed well over 12,000 implants O’Roark: Conventional dentistry says, enough support to keep the bone from need to get an implant?
since focusing his practice on this area when you have a missing tooth, you put disappearing?
of dentistry. Since 2006 he has been a cap on each tooth on either side of the O’Roark: You can ask for referrals from
practicing out of Tidewater Dental in open space and form a bridge over the O’Roark: It’s not so much that the im- your friends and family. You can ask
Lexington Park, Maryland and Tidewa- gap where the missing tooth was. Well, plant is a support for the bone. Bone your general dentist for a referral or you
ter Dental Solomons Island, Maryland. in order to do this you must cut each doesn’t like to be put out to pasture. It can go to The American Board of Oral
healthy tooth down so that a prosthetic doesn’t like to have nothing to do. And Implantology. They are the premiere
Tomcsik: How did you get your start in crown can fit over the existing teeth on when its function has been taken away source for finding highly experienced
Implant Dentistry? each side of the space. You than have from it, it will disappear. And it will dis- doctors doing implants. They will list
O’Roark: Early on, when I got out of a fixed prosthetic bridge attached to appear rather dramatically. With an im- for you the board certified doctors doing
school I realized that the traditional each cap, filling the gap. So you’ve now plant the bone remains in function and implants today. It’s important to know
prosthetics were not very good and I had involved two more teeth in the problem has the potential to last indefinitely. The the specialist cannot do the restorative
the opportunity to listen to a lecture by area by cutting them down to support first implant I ever put in place in 1971, work, whereas the general dentist that
one of the leaders in implant dentistry. the bridge. So what happens if one of remained in function, in the patients restricts their practice to specializing in
From that I did extensive studying and the teeth used in making the bridge mouth until she passed away in about implants will place the implant and re-
incorporated implants in my general fails? Now the bridge fails and you have 2004. I will not put a timeframe on how store the prosthetics for the implants.
two missing teeth. long they’ll last because they literally
practice. I had experience in removable Tomcsik: So when a specialist provides
have the potential to last indefinitely.
partial dentures, full dentures, crowns Tomcsik: So what you’re saying is you a quote, they are just quoting the root
and bridges but I found none of them now have two healthy teeth that you are Tomcsik: When you talk about put- replacement or implant and not the
satisfied the need for replacement of a compromising to fill the space of the ting an implant into the jaw bone that tooth replacement or crown?
missing tooth or missing teeth, whether one missing tooth… sounds like a pretty elaborate surgery.
that be one tooth, a section of teeth, or O’Roark: That is largely true. That’s a
Can you elaborate on that?
a whole arch of teeth. The point is, it O’Roark: Exactly. Now that’s not very good point. If you get a quotation
is important for these teeth and roots wrong, but you must keep in mind that O’Roark: Actually, the surgery to place from a specialist you must make sure
to be replaced to prevent bone loss. If those teeth are being compromised and the implant is very nominal. It’s rela- that he is being clear that the price he is
you take the function away from bone if something should go wrong with ei- tively painless. I operate under local giving you is for the implant and not the
by extracting a tooth, and you do noth- ther of those teeth supporting the bridge anesthesia and oral presedation if you prosthetic part. One of the things that I
ing about it, you will lose bone and it you will lose the bridge too and now wish. If I put the root replacement in have tried to do is restricting my prac-
will continue for a significant amount your problem is larger. this morning, you can go back to work tice to placing implants and providing
this afternoon. There will be no stitches. the prosthetics for about 15 years now
of time. If I can put that root back and Tomcsik: So letmeunderstand some-
keep the bone in function we will pre- There is virtually no swelling. There’s and have incorporated into my general
thing. In a single tooth replacement
serve the bone very nicely. you’ve given me two options. One is a generally no pain. There’s no bleeding practice for at least 35 years now. The
and the procedure is quite innocuous. important thing is that the continuity
Tomcsik: What are you replacing the single root replacement called an im- from the implant through the placement
root with? plant with a crown that integrates into Tomcsik: The other major concern I of the prosthetic is all done by the same
the system. The other option is a bridge imagine people having about implant
O’Roark: Most people don’t have a person. There is a lot to be said for that
where you’ve cut two teeth and you’ve dentistry is the cost. How does that com-
good idea about what an implant is. So because I can design your implant place-
bridged the gap between them with just pare toother options?
I like to call them root replacements. ment to accept the prosthetic results that
a crown with no root replacement. Give
When you lose or remove a tooth you O’Roark: The simplest thing to do is we want as an end result, especially in
me, if you will, a ten year prognosis of
remove the crown, which is the part you compare one missing tooth implant to complex cases.
the patient in both scenarios. What does
see and the root which is under the gum a three unit bridge as discussed earlier.
the patient look like in scenario 1 and
and goes into the jawbone. What I do is The cost of the implant/crown combi-
scenario 2 in ten years?

Creating brighter smiles for life!

Call today to make an appointment and
we’ll have you smiling before you know it!

Rules and restr
ictions apply

DUNKIRK • MD 20754
301-862-3900 301-327-3314
With this ad
410-414-8333 410-394-6690


16 In Our Community The County Times Thursday, December 19, 2019

St. Mary’s Holiday Lights

Shops r y la n d
of So u t he r n M a
Nativity scene on Jones Wharf Road in Hollywood

Airport Plans 50th

Anniversary Celebration
The St. Mary’s County opportunities and learn-
Regional Airport is plan- ing environments avail-
ning a series of events able. St. Mary’s County
to celebrate 50 years of Regional Airport is more
service to the commu- than a hub for transporta-
nity. The original airport tion, it is rapidly becom-
properties were acquired ing a center for commu-
in August 1968, con- nity resources mirrored
struction was completed Airport Road, California, in the events we’ve put
in 1969, and the Airport MD. The kickoff event together to commemorate
was in operation before is Saturday, December the 50th anniversary.”
the end of that year. 2020 21, 2019 with a Holiday For more information
will mark 50 years of Farmers Market from 9 on the airport, please visit
operation. a.m. to 2 p.m. and a fly- w w mar /
Planned events include in from Santa Claus at dpw/airport-operations/
pilot safety forums, a 10 a.m. John Deatrick, or contact Airport Man-
taxiway 5k run, and sev- Director of Public Works ager, Allison Swint at
eral fly-in breakfasts. and Transportation stated 301-475-4200, ext. 73511.
All events are free and “The anniversary of the
will take place at the St. airport is a yearlong cel- Press Release from
Mary’s County Regional ebration to showcase this St. Mary’s County
Airport located at 44200 terrific facility and the all Government
of the unique services, job

Helpful Hooves Celebrates

the Christmas Season

Santa and his elves along with Frosty the snowman, visited the Christmas dinner dance held
at the Löffler Senior Center, Friday December 13, hosted by Helpful Hooves Equine Therapy
LLC. and the Commission for Persons with Disabilities. Over 80 people attended the festive
event. It was an evening of dinner, dancing and holiday fun.
Thursday, December 19, 2019 The County Times Feature 17

St. Mary’s Gets Its First Food Bank

Lymas shows George Hurlburt, left, and Commissioner Mike

Hewitt the new freezer at the food bank.

people who were in need.

“This was the spark.”
All of her research and outreach led her to seek out
the leaders of local food pantries and soup kitchens,
either associated with churches or operating on their
own, to see what they saw in their fight to keep people
She found that many who needed supplemental
amounts of food were neither homeless, nor unem-
ployed but working poor with restricted incomes.
They had to decide what to go without on limited
resources, Lymas said.
The food pantry directors had their own problems,
Linda Lymas, holding scissors, cuts the ribbon on the Feed St. Mary's Food Bank Dec. 13. she said, which a local food bank could help solve.
Many of the meetings she had with these service
By Guy Leonard Rotary Club presidents serve for one year each,
Staff Writer providers were at the St. Inie’s Coffee House in Lex-
Faden said.
ington Park on Willows Road.
The local club will have a presence on the board
There are more than 20 food pantries in St. Mary’s “They talked about all their problems, like having to
which runs the new food bank, Faden said, and will
County that help provide food to needy families but go out of the county to get food and not having enough
continue to support the endeavor.
there has never been a locally operated food bank to food for the people in need,” Lymas said.
But much depends on the community’s response.
supply those pantries; until now. That same year the Rotary Club’s chief fundraising
“We provided seed money,” Faden told The County
Dozens of supporters gathered at the Feed St. Mary’s event, the St. Mary’s County Oyster Festival, was par-
Times. “We hope the community will take it on and
Food Bank, located along Great Mills Road at the U- ticularly successful, said Lymas, and the club voted to
support it.”
Haul rental headquarters in Lexington Park, to cel- provide $50,000 to start the bank.
The food bank’s main task is to take in food dona-
ebrate the opening that was more than a year in the End Hunger of Calvert County was instrumental in
tions from the public and the Maryland Food Bank to
making. helping Feed St. Mary’s find their way to starting the
distribute to local pantries.
The food bank represents a partnership between lo- new food bank, Lymas said, which included gaining
Faden said the local food pantry would shorten the
cal churches, the county’s Department of Economic the cooperation of the Maryland Food Bank and its
supply chain and help get more food, faster and in bet-
Development, a local defense contractor, citizen sup- steady stream of donations.
ter quantities to the pantries, mostly located at com-
porters and the Lexington Park Rotary Club and its lo- Much work still needs to be done, Lymas said, as
munity churches.
cal sister organizations. they prepare to accept their first orders the beginning
Tackling the issue of food insecurity, defined as lack
It will still be at least a month before the food bank of next year.
of reliable access to sufficient amounts of nutritious
begins making deliveries to the local pantries, said past The local system will allow food pantries to go on-
and affordable food, is why the food bank became a
president of the Lexington Park Rotary Club, Linda line and make their food orders which will then be de-
serious project.
Lymas. livered to the new food bank for pick up by workers at
Faden said the food bank leadership would have to
“We’ll make our first delivery in January,” Lymas the various pantries.
work hard to ensure it maintained its mission and its
said. “Sometime soon we’ll have a grand opening.” January will give the food bank leadership a “trial
County Commissioner Mike Hewitt, who attended run,” Lymas said, to ensure their logistical plans work.
“U-Haul may rethink its donation,” Faden said.
the ribbon cutting for the food bank Dec. 13, said Ly- By February, she said, the food bank would begin
“We’re going to have to show we’re going to do what
mas had long been in contact with him about how to bringing on more and more food pantries and soup
we say we can do.”
get space for the food bank. kitchens to serve.
The space at Feed St. Mary’s is currently empty but
Hewitt said he was able to reach out to U-Haul and Between 2017 to the present, the effort to make the
has some loading equipment and will feature shelf
help convince them to provide the 3,000 square feet of food bank a reality took many hands working quickly,
space for food items that don’t need to be refrigerated.
space the project needed. she said.
A refrigeration unit as well as a freezer take up
“I told them ‘We need space and we need it for free “The team never stopped moving forward,” Lymas
prominent positions in the space, though, to keep per-
and we need you to pay the utilities for about three to said. “The most difficult part was to find a suitable
ishable items such as fresh meats.
five years,’” Hewitt told those gathered at the nascent location.
Lymas said the year 2017, in which she served as
food bank on Signature Lane. “We’re starting small with the space we have.”
Rotary Club president, was the year she became more
Hewitt was able to help work out the deal for a rent- Lymas said the food bank is also looking for “startups,”
familiar with the idea of food insecurity locally, not
free facility with paid utilities for Feed St. Mary’s and or others who are willing to form new food pantries in
just in the Lexington Park area, but in areas all over St.
the food bank is now weeks away from accepting its St. Mary’s where no churches or soup kitchens exist.
Mary’s County.
first delivery. “We think we’re ready for a good, solid start,” Lymas
“I got to see first-hand the concerns about food in-
Regina Faden, current Lexington Park Rotary presi- said. “We just wanted to give back to the community.”
security,” Lymas told The County Times. “We saw a
dent and executive director at Historic St. Mary’s City, study done by Leadership Southern Maryland on food
said the project was Lymas’ doing and that she was the
insecurity for the Lexington Park Rotary Club… I vol-
force which drove it to its initial success. unteered at pantries and had a chance to interact with
18 In Our Community The County Times Thursday, December 19, 2019

