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December 12th, 2019

Math: Prepare for the Math test by

completing Khan Academy assignments. The
*Math –We will finish our unit on Area and Perimeter.
Students will be finding the area and perimeter of 4
test is on Tuesday.
sided shapes as well as the missing side when given
the area or perimeter. They will also find the area of
Vocab: Look over vocabulary words for the
irregular shapes. We will have our test will be on week. Students will need to take home their
Tuesday December 17th. Vocabulary spirals to study nightly. Words
are also posted on the blog. Our next quiz
* Reading – We will finish reading Sophia’s War.
will be tomorrow Friday, December 13th.
Students will be taking notes while listening to the book.
Students will be working on projects about the book.
READ! Students should be reading 10-20
* Writing/ELA – We will have our Classwork grade minutes nightly. **READING PLUS for those
on figurative language on Monday. Our last students on it!
Vocabulary Quiz for the nine weeks is tomorrow!

* Science – We will pick up with Science when we

Grammar: Students can get on and
return from the break. We will be doing Force and
complete assignments.
Motion and Simple Machines.

• You may begin bringing in items to

donate for the Winter Party.
• Dec. 13th - PE; Vocab Quiz Week 7 & 8
• Please let me know if your child is going • Dec. 16th - Music
to be absent next week. Our last graded • Dec. 17th - Art; Area and Perimeter Test
assignment will be on Tuesday, but I • Dec. 18th - STEM; Winter Party; House Mtg.
want to make sure all students get • Dec. 19th - PE; Early Release 12:30
assignments completed before they leave • Dec. 20th – PE; Early Release 12:30; Wacky
for the break. These are the last Winter Wear
grades for the 2nd nine weeks. I will • Dec. 23rd-Jan. 3rd- Winter Break
need to get grades in.