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Calisthenics Workout Plan for

Beginners - 6 Month Calisthenics


Challenge Yourself with This 6-Month Calisthenics Beginner Workout Plan

So, you’ve heard that adopting a calisthenics workout will do wonders for your
body. You are so pumped up and excited to make this your new go-to exercise
routine. The problem is, you really don’t know where to start.

With so many calisthenics workout routines available online, it can be quite

confusing on which one to try first. Many people who try out calisthenics routines
find them either too hard or too easy. This can discourage them from continuing
with the practice. Because calisthenics is such a flexible exercise that you can
practice almost anywhere and anytime, it takes a lot of self-discipline to make sure
that you’re constantly working out.

If you are the type of person who needs to follow a set plan while working towards
a goal, then this 6-month Calisthenics Beginner Workout Plan is for you. The
beauty of this routine is that it incorporates a variety of exercises to keep it
interesting, but at the same time, it gives you enough time to progress and become

The equipment you will need are:

 A pull up bar for the pull ups, chin ups and hanging leg raises
 A dips station for dips

These are very adaptable pieces of fitness hardware which you can use for many
bodyweight exercises. You can find these in gyms and public parks, but if you do
not have the luxury of working outside the house, installing these at home is also a
great option.
Calisthenics Workout Routine for Beginners

Before You Start

As with any workout routine, you need to learn the basics first. If you’re familiar
with bodyweight exercises before then this should be a piece of cake. However, if
you’re starting from scratch, that’s also okay. This is a no-pressure stage where
you prep yourself for the challenge you are about to undertake.
Starting with Month Zero

If you are a beginner, this phase is going to be Month 0 of the plan. Start by
practicing these exercises at least 3 times a week, with a day of rest in between.
The focus during this time is to learn how to correctly perform the exercises. Do
not pressure yourself with a high number of repetitions or sets. Remember that
quality is much more effective than quantity when it comes to bodyweight
exercises. The goal at the end of Month 0 is to be able to at least perform 3-5
repetitions correctly and continuously for each exercise.

Learning the Basics

At this stage, you need to familiarize yourselves with these basic exercises:
Push ups
Pull ups/Chin ups
Hanging Leg Raises

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Calisthenics Workout Plan

Month 1 – Full Body Workout

After learning or relearning the basic exercises in Month 0, you are now ready to
start the 6-month challenge. Month 1 is designed to give your entire body a
workout targeting your Back, Chest, Legs, Abs and Arms.

Full Body Workout

 5 Chin Ups
 30 sec Wall Sit
 10 Chair Dips
 8 Squats
 8 Push ups
 3-4 Pull Ups
 4 Leg raises
 8 Decline Push Ups

Sets: 3 sets

Rest: 1-minute rest between each exercise, 1-2 minute rest between sets

At this point, you should be able to do the exercises continuously with the number
of repetitions, sets and rest required. If you feel that you are not able to do so,
increase the rest period for another 15 -30 seconds.


 Monday: Full Body Workout

 Tuesday: Rest
 Wednesday: Full Body Workout
 Thursday: Rest
 Friday: Full Body Workout
 Saturday & Sunday: Rest

Month 2 – Upper Body Workout

This month is all about training your upper body to be stronger. At this stage, you
should be noticing that your entire body is much stronger than when you started
and it’s time to challenge yourself a bit more by focusing on your upper body.

Upper Body Workout

 10 Regular Push Ups

 5 Shoulder Width Chin Ups
 3 Dips on Straight Bar
 5-6 Regular Pull Ups
 5 Dips

Sets: 3 sets

Rest: 1-minute rest between each exercise, 1-2-minute rest between sets

During this month, you should alternate the Upper Body Workout with the Full
Body Workout. This is to ensure that you’re still giving attention to the rest of your


 Monday: Upper Body Workout

 Tuesday: Rest
 Wednesday: Full Body Workout
 Thursday: Rest
 Friday: Upper Body Workout
 Saturday & Sunday: Rest

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Month 3 – Level Up Month

In Month 3, you will not be introduced to new exercises. Instead, you will have to
combine the Full Body and Upper Body workout in one session. What this does is
challenge you to perform longer and test your endurance. This month will also
allow you to master the exercises and make your muscles stronger.