Mike’s Bike’s Holiday Food Drive Maryland Deer Firearms

Gets Helping Hand From Elk’s Lodge Opening Day Harvest Up 29%

Maryland's firearm deer harvest was up this year.

The Maryland Department of Natu- said. “The strong antlerless harvest for
ral Resources announced that hunters the weekend is reassuring, and is vital
reported 8,061 deer taken on opening for managing deer numbers in the state.”
The local Elk's Lodge No. 2092 raised $2,000 and collected 25 cases of food to assist Mike day of the 2019 Maryland firearm sea- In St. Mary’s County hunters har-
Schwartz of Mike's Bikes with his annual holiday meal delivery to the needy. Photo courtesy son, Nov. 30. This represents a 29% in- vested 175 on Saturday of the opening
of Elk's Lodge #2092 crease over last year’s Saturday opener. weekend and 208 on Sunday.
The overall weekend harvest of 9,201 Hunters in Region A — Allegany,
was down 9% from 2018 due to nearly Garrett, and western Washington coun-
non-stop rain and wind across the state ties — harvested 878 antlered deer.
on Sunday. Hunters in Region B — the rest of the
The harvest total includes 4,248 ant- state — harvested 3,370 antlered and
lered and 4,953 antlerless deer, includ- 4,953 antlerless deer.
ing 147 antlered and 126 antlerless sika Junior hunters enjoyed excellent deer
deer. The two-week deer firearm season hunting weather and harvested 2,423
ran through Dec. 14. deer during the Junior Deer Hunt Days
“Rain once again plagued hunters this on November 16 – 17. The harvest was
year for part of the opening weekend, 12% higher than the official harvest of
but many hunters took advantage of a 2,164 last year. Juniors registered 1,471
dry Saturday and were still able to put antlered and 952 antlerless deer.
venison in the freezer,” Wildlife and
Heritage Service Director Paul Peditto Maryland DNR Press Release
Thursday, December 19, 2019 The County Times 19

These local businesses encourage

Caring for
for the
Past youPtoPcelebrate
Planning for
responsibly throughout
Planning for the
FutureHoliday Season

Traditional Funerals,
Traditional Funerals,Cremation
Direct Burials,
Direct Burials, Monuments,
Commitment Through After
Through Care.
After Care.



301-737-2636 w
For All Your Towing And Roadside Needs! 22955 Hollywood
Leonardtown, MD
30195 Three Notch Road
22352 Three Notch Road • Lexington Park
FOR20650 Charlotte Hall, MD 20622
Brinsfi eld Funeral Home, P.A. Brinsfield301-472-4400
Funeral Home, P.A. 240-237-8161
Brinsfield Funeral Home, P.A.
22955 Hollywood Road Brinsfield Funeral Home, P.A.
30195 Three Notch Road Brin
22955 Hollywood
Leonardtown, Road20650
Maryland 30195 Three
Charlotte Hall,Notch Road 20650
Maryland Brin
Leonardtown, Maryland 20650
(301) 475-5588 Charlotte(301)
Hall, Maryland
472-4400 20650
(301) 475-5588 (301) 472-4400 Leon



GCLARK@TCCMD.ORG • 301-870-2520 OR 1-800-SO-CLOSE

20 Education The County Times Thursday, December 19, 2019

School Board Approves Threat Assessment Policy

By Dick Myers physical harm to someone. The and address threats or poten- used for: community counsel-
Editor threat may be expressed, com- tial threats to school safety or ing, the PREPare program,
municated behaviorally, orally, security.” The team, she said, Conscious Discipline training,
The St. Mary’s County Board visually, and writing elec- may also consist of members restorative practices training
of Education has officially ad- tronically or through any other of other governmental agencies and the School Watch Program.
opted a Threat Assessment means. It is to be considered a and law enforcement. Board member Mary Wash-
Team Policy. The adoption at threat regardless of whether it Student member Naggena ington wanted to know where
the board’s Dec. 11 meeting is observed by or communicat- Ohri wanted to know how the the students had to go to re-
was a requirement of the Mary- ed directly to the target of the “See Something, Say Some- ceive the community counsel-
land Safe to Learn Act of 2018. threat or observed by or com- thing” button in school was ing. Long said, “Right now we
Director of Safety and Se- municated to a third party, and working. Wyant said, “It’s ab- do have services in three of our
curity F. Michael Wyant and regardless of whether the target solutely the main way that we schools, Lexington Park and
Director of Student Services of a threat is aware of the threat. receive information and cer- Greenview Knolls Elemen-
Cheryl Long presented the pol- They may be direct or indirect.” tainly we receive them in other tary, and Spring Ridge (middle
icy for approval. It had original- She said a threat assessment fashions as well. Sometimes school). We also have identi-
ly been the topic of a Nov. 20 is “a comprehensive process they go directly to the sheriff’s Karin Bailey was re-elected school fied Green Holly, Park Hall and
public hearing before the board. emphasizing an appraisal of office and they will call us. The board chairman at the Dec. 11 Carver as schools that would
According to Long, the pur- meeting.
observed or reasonably observ- whole concept of a multidisci- have students in there that we’re
pose of the policy is “to estab- able behaviors to identify po- plinary team is alive and well looking to provide services.”
lish procedures for the assess- Also at the meeting, the
tentially dangerous or violent here in St. Mary’s County.” She said other schools can be
ment and intervention with in- board approved acceptance
situations to assess them and to School Board Vice Chairman added if the need is identified.
dividuals whose behavior poses of a “Safe School Grant” of
manage and address them.” Cathy Allen added, “That big Also at the meeting, Karin
a threat to the safety of the $284,673 from the state. This
The team, she said, is “a blue button -- I need people to Bailey was re-elected chairman
school staff and/or students.” will be the third year of the
multidisciplinary team of understand that if they report and Allen vice-chairman.
A threat, she said, “is the ex- grant and the monies for it were
school personnel that will be through that, it comes to appro-
pression of an intent to cause budgeted in anticipation of re-
convened to identify, evaluate priate staff, day or night, 24/7.”
ceiving it. The monies will be

CSM Offers Classes for Homeschooled Students

Registration Now Open for Spring Semester Beginning January 24
The College of Southern Maryland (CSM) is now gram saw a need in the community to provide home- coding and robotics and Spanish. Courses for High
providing special opportunities for homeschoolers school students with opportunities to explore the fine School (ages 14-17) include physics, Spanish, coding
during the school year. arts, language arts and STEM courses in unique, fun and robotics.
Known for its outstanding Kids’ and Teen College and engaging ways on a college campus,” said CSM A Family Yoga for Homeschoolers class for ages 6-9
educational courses during the summer months, CSM Kids’ and Teen College Youth Program Manager Tony is also being offered as well as Basic Swimming for
is offering multiple fall and spring semester courses Warrick, who supervises the new program. ages 6-14. All courses are held at the CSM’s La Plata
that are designed for kindergarten through 12th grade Seventeen courses are being offered for the spring Campus.
homeschooled students. The first classes were offered semester, including introductory courses for Early For a list of available classes, visit
this fall semester, and registration is currently avail- Learners (ages 5-6) on painting, music, science and kidscollege.
able for the spring semester, which starts Jan. 24. technology. Classes for Elementary (ages 7-10) and “CSM is extremely excited about the new home-
“The Kids’ and Teen College’s Homeschooling pro- Middle School (ages 11-14) include painting, physics, schooling program that has been developed,” Warrick
said. “It is giving young people exposure to their own
local community college and everything thing that it
has to offer. Our goal is to fill in the gap for the home-
school families and instill a lifelong love of learning.”
Dr. Rachel Cezar-Martinez, who is an adjunct facul-
ty member of CSM and a veterinarian, is one of the in-
structors who taught in the first semester of the home-
schooling program.  She taught two animal anatomy
classes for the homeschoolers, one for 6- to 9-year-olds
and the other for 10- to 14-year-olds.
“It has been a joy to teach the homeschool students
about basic anatomy in humans and in animals,” Ce-
zar-Martinez said of her classes. “The students are
very energetic and motivated.”
Her classes met in the same lab where Cezar-Mar-
tinez teaches her veterinary assistant courses for the
college. Her younger students in the new program had
the chance to use an incubator to hatch chicken eggs
among other activities.
“I am happy to see CSM expanding these types of
opportunities to the community and even more excited
I was able to be a part of this new beginning,” Cezar-
Martinez said.
Parents can register for the spring semester classes
online by visiting or by
registering on campus. For more on the CSM Kids’ and
Teen College programs, email or
call 301-934-7645.

