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Psychological Evaluation 
Frankenstein Office of Mental Health 
Patient: Henry Clerval
Age: Unknown
Admission Date: 8/14/1784
Evaluation Date: 8/15/1784 - 8/18/1784
Date of Report: 12/2/2018

Purpose for Evaluation: 
This is the first time Henry Clerval has been admitted. Clerval is a follower of
languages mainly Eastern. He “...turned his eyes toward the East…” and “The
Persian, Arabic, and Sanskrit languages engaged his attention…” (Shelley 25). He
is known to care about much about other people. “ ‘My dear Victor,’ cried
[Clerval], ‘what, for God’s sake, is the matter? Do not laugh in that manner. How
ill you are! What is the cause of all this?’ ” (Shelley 22). The purpose for this
evaluation is to find out the true reason for his careful care for Victor Frankenstein.
We will also uncover why Henry Clerval seems to be the perfect human being. Our
reports will include an overview of his personal life, an interview, and a conclusion
to summarize our evidences.

● Personality Test - Dr. Myer and Dr. Briggs
● Stage of Morality - Dr. Kohlberg
● Interview - Dr. Justice (Genevan Official)
Patient Henry Clerval endured 32 hours of testing. He was given adequate meals and sleep time for the
duration of the test.

Background Information: 
Henry Clerval is a simple human being. He is from Geneva and is closest to Victor
Frankenstein. Victor “...united [himself] in the bonds of the closest friendship…”
with Clerval (Shelley 10). Henry loved “...books of chivalry and romance.” and
“...composed many heroic songs and began to write many a tale of enchantment
and knightly adventures” (Shelley 10). He only has a few talents but loves
“...enterprise, hardship, and even danger…”(Shelley 10). This qualities made sure
he is a fun-loving person, capable of showing emotion toward others to a great
extent. This supposedly makes him the most perfect human being. We have
derived this conclusion after the many talks with the locals of Geneva.

Family and Childhood Development: 

Henry Clerval was raised by his father. Whereabouts of his mother are unknown
but it seems that Henry is hiding something. He has no known siblings. The
household is very strict. It is run like the business Henry Clerval’s father runs.
Clerval wanted to go to university in “Ingolstadt” but his father said no because he
wanted Clerval to run the business. “His father was a narrow-minded trader and
saw idleness and ruin in the aspirations and ambitions of his son”(Shelley 13). His
father is very important to Clerval’s aspirations because his father’s
disappointment motivates Clerval to achieve fame and prosperity. Clerval left to
pursue his dreams and make a name for himself so he has been alone except for the
company of Victor Frankenstein.

Personality Test: 
Conducted by Dr. Myers and Dr. Briggs||​“ESFP Personality (‘The Entertainer’).” ​16Personalities,​​.

Based on the personality test, we have deducted that Henry Clerval is ESFP. He is
extremely extroverted and very observant. This comes in handy with his desire to
make “...himself complete master of the oriental languages…” (Shelley 25). This
personality type is very generous about giving their time to take care of other
people and motivate them. Henry took care of Victor everytime he was sick and
that took away time from his achieving his goal of becoming a master of the
oriental languages. He always seemed to be talking about how he nursed Victor
many times whenever he was sick. Clerval was also very ongoing and wanted to
gain as much knowledge as he could. “...he was inquisitive and anxious to gain
experience and instruction”(Shelley 70). Overall, we have decided Henry Clerval is
extroverted and uses is more practical about his decisions. He shows great empathy
toward others, especially Victor, and will do almost anything to pursue his
ambitions. He likes to take care of other as well as entertain them.

Stage of Morality: 
Conducted by: Dr. Kohlberg||​“Moral Development.” ​Development Across the Lifespan - Home,​

Some scenarios were given to Mr. Clerval and he was asked to explain what he
would do in that scenario. Based on his answers, we have deducted that he is in the
moral stage of Social Contract or stage 5. This stage is what most adults his age are
in. People in this stage of morality hold moral truths but these can be overridden by
laws and rules. Henry Clerval “...occupies himself…with the moral relations of
things”(Shelley 10). He likes to study the “virtues of heroes” and the “actions of
men”. Clerval has a pretty strong moral basis because of his empathy of others.
Henry is not yet ready to defend his beliefs in every scenario, but he will defend if
it incorporates someone of close relations. His careful care of Victor, even with
the possibility of being caught and sent back home, shows his reason is true to his
personality. His moral beliefs contrast with Victor’s and happens to be his purpose
in life other than his aspirations to be a master of the oriental languages.

This interview was done by Doctor Justice, an official of Geneva, and provides
great detail into more parts of his personality. Dr. Justice is the State Mental
Officer and was very thorough in this interview.

This interview was judged criteria pre-determined by our head of department.

