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Brand Audit

A brand audit is a thorough examination of a brand’s current position in the market compared
to its competitors and a review of its effectiveness. It helps determine the strength of the brand
together with its weaknesses or inconsistencies and opportunities for improvement and new
It is a checkup that evaluates your brand's position in the marketplace, its strengths and
weaknesses, and how to strengthen it.

A brand audit should cover three areas:

1. Internal branding — your brand values, mission and company culture

2. External branding — your business logo, print and online advertising and marketing
materials, public relations, website, social media presence, email marketing and content
3. Customer experience — your sales process, customer support

We as a team plan to conduct internal branding audit by conducting a thorough secondary

research. Analysing the brand’s mission & vision, conducting a SWOT analysis, competitor
analysis etc.
Primary research would include surveying customers on brand’s level of awareness, quality,
brand association and loyalty towards the brand.
In conclusion, through primary and secondary research we would gauge at the brand’s goals,
its market position viz-a-viz its competitors so as to understand ways forward to increases the
brand’s market position and reach its goals.
Brand Association
 Can you describe the brand?
 What words best describe this brand?
 What message does the logo convey about the brand?
 What do you think of when you see the logo?
 Describe your best experience with the brand.
 What would make you like this brand more?

Perceived Quality
 How do you feel when you use this brand?
 How well does the brand deliver on its promise?
 Does it ever fail to deliver on its promise?
 Do you feel the brand provides value for money?
 How responsive is customer support?

Brand Awareness
 What is the brand’s promise (what does it promise to do for you)?
 What problem does this brand solve for you?
 What message did the advertising communicate?
 Do you like or dislike the advertising? Why?
 Have you heard about brand Dabur?
 Where did you encounter this brand the first time?
 Have you seen the brands advertising? Where?
 Where do you expect to find this brand?
 Where is this brand not available (and you wish that it were)?

Brand Loyalty
 Will you buy this brand again?
 Would you recommend this brand to your friends?
 If the brand was suddenly hard to find, would you pay more to guarantee you got
enough of it?
 Or, why do you continue to buy this brand?
 How do you feel when this brand is unavailable?
 If the brand were less expensive, would you buy more of it?