Press Release from CSM

CSM Adjunct Faculty Professor Dr. Rachel Cezar-Martinez, right, teaches animal anatomy to two students in the initial
semester of CSM’s homeschooling program.
Thursday, December 19, 2019 The County Times 21

n A
Fu& G ME there
41. Ridicules
43. Allied Powers vs. Central
12. Space station
14. Gene
19. Satisfy (Brit.)
45. Produce
23. Livid
24. It comes after “et” 46. Tributary of the
47. Ancient kingdom near
Dead Sea
25. More (Spanish)
26. Electronic data processing

“The Spirit is weak”

49. Hebrew unit of liquid
27. Buffer solution to separate
48. Off-limits
50. Type of sword
55. “Sin City” actress
28. Primate
29. Scattered
52. Appeal earnestly
56. Female reproductive cells 34. Evergreen tree 53. It’s good to have them
57. Afflicted 35. What engaged couples
59. One point north of will say 54. Commercial flying
northeast 36. Barbie’s friend
60. Garland 37. Midway between south company
The Christmas spirit in me was a 61. Spiritual leader
62. Negative
and southeast
39. A position from which 56. Acted out in protest
little slow getting started this year, 63. Tooth caregiver
64. Cheek
progress can be made
40. Showed up 57. Took to the sea
but I am in the spirit now. I guess CLUES DOWN
41. Insecticide
42. Type of milk 58. Cuckoos
all it took was watching a Charlie CLUES ACROSS 17. Type of horse 1. Form of “to be”
2. A hand has one
44. Verandas
45. Annoyingly talkative
59. Drove fast
1. Sacred bull (Egyptian 18. Volcanic craters
Brown Christmas last night while 3. Thought 46. Abba __, Israeli politician

myth.) 20. Type of graph (abbr.) 47. “Heat” director
4. Physical body
putting the second round of lights
5. One-time European money 21. Supporters CLUES DOWN

5. Removes 48. Plant genus
8. Disfigure 22. North and South are two 51. Swiss river
11. Polish city 25. Spread 6. One who perpetrates
on the tree and starting the decora- 13. Move quickly on foot 30. Adjusted wrongdoing
7. Make one
52. Prejudice
53. Actor Idris 1. Trapped
tions. I can tell you that last night 14. Landlocked West African
31. Vietnamese offensive
32. Nazi architect 8. Kate and Rooney are two
9. __ Ladd, “Shane” actor
54. Freedom fighters (slang)
58. Criticize 2. About osmosis
was much better than the previous 15. Used in aromatherapy
16. The greatest of all time
33. Nigerian peoples
38. When you hope to get 10. Makes fun of 3. Romanian monetary
night, which you know already if unit
you are a friend of mine on Face- 4. Form of Persian
book. Originally, I was thinking 5. Cold wind
that I would like the old type of C6 6. Leave out
Christmas lights that we all grew CLUES ACROSS 26. Large wine cask 7. Small vehicle
up with strung on the tree this year. 27. Fiber from the husk of 8. A little off
It was a nice thought. First of all, 1. No longer on the market 9. Soviet Union
a coconut
let me make a Public Service An- 5. W. African language 10. A narrow path or road
29. Gets up
nouncement: Drinking wine while 9. A way to open 11. Contrary beliefs
31. French river
11. A type of pigeon 12. One who speaks Gaelic
attempting to string lights on a 33. Witnesses
13. Japanese warrior 14. Private school in New
Christmas tree should be avoided, 34. They make great
15. Pelvic areas York
due to dulling of brain and all (com- neighbors
16. No seats available 15. Jackson and
mon) senses. PLEASE, never com- eyes should appear? NO lights! The 36. The sun does it
17. Not working Townshend are two
pletely string the tree until you have second strand was dead! Ohhhh, 38. Used to store ashes
19. In a way, soaks 18. Soldier in an airborne
plugged all strands of lights in first razzin, frazzin, fricken, fracken….I 21. Growing outward 39. First Chinese dynasty
to make sure they operate. This is 41. Network of nerves unit
really get Yosemite Sam now. 22. Ritzy local __ Air
VERY important. Doing so could 43. Word element 20. Taken illegally
I suppose another trip to the store 23. Telegraphic signals 24. Capital of Valais
cause irreparable damage to your is in order with the box of dead 25. Metric units meaning ear
tree, to your Ho Ho Happiness, and 44. Metric unit of length 26. Male reproductive
lights for an exchange. At this point, organs
to your marriage. Another good I might just leave the tree the way 28. State capital
idea is to maybe ask a salesperson, it is, or it might look good outside. 30. One with supernatural
as you snatch up those half off lights It wouldn’t be my tree if something insight
after Christmas, if you could please wasn’t wrong with it. Last night, 32. Starts all over again
plug them in somewhere in the store and without wine, but with a late 34. Jai alai arena
before you buy them. night cup of coffee, I had at least 35. Star Wars antagonist
So, last night, after I ripped off covered the tree in strung beads. 37. Freestanding structure
all the C6 strand which only lit Now it looks like a fancy wedding 38. The ideal place
for half of their strands, I decided cake. I bet by tonight though the 40. The extended location
to just put on the white min-lights tree will be so covered with glit- of something
we already had. And of course, I tered pinecones, ornaments, and 42. Made level
thought we had enough, but ran out maybe even some tinsel if I can find 43. Distinctive smell
about one foot from the bottom. it, that no one will notice this area 45. Greek goddess of
UGH, back to the store, though I of warm light. I’ve got it! I will have discord
did make a thorough search through to wrap Christmas presents early 47. Got older
all the Christmas boxes before we and set them over on that side of 49. Type of monkey
left. We bought two more boxes of the tree. I can change my Christmas 50. Travels to
mini-lights – just in case. I wish I Eve wine and wrapping evening to 51. Geological times
would listen to my own advice. An- an earlier wino and wrap-it-up eve- 55. Edge
other PSA: Check to see whether ning. Perfect.
you have strung your tree with I am getting happy again, getting
LED mini-lights or the old, regular the spirit back. Yes, I think I will
lights. Also check whether they are get it finished tonight. Why is this LAST WEEK’S PUZZLE SOLUTIONS
bright white or warm white. Yes, so hard for me? I know what will
you guessed it. The lights we strung make it easier. While I am out, I
were bright white LED mini-lights am going to find Charlie Brown’s
and we bought warm white regu- Christmas on DVD and play it all
lar mini-lights. So now the bottom night tonight. Oh, never mind, I still
part of our tree is warm white with can’t operate the DVD.
a huge area on the back side where I
just crammed in the last few feet of To each new day’s adventure,
lights in frustration. Then I thought, Shelby
well we did get two boxes just in Please send your ideas
case, so I opened the second box to or comments to:
add in the warm white lights behind
the bright whites to even the look or find me on Facebook
out, when what to my wondering
w s
22 PAX River The County Times

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Patuxent River
Naval Air Station
Joint Team Solves Engine Integration Issues for CH-53K King Stallion
Industry and government engineers have mitigated
an ongoing engine integration issue for the CH-53K
King Stallion – the new heavy-lift helicopter from
Sikorsky for the United States Marine Corps.
This “tiger team” of experts from a variety of engi-
neering backgrounds came together to find and opti-
mize aircraft modifications using state-of-the-art com-
putational modeling methodologies, risk management,
flight test data and Systems Engineering tools.
“Bringing together the tiger team exemplifies the im-
portance and purpose of an integrated test team,” said
Col. Jack Perrin, PMA-261 program manager, heavy
lift helicopter program office. “It was great to see the
team turn the corner for the program and produce a
resolution to an ongoing problem. This was a priority
for NAVAIR, industry and the Marine Corps, and the
team hit it out of the park,” he said.
The program office oversees both the CH-53E Su-
per Stallion, which is currently in use by the Marine
Corps, as well as the new CH-53K.
The CH-53K King Stallion is the premier heavy-lift
helicopter ever built by the United States government.
It is an all-new heavy-lift helicopter that will expand
the fleet’s ability to move more material more rapidly.
That power comes from three new General Electric
T-408 engines, which are more powerful and more fuel
efficient than the T-64 engines currently outfitted on
the CH-53E.
According to Debbie Cleavenger, PMA-261 assis- Colored oil smoke indicates rotor wake and wind effects while external “tufts” adhere to the outside of the CH-53K King
Stallion showing surface airflow.
tant program manager engineering and the program
office’s chief engineer, three engines created several Maintainability; Flight Test; and Fire Protection and for one of the test aircraft that flew a rigorous series of
integration issues, including the most troublesome - Survivability completing more than 30 test events and test flights to collect data to validate the model. The
exhaust gas re-ingestion (EGR). evaluating 135 potential design solutions for engine extensive set of flight test data was then condensed,
“EGR occurs when the hot engine gasses are ingest- integration. analyzed and presented in December 2019 to show
ed back into the system,” explained Cleavenger. “It can “The systems constraints were significant,” said that the result performed as predicted and provided an
cause anything from increased life-cycle costs, poor Cleavenger. “One change impacted multiple systems.” overall design modification that would meet the needs
engine performance and degradation, time-on-wing Team members worked different root cause analy- for fleet aircraft.
decreases, engine overheating and even engine stalls.” ses in parallel, determining the cause and developing “This is exactly what an integrated test team is sup-
The tiger team’s work began in April 2019, with design models to mitigate causes for EGR. From those posed to do,” said Perrin. “Bring their expertise to a
experts in Engine Performance; Computational Flu- models, iterative flight testing resulted in a validated project, look for resolutions in a dynamic and collab-
id Dynamics; Modeling and Simulation; Materials; model to assess the most promising answer. orative environment, determine the best path forward
Structures; Logistics; Systems Safety; Reliability and That model was then used to construct components and keep this aircraft on track to the fleet.”

