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I am grateful to my ‘Taya abu’, my dear parents, my beloved wife and especially my elder brother

‘Shafqat bhai’ who is as kind as his name. All of them supported and encouraged me always to

accomplish the arduous research. I’m sure that their motivations nurtured me to approach this

mileage. I dedicate my research to all of them. Besides, I will never forget the affection and

mentoring of my loving teacher Mr. Hasham Raza (Late), whose dynamic personality never let me

down. He was a fountain of fatherly and friendly affections, always ready to render assistance to

his disciples (May Allah rest his soul in eternal peace). May Allah bless them all without their

inspiration I could not have completed my research work.


I hereby declare that this dissertation “Lexical Features of English and Urdu Languages: A

Comparative Study” is the result of my own independent research, except where I have indicated

my indebtedness to other sources. It has not been accepted in substance or in part of any other

degree and is not being submitted concurrently in candidature for any other degree.


Muhammad Farooq Ali


The thesis entitled “Lexical Features of English and Urdu Languages: A Comparative Study” by

Muhammad Farooq Ali under my supervision is hereby approved for submission to Minhaj

University Lahore in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the degree of MPhil in Applied



Yousaf Malik

First and foremost, I immensely thank Allah Almighty, Who enabled me to accomplish this

dissertation. I am highly grateful to my worthy supervisor Mr. Yousaf (Head of Department School

of English Linguistics and Literature, MUL). He was the main instrumental to transform a rough

idea into a complete research work. He laid stress on looking into the minute details during the

process of analyzing data. Indeed, his guidance made the researcher meticulous during the very


It is with great delight that I acknowledge the cooperation and support of my fellows, especially

Mr. Muhammad Tanveer Akhtar for his selfless support till the publication of this work. My group

fellows have always proved to be a ray of hope for me at any time of need. I am thankful to all my

fellows who led me to reach this juncture. I am also grateful to all those writers and researchers

whom I consulted and mentioned in reference list.

I would like to thank my family, without whose support I might not have been able to do even a

little. My family and especially my wife always have a faith in my abilities, as they wanted to see

me always on the move. And ultimately, this arduous task was composed.

Muhammad Farooq Ali

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