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What I have learn from the company visit is that each company have their different

methods used in managing operation. For Melang Inn hotel, they utilised the tools
of total quality management in their services such as checklists and flow chart. This
ensure the rooms in the hotels to be in a proper state for new customers to enter. For
quality management, Melang Inn provided top notch services to their customers as
most of their tenants have high expectation in the hotel services. Melang inn use
market research to determine customers needs and quality assurance in their
treatments and services. Next, Melang Inn location is very strategic as they position
themselves between Seremban, Kuala Pilah and Bahau. This allow the hotel to
attract customers who is travelling or needed a meeting hall to conduct their
seminars. They also cater to weddings and any events in general. This made Melang
Inn a strong competitor in the hotel business in Kuala Pilah.

The skill that I have acquired from this project is researching methods, interviewing
skill and cooperation. For the first point, before conducting the visit, a research was
carried out by my team and I about the hotel and proper contact were made with the
person in charge in order to ensure the interview conducted will be smooth and our
inquiries will be answered to the best of their ability. Next skill is interviewing skill
where I asked the operations manager about the problems faced by the hotels and
steps take to counter the problems. The questions were told clearly so that the
manager understand what we wanted to know. Unfortunately, some question cannot
be answered as they are confidential to the hotel and we apologise for asking that
question. I learned the important skill of two ways communication and how to
conduct an interview properly. The final skill that I have learned from this project is
cooperation. My team and I worked closely with each other and gave assistance to
anyone who require it in order to complete the project. These skills will certainly be
beneficial in my future.

The benefits from this project is that I can understand and relate the things I have
learned in class and see it is applied in the real world. Melang Inn hotel utilise the
tools of total quality management in their hotel operation. Next, it teaches me to be
resourceful and the importance of communication in completing the project.
Furthermore, my self esteem is also increased as interviewing a complete stranger is
a whole new experience for me. The project also helps build good relationship
between the hotel and the university so that in future they willing to allow us to
conduct any more task or project easily. I find that working in a team makes the
project runs smoothly as it was all hands-on deck helping each other finishing this
project and sacrifices in terms of time and energy is required for the completion of
this project.

The information was gathered through conducting an interview with the person in
charge. We called the hotel to ask for permission to carry out the interview on 8th of
April 2019. The information was obtained from the hotel’s website and Facebook
page. During the interview, one person recorded the interview for easy reference.
Permission to record the interview was asked to the person in charge.

What I like best about the project is that it allows me to interact directly with the top
management of the Melang Inn hotel. I manage to observe the managers
professionalism and attitude during the interview session. I learn on how to respect
other people time by coming to the interview early to preserve the image of the
university to the public.

I hope this project will be continued in the future to give experience to our future
leaders on how the operation management is important in running a company
smoothly. My suggestions are that the project will be more focus on big companies
such as Nestle and Yakult so that the students can see the bigger picture of
operation managements that can help to improve their learning experience. This
allow the students to immerse themselves in the professional environment so that in
the future, they can implement the knowledge and experience that they have
observed and learned to themselves when entering the real world of business.

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