Real Estate
Child Care
Vehicles General Merchandise CLASS.SOMD.COM
Thursday, December 19, 2019 The County Times Sports 23

St. Mary’s to Switch

Athletic Conferences Best Christmas Gift is Travel
Are you missing that WOW gift This new option is just like a credit beautiful decorative box with sea-
to give someone special this Christ- card and once approved, your entire shells with the words, “all you need is
mas? They say memories last a life- trip is completely paid, and you will love”, she was curious about the gifts
time, so this holiday why not give have twelve months to pay for the of sunglasses, flip slops, beach tow-
your special someone or your family vacation! If you are giving the gift els and a bottle of wine. When she
a trip they’ll never forget? Vacations of travel later next year or even next picked up the folder that contained
produce memories that last a life- Christmas, you can make a small de- their travel documents, he bent down
time, which makes the gift of travel posit now and make the final payment on one knee and asked her, “will
one of the most meaningful ones you forty-five days before your travel. you marry me again?” He opened a
St. Mary’s College of Maryland will join the North can give.  When you give your family/spouse box that contained a new diamond
Eastern Athletic Conference (NEAC), beginning the The gift of travel will last way lon- the surprise gift of travel, you give ring for her. She opened the folder
2021-22 academic year. Founded in 2004, The NEAC is ger than anything you might buy. Just them a Christmas to remember. The with the travel documents to see that
an intercollegiate athletic conference affiliated with the think back to when you were a child absolute best part is unveiling the he was taking her to Sandals Royal
NCAA’s Division III. Member institutions, comprised of and try to remember every toy you surprise and there are so many cre- Caribbean in Montego Bay, Jamaica
public and private institutions, are located in the Mid- were given at Christmas. Can you ative ways to give them the vacation for their 20th Anniversary! She was
Atlantic region of the United States.   remember each one? I have a feel- of their dreams. You can give them thrilled beyond belief and there was
“We are excited to welcome St. Mary’s College to the ing that you do remember the family gifts that they can use while on the one more surprise. He had already
NEAC as a full member beginning Fall 2021. Through- vacations. trip. That will surely leave them puz- scheduled a “Retie the Knot” (vow
out the application process, it was evident that St. This year, you can give a vacation zled when they unwrap gifts like new renewal) at the resort! Most of this
instead of Christmas gifts! It’s some- luggage, sunglasses, beach towels or reveal was captured on video and it
Mary’s College of Maryland is dedicated to providing thing your whole family will remem- suntan lotion. You could also wrap heart-warming for me to be able to
its student-athletes with a well-rounded, high-quality ber forever. You can give your spouse their passport, a puzzle, pocket size see this surprise reveal.
Division III experience. We felt strongly that the ideals or special someone the WOW gift of calendar with travel dates or simply My favorite surprise “family” va-
of St. Mary’s College and its vision for the future aligned travel when you plan a romantic trip wrap up the travel documents that cation story is the family who was
with that of our membership. The addition also allows for two to a couples-only, all-inclu- your travel agent has prepared for taking their two boys to Disney just
our league to solidify a southern anchor with Gallau- sive resort in the Caribbean. Imagine you. There are so many clever and after Christmas. They had both chil-
det University and we are confident St. Mary’s College the excitement when he or she finds fun ways to unveil this big surprise dren open a huge cardboard box and
will play a key role in our continued efforts to elevate out that you planned this especially and I suggest having your phone inside were Disney balloons with a
the profile of the NEAC,” said NEAC Interim Commis- for her! It will not matter that the trip close so that you can videotape their sign attached that announced the up-
sioner Stephanie Dutton. is several months away because they reaction. coming trip in two weeks! They were
will have time to prepare and plan ev- As a Travel Agent, I have enjoyed two happy and surprised little boys.
The NEAC’s Presidents’ Council and Board of Ath- ery detail. The anticipation of such a hearing the stories about unveil- Of course, all of this was captured on
letic Directors voted unanimously to approve the appli- trip will keep them remembering that ing the surprise gift of travel. My video.
cation for conference membership from St. Mary’s Col- WOW gift under the tree for months. favorite story from 2019 is for a The happiest people may be the
lege. The Seahawks will join core members Gallaudet If you want to plan something “couples-trip” in 2020 that the hus- ones who understand that experi-
University, Lancaster Bible College, Penn College, Penn right away, there are several “last band planned for his wife over two ences and memories are greater than
State Abington, Penn State Berks, Penn State Harris- minute options” with huge savings years ago. He told me that his wife things. Not only are vacations good
burg, SUNY Morrisville, and Wells College in 2021-22. during the first three weeks of Janu- had always wanted to go to a Sandals for your physical health, but you will
“I am excited about this opportunity and believe our ary. For instance, Sandals Resorts Resort and that this would be their have time to bond and grow together
high-quality student-athletes will make an exceptional (couples-only) and Beaches Resorts first vacation in 20 years without the as a couple or as a family. There’s
addition to the league,” said Tuajuanda C. Jordan, presi- (for families), is offering last minute three children. The anticipation of more and more evidence that people
deals on three to four-night vacations the surprise reveal was making me who vacation feel healthier and hap-
dent of St. Mary’s College. “Academically, we will be with ONE NIGHT FREE. You can anxious since I helped him plan this pier. It makes us feel alive again,
among the strongest schools in the conference. Athleti- easily extend the vacation to more so long ago. I prepared their travel which is exactly what they’re meant
cally, our student-athletes will be in the upper echelon of nights. Plus, there are some great documents and gave him suggestions to do.
the majority of the sports we play. And, philosophically, deals this year on cruises in January on the romantic ways that he could
the schools align very well with the core values of our that you can still take advantage of. reveal this “once in a lifetime” cel- By Jeneva Lucianetti
athletics department: excellence, humility, legacy, team- If you are worried about how you ebration. In August, they celebrated Certified Sandals Wedding Specialist
work, and integrity.”  are going to pay a trip now, Dream their 19th Anniversary so he took her Owner & Vacation Specialist at
Davie Gilmour, president of Penn College and of the Vacations has a brand-new financing to dinner at one of the restaurants in Paradise Travel Team
NEAC presidents’ council chair, said “The NEAC is option to help you pay for the trip. Solomon’s Island. As she explored a
very pleased to have St. Mary’s College of Maryland
join our conference. The College’s level of dedication
from Dr. Jordan and the athletics staff, combined with
the strong focus on the student-athlete and the values
of Division III athletics make them an ideal member for
“St. Mary’s College looks forward to renewing rival-
ries with schools such as Gallaudet University and Penn
State Harrisburg and forging new rivalries with addi-
tional schools in the conference,” said Scott Devine, di-
rector of athletics and recreation at St. Mary’s College. 
Joining the NEAC will allow St. Mary’s College
student-athletes to continue to compete for conference
Give a “WOW” Christmas Gift!
championships and automatic bids into the NCAA Tour- “Memories last a Lifetime”
nament, while expanding the geographic footprint of The gift of Travel will last longer than anything you buy!
the St. Mary’s College athletics’ program into new ar-
Take advantage of ONE NIGHT FREE in January 2020 Call Jeneva at (301) 609-1850
eas. The Seahawks will compete in 15 of the NEAC’s
at Sandals & Beaches Resorts
18 sports.
Dutton added, “I’d like to thank Dr. Tuajuanda Jordan, OR
Paradise Travel Team
Scott Devine, Jim Cranmer and the entire athletics staff
for their sincere commitment throughout the member-
Book a ROMANTIC or FAMILY TRIP for later in 2020! 301-609-1850
Only $98 Deposit to Book Sandals or Beaches
ship process. We look forward to a future that includes Final Balance due 45 days before travel Jeneva & Steve Lucianetti
St. Mary’s College and are eager to begin collaborating Tell us your dream – we will bring it to life! Sandals Certified Weddingmoon Specialist
Autism Certified Travel Professional
with the Seahawks staff as we continue to chart a new
course for the NEAC.”
Facebook: Paradise Travel Team Dream Vacations
Press Release from SMCM
24 Sports The County Times Thursday, December 19, 2019

St. Mary’s College Athletics Director to Retire

Scott Devine, director of athletics and recreation, before his departure, effectively ensuring the future of
will retire at the end of the 2020 school year. President Seahawk Athletics for many years to come.”
of St. Mary’s College of Maryland Tuajuanda C. Jordan “It has been one of the great pleasures and profes-
made the announcement.  sional experiences of my life to have served as direc-
“I am incredibly grateful for the vision and hard work tor of athletics and recreation at St. Mary’s College of
Scott has put into the St. Mary’s College athletics de- Maryland for two decades,” said Devine. “What stands
partment,” said Jordan. “For 20 years, Scott has poured out as I reflect on my career in college athletics are the
his heart and soul into the College, overseeing the evo- amazing student athletes, coaches, staff members, and
lution of the athletics department operation, increasing professional colleagues within the NCAA that I have
programs and assembling a menu of truly outstanding been able to work with and form relationships with.  I
D-III facilities. He has secured an invitation for the feel so fortunate for the overall experience of address-
College to join the North Eastern Athletic Conference ing challenges and celebrating successes through team-

Scott Devine, director of athletics and recreation, speaking

during the dedication of the Jamie L. Roberts Stadium.

work and collegiality, and not many people get to have

a career like that.” 
Devine was hired at St. Mary’s College on July 1,
2000, as the director of athletics and recreation. He has
spent an incredible 35 years of service in college athlet-
ics administration, with five years at NCAA D-I UMass
Amherst and 10 years at NCAA D-I Tulane University,
before spending the last 20 years at NCAA D-III St.
Mary’s College. 
Thanks to Devine, St. Mary’s College can now boast
to having some of the best NCAA D-III small school
athletic facilities in the mid-Atlantic region. Devine has
overseen the complete rebuilding of the St. Mary’s Col-
lege athletics and recreation facility menu, which in-
cludes the Hawk’s Nest Baseball Park (2000), the Som-
erset Seahawk Tennis Complex (2001), the Michael P.
O’Brien Athletics and Recreation Center renovation
(2005-06), the Mattapany practice fields featuring
two Bermuda surfaces (2005), and the Jamie L. Rob-
erts Stadium (2018-19). He successfully implemented
a “student-run” model of operating the Michael P.
O’Brien Athletics and Recreation Center, which cur-
rently generates over $150,000 a year in contracted out-
side user group events.  
With the addition of men’s and women’s cross coun-
try and men’s and women’s rowing, he has overseen the
addition of four new varsity sports, from 15 in 2000
to 19 today, serving more than 95 student athletes.
Seahawk athletic teams have led the Capital Athletic
Conference in academic performance nine out of the
last 12 years. His latest accomplishment is leading the
membership application process to secure an invitation
to join the North Eastern Athletic Conference (NEAC)
beginning in the fall of 2021.    
He currently is the most senior athletic director in
the Capital Athletic Conference with 19 years of league
service, serving as CAC treasurer for two of those
years. He was elected as one of two college athletic di-
rectors in the state of Maryland to serve as an adviser to
the executive committee of the Maryland High School
Athletic Directors from 2015-16.
Passionate about family, he has been married to the
former Karen Germano for the last 35 years and to-
gether they have two children, Kelli Laracy and Kaitlin
Devine, and five grandchildren:  Gregory, Mary, Phil-
lip, Timothy, and Andrew Laracy.
Michael Wick, provost and vice president of academ-
ic affairs, will lead the effort to identify the new athletic
director through a national search in spring 2020.   

Press Release from SMCM

Thursday, December 19, 2019 The County Times Obituaries 25

In Remembrance
The County Times runs complimentary obituaries as submitted by funeral homes
and readers. We run them in the order we receive them. Any submissions that come to after noon on Mondays may run in the following week’s edition.

