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To whom it may concern,

I have known Molly McQueeny throughout her time at Carthage, and have had the pleasure of having her as my student in
multiple courses. As the instructor and faculty supervisor of the senior level Design Practicum course, I can attest to the
role of leadership Molly took in working with our clients, specifically her role as co-project manager for our largest client,
the Shalom Center.

Molly worked as co-project manager with a team of student-designers to produce the Shalom Center’s 2018 Annual
Report, an updated brochure, the production of a promotional video intended for social media and a series of posters for
trade shows and display. Her professionalism and leadership throughout this time has been exemplary. She has maintained
a well-organized schedule and smooth communication between the team and stakeholders at the Shalom Center, which
resulted in the success outcome of a challenging project.

Additionally, Molly has consistently and actively participated in classroom critique, making thoughtful and insightful
commentary and suggestions to improve and support classroom design projects. Molly’s understanding of the working
world through her internships comes out in classroom work and discussion, especially aspects of both professional
protocol and technical considerations.

Her own designs are excellent examples of well-crafted, functional works, tailored to both pragmatic use and target
audiences. Speaking to her design sensibilities, Molly’s graphic aesthetics are clean, informed and highly polished. In
summation, they have been professionally focused with acute attention to detail and articulated concepts. I believe these
aspects are well reflected in her portfolio and resume.

I have no hesitation in recommending Molly for her marketing and design capabilities and believe that you will find her
an asset to your team, business or project. She’s diligent, smart, and hard-working. In short, she’s a fantastic candidate.


Kat Jacobsen
Adjunct Professor of Communication and Digital Media
Carthage College

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