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Lesson reflection:

What do plants need to

Lesson (unit/page) 34 Student teacher

MST Suaad School Ahmed Bin Zayed

Class 3- E Date 21-10

What standards or LOs were being addressed in the lesson?

• The standers that I am addressing in this lesson are to help the students understand the
What is plants and what does it need in order to grow.
How did you cater for learners with special needs, and for differentiation?

• Making sure to differentiate the activities based on students level’s and needs. To help
them understand the lesson better. Also, to use the right materials for the students. Make
sure it’s safe and kids friendly.

How did you use positive reinforcement? Methods? For what?

• In this lesson I use positive reinforcement by rewarding the students with class dojo points
and have a time to play with the computer. If a student is behaving well and participating
in the activities during the lesson, they get points and playing time.
• This method helps the students to be more motivated during the lesson and give them a
chance to think about their action.

How did you sequence or scaffold activities so that they built gradually towards the learning

• I scaffolded the activities by demonstrate the activities for the students. Then ask different
students to repeat what they are supposed to do before I send them to do the activities in
centers by themselves.
• Also, To prepare different types of questions to ask the students during the lesson.

Overall aim and context of the lesson (that is, describe the lesson’s place in the unit of work.
What did students need to know before today’s LOs were addressed? What topic comes next and
how did today’s lesson prepare students for that?)
• In this lesson the students need to know What do plants need in order to grow In the privies
lesson the students were learning about animal habitat that help them to understand what
is plant them understand the topic better. So, this lesson helped the students to understand
this lesson better because when the students have prior knowledge it will help them to
participate more and understand the lesson better.

Who is the lesson for?
• Grade 3 students
Where did the lesson take place?
• At Ahmed Bin Zayed school
What were you aiming to achieve in your lesson?
• The aim for this lesson is for the students to know What are the plants need to grow.
What experiences did you provide to the students to help them to achieve your aims for them?
• The experiences that I provided for the students are different hands on activities Along
with pictures and videos of animals to help them get the full picture of the lesson.
Were students excited, always occupied, and remained on task during the lesson?

• During the lesson the students were learning and having fun at the same time because they
were working together, and they were enjoying the activities and learning at the same time.
Why do you think the students responded the way that they did?

• The students responded the way they did because they understand what they were
supposed to do during the center activities time.
How well did your teaching relate to the students’ prior understanding?

• My teaching relates to the prior knowledge because in the beginning of the lesson I ask
the students questions to test their prior knowledge to help me understand what they
already know about the lesson topic.
Explain the nature of the experience from the students’ perspective.
• During the lesson students were participating in the activities and sharing what they learn
with each other’s.
Did your lesson meet your teaching goals? Use your students’ performance on the end of lesson
assessment as support (Give proof in your portfolio)
• My lesson meets with teaching goal for this lesson. Because during and at the end of the
lesson I was assessing the students and I notice that most of the students know what
plant is and what are the need to help it survived.
How might you enhance student learning of this lesson in the future?
• I will enhance student learning in the future by give the students a chance to go outside
to explore the plants. So, they get the full perspective of the lesson.
What are the implications for your professional practice of helping students to enhance their
learning in this particular way? (i.e. what skill will you have to develop or learn? What
professional development will you have to undertake?)

• The professional development skill that I learn in this lesson is to give the students more
chance to explore the topic by connecting it with the environment around them.