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McHannagan and Willow were two military cientifics(also best friends) that worked in the government

of the USSR investigating the nuclear energy.

When the core of the chernobyl nuclear station exploded they had to go and investigate the causes.

They went inside the station and when they were in the core, a strange force attracted McHannagan to
the core and when he touched the nuclear waste he disappeared.

40 years later McHannagan appeared in a strange forest naked and confused.

He walked for a few hours until he found a gas station. He went for help but when he was going to get
in, he saw two guys with ski masks and guns aiming to the worker. He got in and instantly his eyes
turned completely white and the robbers fell to the floor. They died instantly and the worker of the gas
station was shocked.

McHannagan fell on his knees and looked his hands wondering what the hell did he do.

After that he started walking aimlessly until he had returned to the strange forest in which he had
appeared previously.

There, he found an abandoned cabin where he started living and training his powers.

He learned how to fly, move things telepathically, read minds and feel the presence of beings in a wide
range of distance. But it took him 4 years to control perfectly all his powers.

The SRU(Soviet Republics Union, the successor of the USSR) found and offered him to join the army and
continue the new “Hot War”(a continuation of the Cold War but with conflicts spread across the world).
He accepted the offer and he came back to Russia. He was sent to a lot of battles and won them because
of his powers. But in one of them, he saw a familiar face. He saw his old friend Willow, who was fighting
for the opposite side and… He had superpowers too! Willow was shocked because he thought
McHannagan was dead, the last time he saw him was 44 years ago.

Willow´s powers were super speed, super strength and slow aging. That's how he stayed alive 40 years
without growing up.
As they were in opposite armies they were forced to fight with each other. They started fighting for the
end of the Hot War in the battle of Vladivostok. The battle took place at the outskirts of the city. As they
were fighting, both heroes began to levitate because of the amount of power they contained between
them. They fought until they reached the place where it all started, Chernobyl. After a huge fight and a
lot of explosions, they realised that they were fighting for the benefits of two people who just wanted
more power.

So they went to talk to the leaders of the war sides to threaten them and make a peace treaty. They
threatened them to end both armies and take over the countries with their powers if they didn't make
the Peace Treaty.

Finally both countries made the Peace Treaty. Willow stayed in the USA while McHannagan stayed in
SRU to control that no government skipped the Pact.