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Nimer Abdel-Hadi Al-Abra

Citizenship : Palestinian ▪ Date of birth : 22 Dec 1984

Marital status: Married.

Mobile : 0597151614
E-mail :

AL-Tera-Ramallah, Palestine


2010 - 2015 Residency Program

Resident, Internal Medicine Department, AL-Watani Hospital, Palestine, Nablus. 

2009 - 2010 Internship Doctor

Palestinian Governmental Hospitals, Palestine, West Bank.

2003 - 2009 Bachelor degree, Medicine, Medical Doctor (MD)

Misr University for Sciences and Technology (MUST), Egypt, Cairo. 

2002 - 2003 High Secondary School in Science Field

Al-Saedia Secondary School, Tawjihi High School, Palestine, Qalqilya.
Work Experience
Istishari Arab Hospital Full-time job
Medical Doctor January 2016 till now

✓ Worked in different departments in the hospital, including

internal medicine, ICU, and Cardiology department.

Medical Doctor Full-time job

✓ Worked as an internal medical doctor in Patient’s
Friends Society Clinic (AL-Rahma) , Nablus. 

Resident Doctor Internship

✓ Worked as a resident doctor in all of the 2010/2015

hospital’s departments at AL-Watani
Hospital, Palestine, Nablus.

Courses, Experiences, and Skills

✓ Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ALCS). American Arab University 2016

✓ Basic Life Support (BLS). American Arab University 2016

✓ Member of the International Federation of Medical Egypt 2009

Student’s Association "IFMSA", Egypt.

✓ Good Knowledge and experiences in many 2010-2018

medical field skills including the following:

- Naso/Oro gastric tube insertion.

- Folly’s Catheter Insertion.
- Lumber Puncture.
- Bone Marrow Biopsy.
- Intubation with Endotracheal Tube insertion.
- Central line insertion (femoral, Jugular and Subclavian).
- Mechanical Ventilators and Non-Invasive ventilations.
- CRRT machine.
- Interpretation of ECG.
- Pulmonary Function Tests.
- Abdominal paracentesis.
- Pleural paracentesis

• In addition to several congresses and workshops in internal medicine field.

Activities and Interests

✓ Microsoft office (word, excel, power point …), Internet use.

✓ Communication Skills.

✓ My hobbies are travel, sport, read scientific books and attending workshops.

✓ I have a driving license.


✓ Arabic (native).
✓ English (very good, reading, writing, conversation).


✓ Dr. AbdulRahim Odeh,

Consultant, Gastroenterologist, Head Of Gastroenterology department,
Istishari Arab Hospital.
Phone No. +972-597858544.

✓ Dr. Mohammad Zidan,

Consultant, Endocrinologist, Head department of Internal medicine.
Istishari Arab Hospital.
Phone No. +972-592977566

✓ Dr. Mohammad A Debas,

Internist, Internal medicine department
Istishari Arab Hospital
Phone No. +972-598799786