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Feasibility Plan

Subject; Entrepreneurship
 Group Members;
Names Roll No
Wazaif Raza 17-002
M.Arslan Ahsan 17-016
Danish Kaleem Cheema 17-020
Syed Ali Turab 17-026

“University Of Sargodha”
Feasibility plan
 Executive Summary
Venture Defined

The business is service nature that provides information to those individual that seeking
for discount on product and services provided in their areas.


By the help of our website, we will provide information about discount that is available
on products or services within the time period or in future in a specific city.
Market Characteristics

Population of Sargodha district and customers are those individuals, Retailers, whole seller,
Brands, Shopping Malls, and Service Institutions and all manufacturing and service business that
are willing for their discount promotion that they offer.

Entrepreneurial Team
 Wazaif Raza; Founder of the business and give Idea.
 M.Arslan Ahsan; Handling all Marketing activities; Including (Pre-Start up activities;
Selling activities and Advertising activities.)
 Danish Kaleem Cheema; Handle unstructured problems, provide selected contacts and
other needed resources.
 Syed Ali Turab; Handle financial relation, Finance problem and prepare necessary

Financial Summary

 Seed Capital;

Web developer Fee Rs.10000

Database registration Rs.5000

Purchase of Domain Rs.5000

Total Amount Rs.20000

 Debt and Equity


Loan from bank Rs.16000

Total Rs.16000

Owner Equity:


Total Amount Rs.20000

 Expenses:

Marketing Expenses:

Salesman Commission Rs.5000

Advertisement Rs.10000

Total Rs.15000

 Revenue;(Expected)

Price per Client Rs.2000

Total clients 30

Total Revenues (2000*30) Rs.60000

 Business Description
Venture Defined;

There is tough competition in the market and every business provide discount and other
sale offer in their product or service. Some brands have more influence in the market
while other does not. If a good brand offer discount, there is too much sale but some of
customers not know about the discount and remain uninformed. So, the business that to
take discount information as their discount promotion and charge fee and provide
discount information to the product Users by help of a Web Site.

It is a Web Site. WWW.Discount.Pk As name indicate it show discount on product or services
that is available in the market, discount seeker will go to the Web Site on search type the name
of his city.

For example;

Search city is Sargodha. He/she click and select category on which he want to know
about discount.

For example;

 Shoes
 Clothes
 Hospitals
 Educational institutions
 Brands etc.

All information about the discount is shown on his/her screen.


Businesses will serve to Retailers, Whole sellers, Manufactures, Services, Institutions,

Shopping Mall and Different Brands located in Sargodha .

 Product or Service:
Distinctive Characteristics:

It is the first website whose main objective is to provide discounted rates of all known brands at
one place. It will give full information of discount and its applicable period of time.

How IT Works:

Discount information seeker will open website by writing URL as in search
box. Then, there will be an option to select city of customer. After selecting city he will be
directed towards selecting category of his interest, about which he wanted to search
information of discount. He will get information of currently available discounts for related

Method for Website Development

Web developer will develop the website and all related contents. Admin section or admin login
page will be provided to our team for posting latest updates.
Total Cost

Total cost for web development and launching will cost about R.S 20000

Competition in Market

Currently some of the websites providing their own discounted prices at which they sell
products. But this website will be only of its nature which will provide detailed discounted
prices set by known brands in a city.

How it will be introduced

Before launching, we will advertise website through distributing posters and by giving paid
promotions on social media and giving ads on some famous and related websites. It will be
advertised in local newspapers.

 Market Research and Analysis

Potential Customers and Market

Market having high competition among different products has more discounts on prices. We
will focus more on this type of market to attract more customers or retailers who wanted to
promote their discounted prices. Another potential customer will be new entrants in market,
who provides early discounts to enter in market.


There are currently no competitors in the market having discount rate information as their
primary function.

Pricing System

Prices charged for promotion for our customers will be set according to time period for which
they wanted to promote their rates. Higher prices will be charged from those who wants to
promote their rates on main page of website.

Customers Forecast

In first month of launching we will be looking to get around 30 customers and afterwards it will
be increased through marketing and promotion of website.
 Market Plan


R.s 2000 will be charged for 1 month of discount promotion. R.s 3000 and R.s 5000 will be
charged for 3 months and 6 months respectively. R.s 3000 per month will be charged from
those looking to promote their ads on top of website.


Ads in local newspapers, ads in local cable networks, pamphlets, posters, ads on social media
etc, will be used for promotion.

Services Consideration

In order to solve any problem in using website, people will be able to contact admins of website
on given e-mail address in helping section. In helping section solutions for common problems
during use of website will be given. Website will be user friendly and in case of any complain we
will solve it by making website content simple.

Marketing Leadership

Most of earnings will be used to re-invest in order to promote our website. We will increase
commission of salesperson and will also hire some qualified marketers for expanding website’s

 Operation’s Plan

There will be only one room office. Two laptops will be needed with internet facilities to
perform operations. Necessary furniture also will be needed.

Inventory Management

This is a service business so there will be no need for inventory management.

Human Resources Requirements

Person that has some knowledge about computer and website operating will be hired for
working on website.

 Legal and insurance issue

Business not give any extra benefit to employees such as health insurance and there is no
complex machinery and wealthy asset .There are only two laptop required that’s why we will
not take risk of insurance expense.

Income statement

Revenue 60000

Less- expenses

Commission 30000

Office rent 5000

Electricity and internet expenses 2000

Salary 13000

Total 50000

Profit= 10000

Balance sheet
ASSET Liabilites and equity

Fiixed asset liabilty

Two laptop 80000 Bank loan 20000

Webite 20000

Cureent asset Owner equity

Cash in hand 10000 capital 80000

110000 110000