Patricia Ann Graves Jane worked for the Federal Government joyed spending time with; family always Carter, Chase Goldsborough, and Pat
for over 30 years when she retired as Staff came first. She was very athletic and was an Goldsborough.
Patricia Ann Assistant to the Secretary of the Department avid golfer. She was a long time member of Memorial contributions may be made to
Graves, 87, of Me- of Veterans Affairs in 1995. Breton Bay Golf and Country Club. She was the Alzheimer’s Association of Maryland,
chanicsville, MD Mom loved God, her family and friends. a socialite and enjoyed travelling, especially 10665 Stanhaven Place, Suite 205D, White
passed away on She was born and raised on a farm in Al- with her sister to Europe and Hawaii. She Plains, MD 20695.
December 12, 2019 ton, VA, number nine of ten children. She had an extensive doll collection. She was a Condolences to the family may be made at
at Hospice House had many fond memories and often shared long time member of First Saints Commu-
of Charles County. stories of growing up on the farm. She was nity Church, St. Paul’s Campus. Arrangements by the Brinsfield Funeral
Born on August 10, raised in the Baptist Church and continued She is survived by her children: Stephen Home, P.A.
1932 in Benedict, to be a very active member throughout her Paul Carter of Norfolk, VA, Rebecca “Becky”
MD, she was the daughter of the late Harry life. She was on various committees, taught Bogie of Hollywood, MD, and Lisa Elizabeth
A. Shorter, Sr. and Pearl E. (Hitch) Shorter. Sunday School and every year during Vaca- Goldsborough (Dale) of Hollywood, MD; Bruce Alan Wilhelm
Patricia graduated from St. Mary’s Acad- tion Bible School. She loved spending her her grandchildren: Michael Lee Hurry, Jeff
emy, Leonardtown, MD in 1950. She later Bruce Alan Wil-
time with family and friends, reading and Anthony Albright, Benjamin Charlton, Co-
married her beloved husband, Walter Z. helm, Colonel, US
learning all she could about the Bible, mak- rey Nicholas Higgs Carter, Olivia Katherine
Graves, on November 25, 1950. As lifelong Army (Ret.), 64 of
ing delicious treats, crafting, crocheting, and Goldsborough, and Chase Manning Golds-
residents of Mechanicsville, MD, they wel- Swan Point, MD and
sharing her hand made gifts. borough; her great grandchildren: Isaiah
comed four children and shared a celebrated Great Mills, MD,
Mom lived her life with grace, love and Miller, Jalen Hurry, Deziray Hurry, Kacira
life together for nearly 50 years until his passed away on De-
kindness. She always started each day with Hurry, and Halo Hurry; and many extended
passing in 2000. cember 11, 2019 at
the Lord in her heart and a cup of coffee family and friends. In addition to her parents
Patricia worked as a teacher’s assistant for home in Swan Point
and ended each day still with the Lord, but and husband, she is also preceded in death
St. Mary’s County Public Schools and retired surrounded by his
replaced her coffee with a handful of Chee- by her daughter, Mary Carol Hurry, and her
in 1993 after 26 years of service. She was a family after a 6 month battle against cancer.
tos. She was a beautiful woman, an amazing siblings: Abe Shires, Maria Johnson, Ervin
devout Catholic and devoted parishioner of Bruce will forever be in our hearts; loved and
Mother and Grandmother who taught us all Shires, Paul Shires, and Pat Shires.
Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in cherished and respected for the grace, brav-
what it meant to love and love unconditional- Family will receive friends on Thursday,
Mechanicsville, MD for over 60 years. ery and integrity he showed through this de-
ly. We take comfort and know that the gates December 19, 2019 from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m.
Patricia is survived by her children: Mari- bilitating ordeal.
to heaven flung open wide when she arrived. at Brinsfield Funeral Home, P.A., 22955 Hol-
lyn A. Montgomery, Lawrence A. Graves Bruce was born on July 17, 1955 in Bal-
We are blessed unmeasurably to have been lywood Road, Leonardtown, MD 20650.
(Marlene), Donna J. Wood (Ronnie), and timore, MD to Anna Stoffa Wilhelm (de-
able to call you Mom, Grandma, Friend and A Funeral Service will be held at 1:00 p.m.
Kenneth W. Graves (Rodie). She is also ceased) and William James Wilhelm, of
Sunshine. We LOVE YOU MORE!!! with Pastor Chris Owens presiding. Inter-
survived by five grandchildren (Jessica, Jen- Dundalk, MD. Bruce graduated from
Jane is survived by her children, Susan ment will follow at First Saints Commu-
nifer, Josh, David and Zack) and six great- Dundalk High School in 1973 and the U.S.
Stymiest and William “Billy” Saunders and nity Church Cemetery, 25550 Point Lookout
grandchildren (Joslyn, Cameron, Jordyn, Military Academy in West Point, NY in
son-in-law Glenn Stymiest and daughter-in- Road, Leonardtown, MD 20650.
Caleb, Alanna and Jacob). In addition to 1978 with a degree in aeronautical engineer-
law Jennifer Saunders; her siblings, Thomas Servings as pallbearers will be Michael
her parents and husband, she was preceded ing and his initial helicopter qualifications.
Carter, Mary Ellen Goss, Jack Carter, Hilda Hurry, Benjamin Albright, Corey Higgs
in death by her brother, Harry A. Shorter, Nostrandt, and Jimmy Carter. Also surviv-
Jr., and infant granddaughter, Stephanie L. ing are her four grandchildren, Christopher

Wood. Stymiest, William Saunders, Jr, Victoria
The family will receive friends for Visita- Stymiest and Nicholas Saunders. She was
tion on Thursday, December 19, 2019 from

our loved
preceded in death by her husband Dewey,
10:00am to 11:00am at Immaculate Con- her parents, Charlie and Lillian Carter and
ception Catholic Church in Mechanicsville, her siblings, Aubrey Carter, Sarah Calvert,
MD. A Mass of Christian Burial will follow
at 11:00am with Reverend Michael Tietjen
officiating. Interment will follow at Trin-
Charles Carter, Mildred Wilson.
Visitors will also be received on Decem- ones this
ber 19, 2019 from 11:30am to 12:00pm at
ity Memorial Gardens, 3221 Mattawoman Hughesville Baptist Church with a Funeral
Beantown Rd., Waldorf, MD 20601. Serv- Service following at 12:00pm Senior Pastor
ing as pallbearers will be Rayner Blair, Josh Derek Yelton and Pastor Kevin Cullins offi-
Graves, Zack Graves, Laurence Moeller,
Glen Rollins and David Wood.
ciating. Interment will follow at Maryland
Veterans Cemetery, 11301 Crain Highway, Caring for the Past
In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions
may be made to: Hospice of Charles Coun-
Cheltenham, MD 20623 where Jane will be
laid to rest next to her beloved husband.Con-
Planning for the Future
ty, 2505 Davis Rd., Waldorf, MD 20603 or dolences to the family may be made at www.
Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Traditional Funerals, Cremation
28297 Old Village Road, Mechanicsville, Services, Memorial Services, Direct
Arrangements by the Brinsfield Funeral
MD 20659. Burials, Pre-Need Services and
Home & Crematory, P.A., Charlotte Hall,
Condolences to the family may be made at Commitment Through After Care.
MD. The Brinsfield Funeral Homes is owned
Arrangements by the Brinsfield Funeral and operated by the Brinsfield family And
like any good friend, we understand the
Home & Crematory, P.A., Charlotte Hall, Mary Kathryn Carter importance of providing a comforting hand
Mary Kathryn in a time of grief. We recognize that every
Carter, 86, of Hol- individual and family we serve has lived a life
that is uniquely their own. We take the time
Clara Jane Carter Saunders lywood, MD, passed
to learn about their lives and help them plan
away Friday, De-
Clara Jane Carter cember 13, 2019 a funeral or memorial service that reflects the
Saunders, 80, of lifestyle and final wishes of their loved one.
at Charlotte Hall
Mechanicsville, MD Veteran’s Home in FAMILY-OWNED & OPERATED
passed away at Med- Charlotte Hall, MD,
Star Franklin Square with her family at
Medical Center, Bal-
her side.
timore, MD on De- She was born on December 11, 1933 in Al-
cember 8, 2019 sur- derson, West Virginia to the late Cecil Edgar
rounded by family. Brinsfield Funeral Home, P.A.
Shires and Okey Ora Meadows. 30195 Three Notch Road
Born on August 19, 1939 in Alton, VA, she Mary is a graduate of Hinton High School
was the daughter of the late Charlie Carter Charlotte Hall, Maryland 20650
in West Virginia. She was married to her be- (301) 472-4400
and the late Lillian Edwards Carter. loved husband, Kenneth C. Carter for almost
Jane was married to Dewey Lawrence Brinsfield Funeral Home, P.A.
58 wonderful years until his passing in 2010.
“Sonny” Saunders on June 13,1959 and 22955 Hollywood Road
She was devoted to her husband, who loved Leonardtown, Maryland 20650
shared 47 years of marriage until Sonny’s her dearly and enjoyed spoiling his princess. (301) 475-5588
passing in 2006. She was a loving mother of 4 whom she en-
26 Obituaries The County Times Thursday, December 19, 2019

