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Jonathan Retana

Holly Batty

English 101

11 December 2019

When I began writing I thought I was alright or at least I thought I was good enough to

do everything at the last minute and get a grade good enough to pass. I realized within the weeks

that I wasn’t and that I had to step up my game if I wanted to get a better grade on each

assignment I did. When it came to writing essay I was not that great in my first essay I absolutely

bomb it. I thought I was going to get a good grade and continue my class like that but I notice

that I didn't so instead of moping around and not doing anything I decide to actually put effort in

my next assignments. I learned when I tried and made sure I got enough time to work on my

assignments I actually didn't do that bad. I was still sorta lazy but I actually put in work this time

and proved to myself that I can achieve a good grade, I just have to stop moping around from

time to time.

To begin with, I have learned so many useful things this semester. For instance, I have

learned how to read a graphic novel and even how to make one. When I first started college I

didn't even know how to write a proper essay or even a graphic novel but now I’ve learned so

many things. Not just writing as well I have also learned how to work with a group better

although, in my opinion, I would have liked to pick my own group I still had a fun time working

with new people and seeing how they did things differently than I did, it was like watching

something and learning new tactics from it. I have also learned that my writing has been

improving over time not only do I put more effort into noticing what type of grammar IN use but
I also make sure I don’t forget any detail of the prompt we get and that I hit all the major points

in it so I can get a decent grade. For example the first essay I wrote in college I got an awful

grade and now comparing it to my last I can say I’ve gotten better at writing. I went for a fail to a

great passing grade.

Another thing I might have learned was to note down only information I needed. When

writing down things I didn't need I lost track of time and wasted most of it. Just like checking my

grammar I can lose track of time and for what, when I will eventually change the whole

paragraph. So I learned quicker steps to achieve my goal. It may be, might be my most efficient

step. Yes, I got back and revise it but when ideas are flowing in my head I decide not to care

about what I write and make sure I write everything down as if I was going to forget everything.

One other major item I have acquired in my English class was taking down book notes while

reading. This is extremely useful because it helps you think of the plot and the conflict when

reading and help you organize all the thoughts you had in your head and even let you come back

to use those quotes for later reference for an essay you will eventually be writing.

To conclude, I have learned a lot through my English class and I can happily say that I

have improved in my writing throughout the semester. I can now write a better essay and make

sure I stay at my main idea and my main topic sentences of my paragraphs. I’ve also made sure

that I do include the evidence in work cited or it can have a downfall on the essay and might

cause problems in the future. I learned working with a team can be difficult because not only do

you have to focus on what your part is but you also have to help your team members and focus if

they are doing their part of the team work.