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Mai Martinez

Professor Nate Helmers

English Composition II

28 October 2019

Research Proposal

I spend hours a night working on homework from my high school teachers. Just

last night, I was up until one in the morning, trying to complete homework while studying

for tests and quizzes. Many students like myself are up until the wee hours of the

morning doing homework. Yet somehow, I feel like a lot of the homework we get is


More often than not, we get pages and pages of homework that could be

condensed into one simple worksheet. I believe that if teachers are going to give

homework, they should assign us less, keeping in mind that we have six to eight other

teachers’ homework to complete. One of my teachers assign five-page packets every

night while telling us, “It’s not that much.” However, I have extra-curriculars that go until

about ten at night. By the time I get home, it’s eleven o’clock, and I still have a lot of

homework I need to complete.

Also, homework is meant to be practice, yet many teachers are still grading them

on accuracy. I think this is very unfair, and more teachers should grade homework

based on completion. My math teacher grades our homework on accuracy, but allows

us to correct our mistakes and turn it back in for full credit. A few of my teachers
implement this method of grading, but I feel that more should. We can’t be expected to

learn if we aren’t given the chance to correct our mistakes. I know that other students

feel the same, and this encouraged me to choose the topic of homework.

I feel very strongly about this topic because I am not the only student affected by

the stress and anxiety of having way too much homework. Also, I think this topic will be

challenging as there are many different sources out there that all state different things.

This is a very important topic because I believe it influences the educational system. I

already know that homework is a great way to practice what we learned in school.

Studies also show that homework improves student achievement. However, too much

homework can be extremely harmful and lead to outcomes such as sleep deprivation

and headaches.

I am hoping to learn the effects of too much homework and what happens when

no homework is given at all. I think I can find the answers to my questions in research

journals and scientific studies.

For my research questions, I chose:

How does the amount of homework given in school influence academic improvement

among students?

What is the ideal amount of homework to assign in order to ensure students’ academic