He was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in Corrin Griffith) of Rising Sun, MD. , by II of California, MD; and one grandchild ful years together, building a life and a fam-
the United States Army. After completing his wife, Diana L. Havenner of Swan Point, Hannah Elizabeth Walker. She is preceded in ily, until his passing on April 25, 2015. Anna
Airborne School, the Officer’s Basic Course MD., father, William J. Wilhelm & broth- death by her husband, Richard Larry Gaston, loved volunteering at St. Andrews Episcopal
and serving in the Transportation Corps sup- ers, William “Billy” Wilhelm, and Phillip and granddaughter Jessica Renee Walker. Church and dedicated many years to the
porting Special Operations, Bruce obtained J. Wilhelm (Bonnie) all of Machipongo, All services will be private. well-being of that church. She was an active
his attack helicopter transition and went to VA., father-in-law, John “Jack” Havenner Condolences to the family may be made at member of her church community where she
Maintenance Test Pilot School and the Ad- of Swan Point, MD, his prior spouse and ran the Thrift Shop for 35 years and was a
vanced Officers Course. During this period mother to Anna and William, Emily Harman Arrangements by the Brinsfield Funeral member of the Women’s Club of St. Mary’s
he tested over 11 different types of aircraft of Staunton, VA, his step-daughter, Brittani Home, P.A. County. In her free time, Anna liked to gar-
and transitioned to Apache helicopters. Croft (Dustin) and their children, Weston den and absolutely loved spending time with
Bruce left active duty in 1986 with an and Hayden, and step-son John-Brooks “JB” her family and her cats.
Honorable Discharge as a Captain and re- Bowling, both of SC, nephews Alex Wilhelm Rosemary Eileen Gray Anna is survived by her children: Steven
located to Annapolis, MD where he worked (Emily), John Wilhelm (Christina), nieces Wayne Richardson (Janet) of Hollywood,
Rosemary Eileen
for AIRINC. In 1996, Bruce accepted a posi- Ola Wilhelm, Yana Wilhelm, and Victoria MD, David Brian Richardson of Leonar-
Gray, 84 of Cali-
tion as a civilian with the Naval Air Systems Wilhelm, as well as a large close-knit family dtown, MD and Ellen Leigh Whitehouse
fornia, MD passed
Command (NAVAIR) and moved with his of uncles, aunts and cousins, many of whom (Rick) of Great Falls, along with many ex-
away on December
family to California, MD. Bruce’s last posi- are members of the Surotchak and Stoffa tended family and friends.
10, 2019 at Hospice
tion was Director, Industrial Business Op- families in Pennsylvania. In addition to her parents and husband, she
House of St. Mary’s
erations for NAVAIR which he held until the A Celebration of Life will be held at the is preceded in death by her son LeRoy Roger
with her family at
time of his death. In that role, he lead the ef- Brinsfield Funeral Home, 30195 Three Notch Richardson III and her two brothers, Richard
her side.
forts of a multifunctional team of NAVAIR, Road, Charlotte Hall, Md. 20622 on 20 De- Herriman and Melvin Herriman.
She was born on
Navy, and Joint Force employees to formu- cember 2019, with a Memorial Gathering Family will receive friends for a Life Cel-
July 19, 1935 in Rocky Grove, PA to the late
late plans and policy to implement overarch- from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Prayers with ebration Visitation on Friday, December 20,
Calvin A. Mouck and Mary Ewing Mouck.
ing strategies affecting industrial operations, Eulogies at 4:30 p.m. Interment will be at a 2019 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Brinsfield
In August 1958 Rosemary married her be-
capability assessments, industrial source of later date at Arlington National Cemetery Funeral Home, 22955 Hollywood Rd. Leon-
loved husband, Clair E. Gray in Meadville,
repair decisions and depot-level posturing with full military honors. ardtown, MD 20650. A Funeral Service will
PA. Together they celebrated over 57 won-
decisions. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations take place on Saturday, December 21, 2019 at
derful years of marriage before his passing
Bruce continued his military service in may be made in Bruce’s memory to the Folds 11:00 a.m. at St. Andrews Episcopal Church,
in September 2015. She was employed as
the reserve components, 15 years in the of Honor Foundation, Department 13, Tulsa, 44078 St. Andrews Church Rd. California,
the owner of Alternative Business Solutions
Maryland National Guard and 6 years in OK 74182 or online at www.foldsofhonor.or MD 20619. Interment will immediately fol-
until her retirement in 2001, when she sold
a US Army Reserve Unit in Richmond Va. g. low in the church cemetery.
the business. She was a delicious cook and
for a total of 30 years, retiring as a Colonel All arrangements being made at Brinsfield Memorial contributions may be made to
enjoyed hosting family dinners. She support-
in 2008. During his tours in the reserves, he Funeral Home & Crematory, P.A., Charlotte St. Andrews Church, 44078 St. Andrews
ed her husband at steam engine and tractor
traveled to Somalia and Afghanistan in sup- Hall, MD. Church Rd. California, MD 20619.
shows, where he displayed and sold his wood
port of military operations. Bruce received Condolences to the family may be made at
crafts and honey, as he was a bee keeper. Her
33 military awards during the course of his
career, including the Defense Superior Ser-
Patricia Ann “Annie” Gaston hobbies included painting, both acrylic and
Arrangements by the Brinsfield Funeral
watercolor, wood burning art, reading mys-
vice Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal Patricia Ann “Annie” Gaston, 75 of Cali- Home, P.A.
teries, and sewing. She was the past president
with three oak leaf clusters, the Joint Com- fornia, MD passed away on December 11,
of the American Legion Ladies Auxiliary in
mand Service Medal, and the Army Com- 2019 at MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital.
Saegertown, PA.
mendation Medal with two oak leaf clusters. Annie was born on March 16, 1944 in
Rosemary is survived by her children: Richard Samuel Quigg, Jr.
He was recognized for his significant and Florida. She was a hard working woman who
Michael Gray (Nancy) of Saunderstown, RI, Richard Samuel
long-term contributions in the promotion of could be found working around the family
Amanda Trick (Lawrence) of Hollywood, Quigg, Jr. “Rick”,
Army Aviation by being presented the Sil- farm and later on as a painter for the gov-
MD, and John Gray (Monica) of Sicklerville, 53, of Leonardtown,
ver Order of St. Michael Award by the Army ernment for 20 years. She married her lov-
NJ; seven grandchildren: Colin Gray, Kevin MD passed away on
Aviation Association of America. ing husband Richard Larry “Rich” Gaston in
Gray, Keenan Gray, David Trick, Melissa December 15, 2019.
Bruce loved music, riding his motorcycle March of 1967 in Millington, TN. They were
Trick, Elizabeth Gray, and Jessica Gray; and Richard was born on
in years past, spending time with Diana after married 48 years before his passing in No-
many extended family and friends. In addi- March 29, 1966, and
they met in 2013, fishing with his family, and vember of 2015. Annie and Rich cherished
tion to her parents and husband, she is also was the loving son of
had been an avid member of the Maryland spending time with their family and friends.
preceded in death by her brothers: Robert, Vivian & Rudolph
Saltwater Sportfishing Association. Annie was an excellent cook and loved host-
George and Paul Mouck. Worch and the late Richard Samuel Quigg,
Bruce is survived by his loving daugh- ing gatherings and entertaining where she
A Graveside Service will be held at a later Sr. He was the loving fiancé of Renee Rein-
ter, Anna V. Wilhelm who so cherished his could share her many delicious dishes. She
date at Florida National Cemetery in Bush- ing. Richard survived by his children Lau-
love, and was with him every step of the way will be greatly missed by everyone who
nell, FL. ren Oliver (Nick) of Alexandria, VA, Brady
through this incredibly hard chapter, so un- knew her.
Memorial contributions may be made to Quigg of Baltimore, MD, and Colin Quigg
selfish in her love in providing him compas- She is survived by her children, Cheryl
Hospice of St. Mary’s, P.O. Box 625, Leonar- of Towson, MD, 1 grandchild: Camden Oli-
sion and dignity in his final months, and by Ann Walker, Son-in-law Scott Walker of
dtown, MD 20650. ver. As well as his brother, Jay Worch (Jayne)
his loving son, William H. William (partner Bushwood, MD and Richard Larry Gaston
Condolences may be made at www.brins- and their children Carley and Tommy of Drayden, MD.
Arrangements by the Brinsfield Funeral Richard was a lifelong resident of St.
Home, Leonardtown, MD. Mary’s County, MD and graduated from
Leonardtown High School in 1984. He at-
tended University of Maryland and received
Anna May Herriman his Bachelor Degree in Business in 1988.
Richardson Richard was the VP of Sales Eastern Divi-
sion for Kurin.
Lynda J. Striegel Anna May Her-
riman Richardson, The family will receive friends on Thurs-
day, December 19, 2019 from 5:00 PM to
8:00PM and prayers at 7:00PM in the Mat-
MD passed away on
WILLS • PROBATE ADMINISTRATION December 8, 2019 at ingley-Gardiner Funeral Home, P.A. Leonar-
POWERS OF ATTORNEY • LIVING WILLS dtown, MD. A Mass of Christian Burial will
Chesapeake Shores
be celebrated on Friday, December 20, 2019
at 10:00AM at St. Aloysius Catholic Church
Born in Washing-
Lyn speaks to many groups regarding Estate Planning & would in Leonardtown, MD with Father David
ton, D.C. on Febru-
be happy to speak to yours. Lyn also offers complimentary Beaubien officiating. Interment will follow at
ary 6, 1931, she was the daughter of to the
Charles Memorial Gardens in Leonardtown,
Estate Planning Classes the Third Wednesday of Each Month late Albert Herriman and Anna May Davis.
MD. Serving as pallbearers will be Kevin
at 11AM at 8906 Bay Avenue • North Beach, MD 20714. Anna was a lifelong resident of Southern
McCleaf, Tim McCleaf, Keith Bridgewater,
Maryland. It was here that she met and mar-
and Dave Squillante.
301-855-2246 • ried the love of her life, LeRoy Roger Rich-
Contributions can be made to Hospice of
ardson. Together they spent over 64 wonder-
Thursday, December 19, 2019 The County Times Obituaries 27

