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Organizational Behavior

Group Assignment

Arranged By :

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Faculty of Economics and Business

Case 1. Dificult Transition

1. Identify several concepts, characteristics from the field of organizational behavior

that this case ilustrates.

In this case it appears that Toni stark felt whether he had made the wrong decision to
join the reece company.Tony thought that at O'grady his old company he felt everything was
extraordinary. Even, on the first day of work he can be part of a team. Tony is growing
rapidly, his work is valued, recognized and has received Three (3) job promotions and salary
increases. The company allows its managers to have freedom in making policies. culture in
the organization that is easy and communication that is open without having to be covered
up. managers have cohesiveness and synergy in working together as a team. And also
strong support from the boss who gives freedom to work to his manager so that a job can be
completed easily.

Now if we look on to the firm that Tony Stark had to take up after the closure of
O’Grady was the Reece Enterprise. This firm had an entirely different way of operation.
There was reward based on how long they had been there and played the politics. This all
changed when Tony worked in reece of his new company. Toni has problems adjusting to
his coworkers and plus his coworkers are ignorant and some don't even like him. Top
managers only were concerned about the work being complete and not how it was done or
who did a good job. Even though Reece was a much more organized and structured
organization, it still failed to be practicing a decentralisation.

His new company is very different from his old company, it's clear whether it's
because the new company is bigger which makes decision making difficult. But despite all
this, Tony clearly has good competence, as seen from his promotion and salary as well as
how he adjusted and worked together to become a great team. and with experience and
recommendations make it easy to find new positions in new companies easily.

From the above case, several concepts and characteristics are described, among

1. Individual Differences

Differences are common, no one is exactly the same from one another. What's more
from the 2 companies that clearly have different cultures. As illustrated in the case above
employees and leaders who have different characteristics and characters between the
company Reece and O'Grady.
2. Decision Making

How to make decisions must take into account all matters so that decisions that have
been decided are not regrets, as described in the case above, Toni feels sorry to accept an
offer from Reece without finding out more about how the company.

3. The ability to adjust

Self-adjustment is a human effort to achieve harmony in themselves and their

environment. Every human being dealing with a particular situation or new they usually will
adapt or adapt. The goal is that they can be more flexible in acting and comfortable in doing
things so they are not disturbed by their environment. Likewise with what must be done by
Toni. How he has to adapt to the new environment in his new company with a culture that is
different from the nature and character of his co-workers who are indifferent to him, and how
his leaders treat their employees.

4. Competency development efforts

In the workplace, the presence of everyone is intended to contribute to quality

competence in improving performance. Contributing to the spirit of collaboration is a means,
not an end. The ultimate goal remains to produce the best performance in the development
of the company. Likewise with Toni who must continue to develop competence so that he is
not underestimated by his colleagues, with how his work can be appreciated and get
promotions and salary increases like he worked in his old company.

5. Work Motivation

Employee work motivation is a form of positive encouragement aimed at employees

so that they are encouraged and have more enthusiasm in carrying out their work. This is
very closely related to the performance of employees and the results of their work. If they
have a strong enough motivation to continue doing work in the company well, then the
results obtained will also be good. This is what Toni has to do so that he is comfortable and
wholeheartedly doing work in his new company for the achievement of both individual and
company goals.
Case 2. More than a paycheck

1. What need theories would explain why Lemuel Greene was unhappy despite his
high income?

Because, first, money does not determine everything, the high-low salary is not the
standard of happiness. Therefore, we need a term about happiness that does not merely
assess one's happiness from the components of subjective well-being which here it refers to
as subjective happiness. Subjective Happiness. Determining the true meaning of the word
happiness is a difficult thing to do. This happens because everyone has their own way of
interpreting happiness.

