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Nurse: Excuse me, Doctor Janet. Could you come over here for a second?
Doctor: Of course Minh Thùy. What do you need?
Nurse: I have just taken Ms.Tú Anh xray-film, it shows that there are 2 cracks in the rib cage: on the fifth left
rib and the sixth left rib.
Doctor: Hmm. That is a bit serious because those broken ribs cover the left lung and they can affect the lung.
Nurse: Yes, I thought so, too.
Doctor: Who is her radiologist?
Nurse: Her chart says Doctor Xuân Trâm.
Doctor: He must know about this immediately.
Nurse: I wil call him now and ask him to check this situation.
Doctor: Good idea. Thanks for consulting me.


Doctor: Come and sit down here MT. I have just read the examination which writes that you have been
having shortness of breath and excessive tiredness
Patient: Yes, I have suffered this 4 months ago.
Doctor: And can you remember how it first came on?
Patient: Oh, let me see, I got a bad pain in my chest when I was sleeping and I had to wake up at night. It was so
bad and I couldn’t breathe.
Doctor: Which part of your chest did you feel pain?
Patient: Right across my chest.
Doctor: Have you had this Pain again since then?
Patient: Yes, I often get it when I overdo something and lately I need to set 3 pillows to sleep comfortably.
Doctor: At this case, I think you are at risk for heart failure.
Patient: Could you explain more what happens during this disease?
Doctor: Of course, the heart is unable to pump sufficiently to maintain blood flow to meet the body's needs.
Patient: That doesn’t sound good. Does it threat my life doctor?
Doctor: Heart failure is a common, costly, and potentially fatal condition.
Patient: Oh my, what is its symptoms what I have to do now to prevent the increasing of heart failure?
Doctor: one of the common symptoms is shortness of breath, congestion, or build-up of fluid in tissues and
veins in the lungs or other parts of the body. Fortunately, you are at mild heart failure, treatment commonly
consists of changing lifestyle such as stopping smoking, physical exercise, and dietary changes, as well as
Patient: But if drug therapy and lifestyle changes fail to control heart failure, are there any other treatments to
help my disease?
Doctor: The heart transplantation may be the only treatment option. While waiting for a transpalnt, patient may
need a device to assist the heart’s pumping.
Patient: I will stop drinking the caffein and alcohol drinks, having proper exercises and using drug daily as your
direction doctor, thanks for your advice.