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Standard 1: Understanding and Throughout my experience, I planned lessons

Addressing Each Child’s Developmental and activities that were developmentally

and Learning Needs appropriate for the grade levels that I
experienced during my two placements.
a. Candidates use their understanding of Strategic planning is involved in creating
child growth and development, engaging activities that cater to the different
individual differences, and diverse developmental stages of each learner.
families, cultures and communities to
plan and implement inclusive learning Evidence of Standard 1 can be accessed here:
environments that provide each child
with equitable access to high quality elopmentally-appropriate-instruction.html
learning experiences that engage and
create learning opportunities for them
to meet high standards. ent-centered-andor-differentiated-instruction.
b. They work collaboratively with html
families to gain a holistic perspective
on children’s strengths and needs and
how to motivate their learning. ctive-communication-and-collaboration.html

Standard 2: Understanding and Applying During my first placement, I had access to the
Content and Curricular Knowledge for VBCPS curriculum and was able to look
Teaching ahead and prepare myself to teach the
upcoming lessons. I valued this experience of
a. Candidates demonstrate and apply being able to explore and navigate the
understandings of major concepts, curriculum and be able to study it and the
skills, and practices, as they interpret subjects I was teaching on. I did not have the
disciplinary curricular standards and same luxury at my second placement, but I
related expectations within and across did my best to stay on top of plans even if
literacy, mathematics, science, and they were only done one week at a time.
social studies.
Evidence of Standard 2 can be accessed here:

Standard 3: Assessing, Planning, and During both placements, instruction was

Designing Contexts for Learning heavily based on previous knowledge that we
determined through pre-assessment. This
a. Candidates assess students, plan allowed small-groups to form for those who
instruction and design classroom needed it the most and that way instruction
contexts for learning. became more intimate than only having a
b. Candidates use formative and whole group learning experience. Assessment
summative assessment to monitor at my first placement was created by the 3rd
students’ learning and guide grade team based on the assessment the city
instruction. provided. During my second placement there
c. Candidates plan learning activities to was a CAT team that created assessments that
promote a full range of competencies were not allowed to be manipulated in any
for each student. They differentiate way.
instructional materials and activities
to address learners’ diversity. Differentiation is important to make sure each
d. Candidates foster engagement in student is understanding what you are
learning by establishing and teaching. This can be accomplished through
maintaining social norms for differentiated activities and small group
classrooms. They build interpersonal instruction.
relationships with students that
generate motivation, and promote I strongly believe that the key to a healthy
students social and emotional classroom environment is based on
development. student/teacher relationships and an
established classroom management plan.

Evidence of Standard 3 can be accessed here:

Standard 4: Supporting Each Child’s Small group instruction and the use of a
Learning Using Effective Instruction variety of materials is extremely important in
the classroom. Stem bins, small group
a. Candidates make informed decisions activities, the use of technology, and
about instruction guided by knowledge communication with the student about their
of children and assessment of progress is important in maintaining effective
children’s learning that result in the instruction. When administering running
use of a variety of effective records on students, I like to communicate
instructional practices that employ with them afterwards on what exactly I
print, and digital appropriate marked and explain why I marked it so it isn’t
resources. Instruction is delivered a scary process, but a learning tool for
using a cohesive sequence of lessons students to evaluate their own progress.
and employing effective instructional
practices. Evidence of Standard 4 can be accessed here:
b. Candidates use explicit instruction
and effective feedback as appropriate, ent-centered-andor-differentiated-instruction.
and use whole class discussions to html
support and enhance children’s
c. Candidates use flexible grouping ning-preparation-instruction-and-assessment.h
arrangements, including small group tml
and individual instruction to support
effective instruction and improved
learning for every child.

Standard 5: Developing as a Professional During both placements, I attended weekly

collaboration meetings where I was able to
a. Candidates promote learning and help plan instruction for the upcoming week.
development of every child through It was important to feel comfortable sharing
participation in collaborative learning my ideas and suggestions with the team in
environments, reflective self-study and order to grow. I was also able to gain insight
professional learning, and on my progress through a student based
involvement in their professional survey which I used to reflect and learn from.
Evidence of the above can be accessed here: