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What is it that you would live for?

The question posed is a very broad one, therefore the answer would also require some broad
explanation. Many of my decisions taken in life are based on my values, I am someone who rarely strays
away from my values. One such value in my life is integrity which I never go back on. There were some
really testing situations that pushed my resolve to the limits, but backed down I never did. Hence the
most satisfaction I derive from in this world is not money, property, status and other such similar things,
instead I derive most satisfaction from my own personal improvement. I do not compare my
achievements with that of others, rather I compare them with my own achievements of the previous
day. I personally feel this is the ideal way that one should develop their thinking, but I could be wrong as
I have myself not achieved a level of wisdom where I can judge others and their methods. I believe that
one should strive to become better and better, better referring to anything and everything when
compared to the previous self. It could be even something as simple as brushing your teeth twice a day,
though this sounds ridiculous, with the busy schedule that one goes through this could indeed be
something very difficult to execute. The work schedule makes one so exhausted that their mind and
brain wants nothing to do but get to sleep immediately once their day’s work is done. In fact, I had
required a lot of mental discipline to even force myself to brush before bed, and though this sounds
ridiculous at face value, this simple task was my stepping stone to executing other such crucial tasks
which the mind does not want to do. This method also makes you critically think about your own
mistakes and shortcomings and work on improving them in order to be a better human being. Thus I live
to become better each day and never stop.

What is it that you would die for?

Dying for something literally refers to the act of giving up your life for something that you desire the
most. I am of the belief that one cannot measure the worth of life and hence I would die for nothing.
Jokes aside, I am aware that this question is not literal one instead a metaphorical one, in fact this
question refers to what one desires the most. There are a very few things that I desire in life. As stated
above, money, status et cetera do not appeal to me very much. In fact, the habits that I am involved in
are also not an addiction, I can and have many times proven to be not addicted to anything. This does
not necessarily mean that I am an ascetic, just that I am not materialistic in nature. I do enjoy some
materialistic pleasures, but I do not indulge in it, I never get lost in it. Thus I desire nothing to an extent
where I can place that desire above all others. However, there is one thing that brings happiness to me
more than anything else and that is the satisfaction that my parents feel when they see that their
children have achieved something in life. Earlier on in my life I assumed that this happiness that my
parents felt was due to the fact that my achievements enabled them to boast about it to their relatives.
Later on I realized I have been never so wrong. The satisfaction does not come from what I had
mentioned earlier, indeed it comes as a direct result of what people normally refer to as “parental love”.
A love that is surpassed only by that of the almighty. Therefore if there is indeed something that I would
“die” for it would be to achieve something in life so that I can know that I have made my parents proud
and am a part of the reason for their happiness.