St. Mary’s, P.O. Box 625, Leonardtown, MD by her siblings Vivian Sweeney, Edgar Hard- P.O. Box 625, Leonardtown, MD 20650 and Yvonne Rosser
20650 or the National Brain Tumor Society at ing, Charlotte Sweterlitsch, and Mary Eliza- the Leonardtown Volunteer Rescue Squad, beth Johnson. P.O. Box 299, Leonardtown, MD 20650. Yvonne “Eve” Rosser, 85, of Burlington,
Joan graduated from Moon High School in Ontario, Canada passed away quietly in her
1954, she then received her Associates De- sleep Wednesday, September 11, 2019. She
Gertrude M. Hammett gree in Business in 1956. She moved from James F. Gatton, Jr. had just celebrated her 85th birthday on Sept.
Rivia, MD to St. Mary’s County in 2008. 5. She retired after a long and rewarding ca-
Gertrude M. James F. Gatton, reer at the Burlington Public Library. She
She was an accounting secretary at Bowie
Hammett, “Gerty”, Jr. (Jimmy) age 35 loved her flowers and cats and was an avid
High School for 32 years and then she retired
84 of Waldorf, MD of Mechanicsville, reader.
in 2005. She loved bowling, golf, gardening,
formerly from St. Maryland passed Eve is survived by her brother-in-law the
and painting. Her passion and purpose was
Mary’s County, MD away on December Rt. Rev. William McClean, Jr. of Charlotte
her family, which she placed above every-
passed away on De- 10, 2019. He was Hall, a niece, Mary Kathleen McClean and
thing else. She was strong in her faith and
cember 15, 2019 in born August 5th, a nephew Matthew George McClean of Me-
was a member of St. Francis Xavier Catholic
Berlin, MD. She 1984; the son of Deb- chanicsville and a great nephew Christopher
Church in Leonardtown, MD.
was born on January ra Gass and James Michael Andujar of Charlotte Hall, along
A Mass of Christian Burial will be cel-
24, 1935 in Oakley, MD and was the loving Gatton, Sr. He attended Leonardtown Tech with several cousins in England.
ebrated on Thursday, December 19, 2019
daughter of the late Carrie Frances Graves Center and received honors in the welding She was preceded in death by her father
at 10:00AM in St. Francis Xavier Catholic
Farrell and Charles B. Farrell. Gerty was the program and graduated in 2002 from Chop- and mother, Henry William Charles Rosser
Church, Leonardtown, MD with Father Rob
loving wife of the late Daniel Ignatius Ham- ticon High School. (1952) and Daisy Maude Sivier Rosser (2000)
Maro officiating. Interment will follow in St.
mett, who she married on February 27, 1954 Jimmy is survived by his loving mom, and her only sibling, Barbara Lorraine Mc-
Francis Xavier Catholic Cemetery, Leonar-
in Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Bush- Debra Gass of Mechanicsville, Maryland, Clean in December of 2013.
dtown, MD. Serving as pallbearers will be
wood, MD and whom he preceded her in his dad James Gatton, Sr, and brothers Dillon The family expresses its sincere thanks
John Polko II, Daryl Daye, Logan Polko,
death on October 27, 2013. Gerty is survived Gatton and Scott Cheseldine. He also leaves and appreciation to the parishioners of St.
Brandon Bassford, Bryan Bassford, Bill
by her son Robert D. Hammett of Ocean City, behind his many friends and large family Anne’s Catholic Church in Charlotte Hall for
Sweterlitsch, and Tom Koviak.
MD, Donald E. Hammett (Bonnie) of Shady he spent time with cooking out, camping, their prayers for her and for the many cards
In lieu of flowers contributions can be
Side, MD, Tammy M. Ashworth of Waldorf, fishing, crabbing, and many outdoor sports, and notes sent to her over the years as well as
made to the Hospice of St. Mary’s, P.O. Box
MD 5 grandchildren and 8 great grandchil- including his love of cornhole, the Washing- the much appreciated telephone calls.
625, Leonardtown, MD 20650.
dren. Siblings Marie Lamm, Charles Farrell, ton Nationals, the Redskins, and NASCAR. And also to Wendy Schick and William
Jr, and Melvin Farrell. . She was preceded in Jimmy had a contagious laughter and never and Mandy Niziol of Burlington, Ontario for
death by her brother Edward Farrell. met a stranger. His loss will be forever felt by
She graduated from Margaret Brent High Gladys Lavender Guy his family and all who loved him.
their love and care during Yvonne’s illness
over the past two years.
School in 1952. Gerty was a homemaker, Gladys Lavender In lieu of flowers, contributions can be
mom, and wife. She loved watching the Guy, 92 of Leonar- made to Mattingly Gardiner Funeral Home
Washington Nationals and Washington Capi- dtown, MD passed to assist with funeral expenses.
tals. Along with making crafts, going to the away on December
casino, and spending time with family. 11, 2019 in Calla-
The family will receive friends on Thurs- way, MD. Born June
day, December 19, 2019 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 17, 1927 in Washing-
PM with prayers recited at 7:00 PM in the ton, DC, she was the
Mattingley-Gardiner Funeral Home Leonar- daughter of the late
dtown, MD. A Mass of Christian Burial will Leona Potter Clarke and Charles Lavender.
be celebrated on Friday, December 20, 2019 She survived by her children: J. Glenn FAMILY-OWNED FUNERAL HOME SERVING
at 1:00 PM in Sacred Heart Catholic Church Guy (Patricia), Brenda G. Surfield (Ron), SOUTHERN MARYLAND FOR OVER 115 YEARS
Bushwood, MD with Father Samuel Plum- and Karen P. Guy all of Leonardtown,
mer officiating. Interment will follow in the MD, siblings: William Lavender or Leon-
church cemetery. Serving as pallbearers will ardtown, MD, 4 grandchildren and 6 !for Peace of Afina . . . 'Wnen It Matters Afost
be Eric Hammett, Aaron Felton, Arleen God- great-grandchildren.
frey, Daniel Hammett, Brittany Felton, and Gladys was preceded in death by her MERRY CHRISTMAS
Jeff Farrell. brother, Charles Lavender Jr. and sister,
Dorothy Lavender. and
Gladys moved with the family in 1933, HAPPY NEW YEAR
Joan Mercedis Polko to St. Mary’s County to live on St. Georges
Island. She attended the One Room School
After a long

_____ FUNERAL HOME, l?A .

House on the Island, then she attended Great
fight, Joan Merce-
Mills Middle and High School. After school,
dis Polko, beloved ..._
she moved she moved back to Washington
mother and grand-
for a job at the Navy Yard. A serious head in-
mother, lost her
jury from an assault on the street, forced her
battle with cancer on
to move back home for the long recovery. In
December 13, 2019,
1946, she married George Guy and became
at the age of 84 years
a wonderful homemaker and mother. After
young. She passed
the children were older, she enjoyed her job
away peacefully at home, surrounded by FAMILY-OWNED FUNERAL HOME SERVING
at the Town & Casual Dress Shop in Leonar-
her four children. Born April 29, 1935 in SOUTHERN MARYLAND FOR OVER 115 YEARS
dtown, particularly the Buying Trips to New
Clairton, PA, she was the loving daughter
York. She was a Red Cross Volunteer (Grey For Peace of Mind ... When It Matters Most
of the late Margaret Gilmore Harding and
Lady), and later years a volunteer at the hos-
Charles Harding. Joan was the loving wife of
pitals gift shop. Gladys really enjoyed time
John Joseph Polko whom she married June
spent with family and friends, over really New Crematory and New Chapel
27, 1959 in Aliquippa, PA, and who preceded
good food. She loved to try new recipes, her Affordable Options To Meet Your Family's Needs
her in death on October 8, 2014.
crab cakes and crab imperial were legend- Traditional Funeral Services• Cremation Services
Joan is survived by her children: Dr. Lisa
ary. Sharing anything she cooked was her Pre-Planning Without Cost or Obligation Prearranged
Polko (Dianne) of Leonardtown, MD, Cindy
pleasure. Gladys also enjoyed traveling, es- and Prefunded Guaranteed Burial Trust Family
Bassford (Bryan) of Leonardtown, MD,
pecially to the beach, and watching golf was Follow-up Care and Support Community Education
John Polko II (Shelley) of Huntingtown,
MD, Kathy Daye (Daryl) of Johnson City, a favorite past time. Her greatest joy was her Resources• CREMATORY
ANDFinancing Available OAC
family; especially her grandchildren and her
TN, 5 grandchildren: Jessica Moser, John SELECTED
great-grandchildren. Gladys will be greatly Independent
Logan Polko, Brandon Bassford, Kaitlin -FVN�!-1.IOMES

missed by her family and the many wonder- �b,l'lM&IIIUCM

Beasley-Polko, and Kylee Beasley-Polko, 1 41590 Fenwick Street • P.O. Box 270 • Leonardtown, MD 20650 � ·�
ful friends she made in her 92 years.
great-grandchild: Laniya Harris, along with
her sister: Eleanor Harding Sweterlitsch of In a lieu of flowers contributions can be
made to the Hospice House of St. Mary’s,
301-475-8500 www.111gfh.co1111it;�b��k
Coraopolis, PA,. She was preceded in death MAJOR SPONSOR of the BLESSING of the FLEET
28 Calendars The County Times Thursday, December 19, 2019

Community Calendar To submit your event listing to go in our Community Calendar, please email
with the listing details by 12 p.m. on the Monday prior to our Thursday publication.

Thursday, Dec.19, 2019 Martin.  Orchestration by Brant Adams.  Join us in the

Fellowship Hall of the The Family Life Center.   This

Queen of Hearts LVRSA Fundraiser is a FREE event.  For more information call 301-884-
Fitzies Marina and Pub Restaurant 4132 or Tuesday, Dec. 24, 2019
Joe Hazel Rd Blood Drive
Leonardtown VCMI St. Mary’s Church Service
MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital
4p.m. to 7p.m. Chancellors Run Activity Center
25500 Point Lookout Road
Please join us to take a chance to pick a card and find 21905 Chancellors Run Rd
the Queen of Hearts to win the jackpot. Each Thursday Great Mills
9:30a.m. to 2:30p.m.
there is the opportunity to take a chance to win until 10a.m. to noon
Did you know someone in the U.S. needs blood
the Queen is found, with the jackpot rolling over each Nondenomination Church Service. We welcome
every two seconds? Give a meaningful gift this holi-
week. Thank you for your support to the LVRSA. you! We Are a Church That Loves God and Loves
day by donating blood. Appointments are available,
People. Join us for Sunday service, with Pastors Ty-
though walk-ins are welcome. Register in the Outpa-
Help with Mike’s Food Fund rone & Cynthia Marshall. You wont leave out the same
tient Pavilion lobby. Visit to make
Zion Methodist Church, way you came in! See you soon! visit our website @
an appointment!
21291 Three Notch Road
Lexington Park Christmas Eve Services
5p.m. to 7p.m. Mix Mingle Jingle Vendor/Crafter Open House
Mt. Zion United Methodist Church
Volunteers are needed by Mike’s Food Fund to help Mechanicsville Moose Lodge
27108 Mt. Zion Church Rd.
package and deliver holiday turkey dinners (a frozen 27636 Mechanicsville Road
turkey, bag of potatoes and canned veggies) to local Mechanicsville
Early service for families with small children at 4:30
families in need. We have over 2500 families in need 11a.m. to 3p.m.
pm. Communion and Candlelight Services 7 pm and
this year, so any and all help is appreciated. We need Your one stop shop for last minute gifts. Over 40
10 pm - children are welcomed to attend these services
volunteers to deliver dinners to addresses all over the vendors/crafters to shop from. Awesome door prizes
also. For more information call 301-884-4132 or www.
county, and help to package up and load the dinners for donated by the vendors & crafters. Please come and en-
the drivers. joy, some good ol southern Maryland hospitality, enjoy
mimosas , wine snacks shopping and a lot of deals and