I. Appearance
II. Behavior
III. Attitude During Interview
IV. Alertness/Attentiveness
V. Speech During Interview
VI. Mood During Interview
VII. Personality

Dr. Justice:​ Hello Mr. Henry Clerval, how are you doing today?

Henry Clerval:​​ I’m doing fine Doc, thank you for asking. How are you today?

Dr. Justice: ​I’m doing very well. Thank you for asking. I’m just going to ask a few
questions to day Mr. Clerval.
Henry Clerval:​​ That’s fine Doc, ask away. And Doc, please just call me Henry.

Dr. Justice:​ Okay Henry, What do you think about your father?

Henry Clerval: ​Well Doc, I have mixed emotions about my father. He is a great
man and raised me very well. He was very strict about education and that’s the
reason I am where I am today. It’s just that he does not approve of me studying the
languages. I am okay with that because I do not like trading. I like to talk to people
and see how they feel.
Reference to Henry taking care of Victor.

Dr. Justice:​ That was a nice answer, thank you. Next, who is Victor Frankenstein?

Henry Clerval:​​ Well Doc, he is my best friend since a young age. He has always
been there for me and I will always be there for him.

Dr. Justice:​ That’s a really nice friendship Henry.

Henry Clerval:​​ Thank you Doc.

Dr. Justice:​ Henry, why do you seem to take care of Victor all the time?

Henry Clerval:​​ Victor is a confusing individual. He does not care much about
others but he will be sad if someone close gets hurt. Also, Victor is more into the
sciences like chemistry. He wants to be known in the world for his achievements.
He wants to do something that no one has ever done before. For this, he will try to
be as lonely as possible and this is the cause of his many illnesses. A good friend
must take care of their friend and that is exactly what I did. His family counts me
to keep him from harm’s way. I will do exactly that because I care about him. I
want to help him in every way possible but he pushes me out too much.
Reference to Henry nursing Victor after Victor creates his monster.
Dr. Justice:​ Henry, how are you compared to Victor?

Henry Clerval:​​ I am almost the opposite. Like in a story, I am basically a foil

character. I contrast with Victor’s beliefs and actions. He is more narrow-minded
and lonely. I like to talk to people, hence I want to be a master of the languages. I
am more empathetic but Victor is more selfish. He mostly cares only about himself
until someone gets hurt.

Dr. Justice:​ Henry, isn’t selfish a little bit insulting?

Henry Clerval:​​ Yes Doc it is. The thing is, Victor would agree. He doesn’t worry
about other people until the last minute. This is a bad quality of him. Although he
seems selfish, Victor will always care when it is his close family.
Reference to when Victor finds out his monster killed his brother.

Dr. Justice: ​Okay, thank you Henry. This interview has allowed me to get personal
with you and I hope it helped to talk to someone about this.

Henry Clerval:​​ Thank you Doc. I loved talking with you. It was very interesting
to see how I would answer your questions.

Interview Results 
I. Appearance - Very relaxed demeanor; dressed very nicely; put on a
great image
II. Behavior - Respectful and well behaved
III. Attitude During Interview - Interested and curious with questions
IV. Alertness/Attentiveness - Relaxed; alert but not too alert
V. Speech During Interview - Smooth and flowed well together; some stops
to think about what to say
VI. Mood During Interview - Happy and calm
VII. Personality - Respectful and empathetic person

Based on the results, it is safe to say Henry Clerval is a good person at heart. He
genuinely cares about Victor as well as his goals and ambitions. Henry wants to
help not only Victor but anyone in need. He has the best qualities at heart and will
continue to take care of Victor. Victor is like a brother to him. Clerval likes to
elaborate on answers to make sure what he is saying comes across.

Henry Clerval is a magnificent human being. He is true to himself by always
helping others in need. Throughout this study, the one thing we have learned is that
Henry is not fake at all. He is genuine in his actions and his words. The true reason
he takes care of Victor is because he wants to help his childhood friend. The bond
that they share cannot be broken based on what Henry said. Also, it seems to us
that Henry might as well be the perfect human being. Yes, he has some flaws in the
family, but he seems to have everyone else’s interests at mind. He seems to be the
complete opposite of his best friend Victor Frankenstein. This is interesting
because they are best friends. Like in stories, Henry must be the foil character
because of his complete opposite manner. Victor is more of a selfish human being.
In our opinions, we think Clerval chose to study languages to meet new people and
get to know them, especially people he doesn’t know much about like in East and
South Asia. This case was an interesting one because we don’t have any
suggestions for him. Henry seems to be doing just fine on his own. We just worry
about how long Henry is going to keep taking care of Victor. Other than that,
Henry Clerval is an amazing character and continues to be an important part of
Victor’s life.