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Grading Rubrics – Meublez et décorez votre appartement… Et échappez-vous !

Progress Chart
Poor Fair Good Mastery Excells
0 pts 1 pts 2 pts 3 pts 4 pts

Language Poor Low Passable Good Excellent

Control /
Incomprehensible response Inadequate or inaccurate More serious structural errors Good control of Excellent control of grammatical forms
Grammar due to grammatical inaccuracy use of basic structures / interfere with meaning grammatical forms, for course level/ Easy to understand the
Often difficult for (conjugation)/ Sometimes structural errors do not first time/ Structures are complex / use
instructor to understand difficult for instructor to affect meaning (adj. of present, past, and future
understand agreement, articles;
etc.)/ Meaning not
completely clear on first
listening attempt by

Content / Poor Low Passable Good Excellent

Vocabulary Clearly inadequate content / Response is only partially Somewhat inadequate content Adequate content / Thoughtful, interesting, original content
Meaning further obscured by complete / Structures are / Response is incomplete at Response is complete, / Response is complete and thorough /
lack of vocabulary OR Student very simple /Minimal, points OR Vocabulary is often but structures are not Surprising vocabulary for course level,
misunderstood question unvaried, or only very inappropriate/inaccurate very complex no or very few minor errors
completely, but did attempt to basic vocabulary used / /Appropriately used
answer Inaccurate vocabulary vocabulary

Pronunciation Poor Low Passable Good Excellent

/ Fluency Often incomprehensible Frequently interferes with Occasionally interferes with Correct pronunciation / Superior pronunciation, smooth
communication / Speech communication / Speech is Does not interfere with intonation, natural sounding, completely
is halting choppy communication / Some understandable by native speaker, no
hesitations errors/ Continuous speech