 Monday: Full Body Workout + Upper Body Workout

 Tuesday: Rest
 Wednesday: Full Body Workout + Upper Body Workout
 Thursday: Rest
 Friday: Full Body Workout + Upper Body Workout
 Saturday & Sunday : Rest

In doing the exercises, always start with the Full Body Workout first because your
energy levels may lessen as you progress. It is more important to get your entire
body workout completed first in case you run out of fire power. As you get
stronger you can do one day a week where you start with the Upper Body

Month 4 – Muscle Up Hunt

Many people who start with calisthenics share the same goal: to do a muscle up. A
muscle up is a pull up followed by a dip. It is a sought-after move by a lot of
calisthenics practitioners. However, this is not a beginner exercise that’s why you
need to start conditioning your muscles in order to complete this move.

During the last 3 months, the workouts were designed to get your muscles stronger
and during Month 4, the exercises are focused into getting you to that muscle up
move. If you find some of the exercises such as the typewriter pull up, try to do at
least one rep and compensate with 4 regular pull ups so you still do 5 reps.

Muscle Up Hunt

 5 Chest High Pull Ups

 5 Dips On Straight Bar
 5 Clapping Push Ups
 5 Head Banger Pull Ups
 5 Typewriter Pull Ups
 5 Jump Muscle Ups
 5 Clapping Pull Ups

Sets: 3 sets

Rest: minimum rest between each exercise, 2-minute rest between sets

While doing the Muscle Up Hunt Workout, you still have to practice the two
previous routines you’ve learned. This will ensure that all your muscles are being
worked out.

 Monday : Muscle Up Hunt + Full Body Workout

 Tuesday: Rest
 Wednesday: Upper Body Workout + Full Body Workout
 Thursday: Rest
 Friday: Muscle Up Hunt + Full Body Workout
 Saturday & Sunday: Rest

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Month 5 – Muscle Up Time

This month, you should be able to attempt a muscle up. Start by doing some
shoulder activation and transition exercises then attempt the muscle up move.

Muscle Up

60 seconds Shoulder Activation

60 seconds Transition
Sets: Perform for 3 Sets then progress to a Muscle Up attempt

If you feel that you are not yet strong enough, proceed to the Muscle Up Hunt or
Full Body Workout. On your next session, try again and evaluate yourself on what
you may be doing wrong. You can also read up on some techniques on how to clean
up your muscle up.


 Monday: Muscle Up + Muscle Up Hunt

 Tuesday: Rest
 Wednesday: Muscle Up + Full Body Workout
 Thursday: Rest
 Friday: Muscle Up + Muscle Up Hunt
 Saturday & Sunday: Rest

Month 6 – Beginner Challenge

If you have been consistent with the workout plan, Month 6 should be an exciting
stage for you. This will be the stage where you are able to test your newly
developed strength.

Beginner Challenge

Complete all these exercises in 3 minutes

 5 Muscle Ups
 10 Dips
 20 Pushups
 10 Jumping Jacks
 20 Leg Raises
 5 Muscle Ups

You only need to do this challenge twice per week but you would still need to
maintain your workouts during the rest of the week. If you feel that you cannot do
the challenge in 3 minutes, do not be disheartened and just keep on going until you
reach your goal.

 Monday: Muscle Up + Muscle Up Hunt

 Tuesday: Beginner Challenge
 Wednesday: Muscle Up + Full Body Workout
 Thursday: Rest
 Friday: Muscle Up + Muscle Up Hunt
 Saturday: Beginner Challenge
 Sunday: Rest

Arming Yourself with a Calisthenics Diet Plan

If you consistently flow this routine, it will definitely bring an impactful change to
your body but to get the best results, maintaining a calisthenics diet plan is also
equally important. There are many diet plans that promise to make you lose
weight, body fat and make your body look amazing in no time. These diets may
have different results depending on the individual following them.

The good news is that following a calisthenics diet is not complicated at all. All
you need to do is keep in mind four guidelines that can give you that calisthenics
body you want. Following these rules may look simple enough, but it can take
dedication to really stick to them.

1. Avoid Junk Food

2. Eat Produce – Fruits & Vegetables
3. Eat Protein - Lean Meats
4. Eat Grains and Dairy

Keep Leveling Up

Calisthenics is an amazing way to make you a much stronger individual and six
months is an adequate time to get you to your goal. The key is by being consistent
with your workout schedule, following a calisthenics diet plan and not giving up
when you hit a plateau.

The 6-month period is not a walk in the park. It is called a challenge because it will
definitely test your limits. It will not always be an uphill climb because you will
encounter periods where you feel that you’re weaker or not making any progress.
This is the best time to keep in mind what’s motivating you to become stronger and
better so you can keep leveling up.

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