Friday, Dec. 20, 2019

steals, meet some fantastic ladies, and enjoy yourself.
Also check out our facebook page to see what our ven- Wednesday, Dec. 25, 2019
dors & crafters are giving away. Christmas Day
Elks TEXAS HOLDEM Tournament events/1740709049396828/
St Mary’s County Elks Lodge
45779 Fire Department Lane
Thursday, Dec. 26, 2019
Lexington Park
7p.m. to 12:30a.m.
Monday, Dec. 23, 2019 Winter Wildlife
Each player can re-enter one time before the end of Toastmasters Meeting—Talk of the Town Calvert Marine Museum
the first break for $60 (8000 chips). This is not a late Lexington Park Library 14200 Solomons Island Road
entry event you must be signed in before the start of 21677 Franklin Delano Roosevelt Blvd Solomons
the tournament. Top ten percent places paid. Food and Lexington Park 11a.m. to 3p.m.
Beverage are available for purchase. Questions: James 11:30a.m. to 12:30p.m. Discover the animals that make the wintry waters of
Dean 240-577-0828. Email: Talk of the Town Toastmasters is a Toastmasters In- the Chesapeake their home. Create pine cone bird feed-
ternational club open to anyone to join. If you want ers at 11 a.m., 12 p.m., and 2 p.m. Find fun facts in our
to improve your communication and leadership skills, aquarium and walk through a jellyfish maze. FREE
Saturday, Dec.21, 2019 pay us a visit and bring a friend! Toastmasters Interna- with museum admission.
tional website: Our club web-
Fly-In Farmer’s Market
St. Mary’s Regional Airport
44200 Airport Rd.
9a.m. to 1p.m.
Historic Sotterley is sponsoring its second annual
Fly-In Farmers’ Market at the St. Mary’s Regional
Airport. And for the second year, Santa will be mak-
ing a visit from the North Pole and should arrive in his
Helicopter around 11:00 am! Anyone with their own
aircraft is welcome to “Fly-In” for this farmers’ market
via the airways. Check out Historic Sotterley’s Face-
book Page for updates and more details.

Santa and Mrs. Clause on the Square

Leonardtown Square
22670 Washington Street
11a.m. to 1p.m.
Santa and his lovely wife are coming back to Leon-
ardtown! This event is FREE and open to the public.

Sunday, Dec. 22, 2019

The Promise of a King
County Times St. Mary’s County ● Calvert County

Mt. Zion United Methodist Church

27108 Mt. Zion Church Rd.
9:45 am to 10:45 am
A Christmas Proclamation of Hope.  Music by Lloyd
Larson and Joseph M. Martin.  Narration by Pamela
Thursday, December 19, 2019 The County Times Calendars 29

St. Mary’s Department of Aging & Human Services Garvey Loffler Senior Activity Center 301-475-4200, ext. 71658
Senior Activity Center, 301-475-4200, ext. 71050

Programs and Activities Northern Senior Activity Center, 301-475-4002, ext. 73101
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Brought to you by the Commissioners of St. Mary’s County: James R. Guy, President; Michael L. Hewitt; Eric Colvin; Todd B. Morgan; John E. O’Connor; and the Department of Aging & Human Services

Jan. 7-March 24, from 10-11 a.m. This program was de-
Holiday Closings veloped by Dr. Paul Lam with the Tai Chi for Health In-
Assess Your Mental Health at Loffler
The Department of Aging & Human Services will be There is a new Health Watch Coordinator at the Loff-
stitute as a safe and effective exercise program for those
closed on Wednesday, Dec. 25 and Thursday, Dec. 26, in ler Senior Activity Center: Meet Mary Tennyson on
with Arthritis to improve balance, build strength, and
observance of Christmas and on Wednesday, Jan. 1 and Thursday, Jan. 9, at 10 a.m. when she will be on hand
promote total-body wellness. Dr. Lam developed his
Thursday, Jan. 2, in observance of the New Year. Con- to discuss ways you can assess your mental well-being.
original TCA routine and later added the TCA Part 2
gregate and Home-Delivered Meals will not be served. To sign up call 301-475-4200, ext. 71658, or stop by the
movements. In this class series, participants will learn
Please call 301-475-4200, ext. 71050, or visit reception desk. Free.
both the original and Part 2 movements in a complete for more information.
12-week cycle. The first 7 weeks will focus on the core
and extended movements taught in the original pro- Luncheon with Phil McKenney
R&B Line Dancing gram. The final 5 weeks will focus on the Part 2 move- Back by popular demand! Phil McKenney will be at
Marie Bond and Catherine Bush will lead R&B Line ments. Space is limited. Advanced sign up is required, the Garvey Senior Activity Center on Wednesday, Jan.
Dancing at the Northern Senior Activity Center on no drop-in space is available. To sign up for this 12-week 15, at 12 p.m. for another great interactive music pro-
Fridays, Jan. 3-Feb. 7, from 1-2 p.m. These ladies will series in advance, please visit the signup table or call gram. By the late 1950’s the Wild Men who had cre-
guide you step-by-step as you learn so of today’s trendi- 301-475-4200, ext. 73103. ated Rock-n-Roll just a few years earlier had been pretty
est line dances; including dances such as the Git Up much wiped out either by their own excesses, by the
Dance, Cupid Shuffle and the Wobble. Payment of $12 powers that be who hated them or by fate. A new group
for 6 classes/$2 per class is made directly to instructors
Educational Video Series of clean-cut pop singers took over. They wore suits,
In January, the EVS (Educational Video Series) at the
the day of class. To sign up for this 6-session class in skinny neckties, were non-threatening and controlled
Loffler Senior Activity Center will present a Hallmark
advance, please visit the signup table or call 301-475- the record charts for the next several years. They were
Hall of Fame movie that is based on a true story: Front of
4200, ext. 73103. the Teen Idols, the second wave of rockers and this is
the Class tells the story of Brad, who, as a young child,
their story! The menu for the day will be baked ham,
started making funny noises - all the time. Only he and
Diabetes Self-Management Program his supportive mother realized that he could not control
green beans, tossed salad, WW dinner roll and a fruit
Living with diabetes is a full-time job. The Diabetes cup. Cost for lunch is by donation for those ages 60 and
it. He was teased, misunderstood, and punished for dis-
Self-Management classes gives attendees tools need to above and $6 for those under the age of 60. To make
rupting class. By the time he was diagnosed with To-
take control of their disease. Topics covered include nu- reservations, call 301-475-4200, ext. 71050.
urette Syndrome, Brad had learned to hate school. When
trition, stress management, medication management and an understanding school principal offered encourage-
many more! This class will be held at the Garvey Senior ment, he decided to become a teacher. Now he has to Learn the quick and easy way to fill out the
Activity Center on Mondays at 1:30 p.m., Jan. 6-Feb. 24. find a school where someone with Tourettes can teach census form!
Space in the class is limited. Register by calling 301- in front of a class. After 24 schools turn him down, he Another decade begins- which means it’s time for the
475-4200, ext. 71050. There is no fee to attend; however, discovers one that will finally give him a chance. This census! There will be a presentation at the Loffler Se-
attendance at all six sessions is highly recommended. movie will be shown on Wednesday, Jan. 8, at 10 a.m. nior Activity Center on how to fill out the newest census
(Free- 97 minutes) Register to see this movie by calling forms on Thursday, Jan. 16, at 9 a.m. Call 301-475-4200,
Tai Chi for Arthritis – Complete Series 301-475-4200, ext. 71658, or stop by the reception desk ext. 71658, or stop by the reception desk for more infor-
The Northern Senior Activity Center will start a new to sign up. (Seating is limited to 16.) mation or to sign up.
Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall prevention on Tuesdays

College Scholarships and Financial Aid an art adventure! We will explore the world of art
through various forms. Please expect and prepare for
Opportunities for Maryland Residents messy activities. Baby-toddler. Registration required
Leonardtown Library will host College Scholar- and opens on January 3.
ships and Financial Aid Opportunities for Maryland
Residents on Wednesday, January 15 from 6 – 7:30 Snow Much Fun!
p.m. Join Marsha Wilcox Assistant Director of the
Office of Student Financial Assistance St. Mary's The Charlotte Hall Library will hold Snow Much
Spend an Hour with a Job Coach College of Maryland as she explains the importance Fun! on Saturday, January 18 from 2- 3 p.m. Enjoy the
of filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid magic of winter with snow themed crafts and activi-
Leonardtown Library will host Spend an Hour with ties! Recommended for children ages lower through
a Job Coach on Monday, January 13 from 9:30 a.m. - 3 (FAFSA). The discussion will focus on the aid oppor-
tunities the FAFSA gives college students and the im- upper elementary. Registration is required and opens
p.m. Southern Maryland JobSource job coaches will on January 4.
be available to meet with job seekers on-on-one for an portance of meeting the state of Maryland deadlines.
hour long appointment. If you would like assistance The various Maryland scholarships available to MD
with writing your resume conducting a job search residents will be discussed in detail as well. Library Holiday Hours
polishing your interview skills or career change ad- All three locations of the St. Mary’s County Li-
vice call the Leonardtown library at 301-475-2846 Cricut for Beginners brary will close early at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, December
to schedule an appointment. Appointments will be 31 and will remain closed on Wednesday, January 1
The Charlotte Hall Library will hold Cricut for Be-
available on the hour from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in observance of New Year’s Day. All three Library
ginners on Thursday, January 16 from 6 – 7:30 p.m.
Learn how to use the new St. Mary's County Library locations will be open for regular business hours on
New Storytime Schedule at St. Mary’s Cricut machine. This home die-cutting machine can Thursday, January 2.
County Library! be used for cutting paper felt vinyl fabric craft foam
and other products such as fondant. Presenter will Glow in the Park for Teens and Tweens
Storytime is back at the St. Mary’s County Library
demonstrate how a design is created on the computer The Lexington Park Library will hold two sessions
starting on Monday, January 13. Check www.stmalib.
and sent to the Cricut machine for cutting. Attendees of “Glow in the Park” on Thursday, January 9. The
org for the full schedule, including new storytimes
will create a small project to take home with them. first session will be from 5-6 p.m. for teens 13-18, and
such as evening Pajama Storytimes, Saturday Senso-
Registration required. the second hour 6-7 p.m. for tweens 8-12.
ry-friendly storytimes, and many new days and times
to choose from. Starting with the January storytime It’s dark outside so get your glow on! Come in to
session, day-time weekly storytimes will be seating- Mini Monet make GLOW IN THE DARK SLIME and play glow
limited based on a first come, first served basis. The Lexington Park Library will hold Mini Monet in the dark games. All materials provided no experi-
on Friday, January 17 from 10 – 11 a.m. Join us on ence needed and no registration required.
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