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Polar Lighting Pole

Polar Lighting Pole is a contemporary design that is both

timeless and unique in its impression. Compact without
visible mounting equipment and optimised integration, Polar
is in perfect continuity with the geometric lines of the square
column. These assemblies are ideal
for surroundings of contemporary
architectural constructions.
Features :
• This architecturally designed pole is structurally sound.
• Pole section welded to base plate by certified welders
using high end MIG welding processes.
• Built-in control box with service door including lock and
safety chain.
• The control gear tray is prewired with MCB, terminal
connectors for loop-in / loop-out arrangement.
• Integrated with 60W LED module and driver, suitable for
operation on 240V, 50Hz single phase ac supply.
• Base cover at extra cost.

ID Arm H
KP - 4761 Single 3000

Finish : Coated with epoxy zinc phosphate primer and

finished using environmentally stable polyurethane based
Applications : Illuminating beach resorts, parks, hotels,
Pathway, residential roads & shopping centres.
Installation : Surface mounted with base plate and fitted
on a pre formed foundation.

Mounting Details
Electrical junction M16 Nut
box 330 x 75
300 Base Plate Plain
□200 x12 thk washer

4 Elongated holes 38 x 19 to suit

M16 bolts at CC 140
Cable entry
hole Ø70
Note : All dimensions are in mm