The concept of happiness is almost different in every culture. The reason is the
existence of differences in the values adopted by each society so that everyone is able to
interpret happiness in accordance with the values they hold. Some people judge their
happiness from the level of their welfare, while others judge their happiness based on the
social relationships they live. The point is that the concept of happiness itself is very
subjective, depending on the individual who perceives it. Likewise, happiness is a place
where all aspects of life are interpreted subjectively. As a subjective and global assessment
in assessing yourself as a person who is happy or not, this departs from the thought that
happiness is judged based on subjective criteria possessed by individuals. A person can feel
unhappiness in his life even though his life is surrounded by all comfort, love, and well-being.
Conversely a person can still feel happiness even though his life is full of obstacles, tragedy,
un well-being, and the absence of love. This proves that the sources of happiness are very
personal and vary from one individual to another. In theory why Lemuel Greene is unhappy
even though high income can be caused by work. A person's employment status is related
to happiness, individuals who work are generally happier than those who do not work, and
individuals who work in jobs that require skilled jobs are happier than workers in jobs that do
not require skills (unskilled jobs).

But why is Lemuel Greene unhappy? Even though he works and has a good and
good skilled job. That's because Lemuel Greene had an unpleasant time in his career which
he was rather upset. He had to say the same thing over and over in his seminar. At that time
the result was that he was still unhappy even though something big was given to him. This
was what he meant, "money does not determine everything, the highs and lows of your
salary are not the standard of happiness." All he wants is that he can be of use to something
else for those who cannot get any class or learning like floor workers who don't know to write
anything except their own nema. This is one of the happiness that Lemuel Greene can get.
2. Greene seems to have drifted into being a teacher. Given his needs and
motivations, do you think teaching is an appropriate profession for him?

In my opinion is very appropriate, why? Because, Greene has very good and good
skilled skills when National Home recruits him as a coach and at a time when senior
management officials begin to pay attention to him and rate him well in working with
executives and making senior management officials feel more confident to put him to a more
prestigious place. This is one example where he is very suitable to become a teacher
because he is equipped with skills in work and he has graduated from graduate school with
a master's degree in English and he is a trustworthy person, and he even wants to teach /
hold classes for several workers floor. Because, he knows many of them who have no future
inside or outside the company, even many who cannot write anything except their own
name. Here we know that Greene has a high social spirit of education / knowledge. He is
aware that his skills, good and good actions must be utilized given or poured into learning,
motivation, and teaching for those who have no future and the time they should be able to
get good opportunities in their lives because everyone must have the same opportunity to be
the best. This is also an example where Greene is the best teacher who has a social spirit of
high knowledge that is so high that he wants even floor workers to love teaching. He is
interested in that, he knows this is a need that must be met in his life, this is an obligation for

If everyone has the right to get a good thing and this is the real happiness that he
must get. And he was serious about this until he agreed to reduce his salary and start
offering English classes. Look at the end of the year, Greene gets bonuses from new
sources, productivity has increased since the course began, employee turnover has
declined, and for the first time in more than a year, several other employees began applying
for supervisory positions.

This is an example that what Lemuel Greene did was not in vain he worked hard and
willingly reduced his salary just to be able to hold classes for those who need the best things
for them one day. The effort did not betray the results made by Lemuel Greene rightly and
should be appreciated and rewarded for his teachings and steps to be able to benefit
everyone in the company, especially floor workers who do not know how to write and are
now employees in supervisory positions.
Case 3. Equity In Academia

1. What do you think Melinda Wilkerson will do? Is she satisfied with the way she is
being treated?

Based on the ending of the case above, in my opinion Mrs. Wilkerson will continue to
be an English professor. Because she felt that what she was doing now was sufficient for her
needs. And she also likes his job, which is reading journals and sharing knowledge with
students. But the problem is, she often gets or faces workloads that take up so much time
and energy that she doesn't have time to do fun things and keep a journal that will eventually
become a speaker about the journal she made.

But if she continues on like this, then she will be struggling to achieve a higher career
path. Because she does not have enough achievements and sufficient portfolio just like
Agua. And also if you have to continue to have to face a heavy burden and do not get a
salary that is commensurate, then her welfare decreases with increasing needs. Her
physical health also needs to be considered, because physical health is also included in a
valuable asset.

2. Explain the behaviors of Wilkerson and Agua using the motivation theories in this

a. Physiological needs

In this case, nothing is explained as Wilkerson and Agua also lacks physiological
aspects. So I will assume that their needs such as food, drink, shelter, sleep and oxygen
(clothing, food, shelter) needs are fulfilled.

b. Security Needs

In this aspect, Wilkerson supports many deficiencies. Wilkerson accepted the

concern whether he should ask for such a heavy burden forever. When can he think that he
can stop and go somewhere else where he might be more valued, but work is hard to find
and he suspects that the same thing might happen there. While Agua is good and good,
there is nothing at all.

c. Social Needs

In this aspect too, Wilkerson seems very lacking in social interaction. Wilkerson also
never joined other companies including Agua who often invited Wilkerson to join them to go
to Rathskeller with Alice Bordy who was the chairman of the company. Wilkerson always
spends time working and reading journals made by his students. He always does even on
holiday weekends. He did this because he had no other choice. Every time he didn't ask
about himself and his student students, Wilkerson could have joined Agua every time he
invited him to go to Rathskeller. But in the end, Wilkerson found a letter that had fallen from
his student journal. The letter was made by Wendy Martin and the letter was intended for
Wilkerson. The contents of this letter are "I just want to thank you for taking the time to talk
with me last week. I really need to talk to someone who is experienced about it, and all my
other professors are male, and I'm just can't talk to them. You helped me a lot. "At this point,
Wilkerson must be touched and loved by his student namely Wendy because Wilkerson
must care about who needs Wilkerson when he needs more that he can invite to try.

While Agua, promoting it people who are very easy to get along with especially
struggling colleagues. And of course he must meet many people when he is a speaker in
various places.

4. Esteem Needs

Compared to Agua, Wilkerson rarely gets the need to be canceled. Wilkerson

accepts that they carry an equally heavy burden, but Wilkerson accepts that the hard work
he does is not so rejected. This happens because he gets less coverage than his other
colleagues because he has no duty to do the things he likes, unlike his colleagues who can
still go to restaurants with other colleagues.

While Agua, he received so many awards that he received. Starting from a large
salary, to the award for his success he became a speaker in various countries and is
considered a valuable asset for the department.

5. Self Actualization Needs

Agua has succeeded in making what she likes and developing as much as possible
to find the potential she has, which is to be a famous speaker in various countries. This
makes Agua more appreciated by many parties. And this of course makes Agua worthy of

However, this is inversely proportional to what Wilkerson experienced. He has never

had the opportunity to develop his potential which has a very heavy routine task he no longer
has the time to develop his talents and potential. He even often gave up his weekend
vacation to work. Wilkerson is very lacking in this "Need for Self Actualization".
Case 4. A Big Step for Peak Electronics

a. What sources of information and opinions that can be used in making

decisions about the new technology is most reliable? Which would you
The information and opinions that can be used in making decisions about what new
technology is most reliable seems to be the opinion of 15-year-old Murray, that if someone
can find a better way to product images and sounds, other people want to buy it, why choose
digital recording , of course in innovating products that will come to consider how the
circumstances and needs of individuals at that time. In this case his son will definitely be an
important part in considering new innovations because in the era he and his friends will be
affected by product innovation.
And actually there are no sources of information and opinions about what technology is
really being ignored. All opinions must be considered without exception. Because every
opinion has its own reasons apart from the good and bad.

b. If you were Murray, what would your next step be?

If I am a murray the action I take is to start doing analysis, learn more deeply how the
development and needs of the previous technology, Involve all company leaders in decision
making because decisions made together will feel stronger and get maximum results. And
start to survey young people who often listen to music whether they prefer old or new
technology, what price they can reach, how often he changes electronic devices to get the
latest technology, and so on. Then take action from what has been agreed without feeling
pessimistic. And then I will motivate my employees and workers to convince them that our
decision is the right one. At first, it might be difficult to introduce new products, but slowly the
goal will be achieved.