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1. How can I start my own food delivery startup?

Let me get straight to the point.

How can you start your food delivery startup?

Step I:

Had you prepared Full Business Development plan?

I personally feel this is much important to your business because while preparing it,
you will get to know unexposed part of your business and relative industry. This
must include

1. Executive summary
2. Company summary
3. Product Description
4. Market Analysis
5. Marketing plan
6. Operation plan
7. Financial plan

It may seem unnecessary to some of the entrepreneurs but actually, it helps you a
lot in every perspective. later you will know after you start the business.

There may be many sections in BDP mentioned in the research paper and website.
you should not worry about it. Just research on every point from references you
searched for. You have major term included here. Prepare very carefully those
sections and give importance to tiny detail.
Tips: You can visit this site for BDP. Bplans: Business Planning Resources and Free
Business Plan Samples - Bplans offers free business plan samples and templates,
business planning resources, How-to articles, financial calculators, industry reports
and entrepreneurship webinars.

Do not worry about time consumption, just work on it. It may take months.

Step II: After you work out on this section, you get a chance to know about many
detailing in your project and obstacle you are going to face. You will be amazed to
know how business work. Build a team unless you wished to work alone but that
may have a lot of repercussions.

Brainstorming within your team can sharpen your vision and enlighten on the topic
you may have missed. It is better to start this step along with the first step of
building BDP unless you want to focus on one work at a time.

Tips: Eagle will not fly with crow and crow cannot fly with Eagle. A high
visionary person cannot deal with the occupied mind. All person don’t have the
same mission and vision. Choose generously your team. They are the wings to
showcase your long term flight.

Step III: Since you have already made up your mind on the food business. You are
good to go on the market. Building StepI has already given you an idea.

Go on observing a relevant market. Give more time to visit a similar kind of

business you want to start with. Spend some time and money to understand their
operation, hardship, and flaw. For you, it is easy to learn from a similar kind of
website that is operating. Order from them, observe carefully their service and

List of some sites to observe for your business:

1. Food Delivery | Restaurants Delivery | BeyondMenu

2. Order Online with foodpanda India
3. Think. Tap. Eat!
4. Foodmario | Online Food Delivery in Nepal, Kathmandu (This is a
completely new concept of the food chain in Nepal, you can have detail
Tips: Care even for a smaller startup, they have a lot more concept but are not
implementing due to a limited resource.

Step IV: Now its time for the real scenario to work with. KYC(Know your
customer). In this model, real place is not a big deal since you have a concept of
online delivery. Build an online presence to connect with your customer.

Understand this question.

Who will consume your food?

Whom to attract?

What does the customer need?

Are they satisfied with the current market?

Is this service demanding to them or useless effort?

Some sites to prefer:

1. Four Simple Ways to Find Customers

2. 8 Creative Ways to Get More Customers
3. 7 Excellent Ways to Attract New Customers
Tips: understand the meaning of customer segmentation. What is customer
segmentation? - Definition from and Ultimate Guide: How To
Segment Your Customers To Grow Revenue.

You don’t need to attract elder people who are not interested in online shopping
rather than you can focus on a new generation who are internet friendly.
Step V: Now come a stronger part for your business. Build a strong web system
to get your customer to engage without any delay and inconsistency. Hire a
programmer and designer or you can give a contract to them to build according to
your need. Never underestimate this system.

Higher the quality of the online system, high will be attraction rate and more the
loyalty. It would be better to integrate online payment system because more item
the people will buy via card and online payment.

if you are not tech guy you can see this basic e-commerce platform

Start, grow, and scale your business - Shopify

WooCommerce - eCommerce for WordPress

The Future of Commerce Is Yours | BigCommerce

Tips: Always respect customer privacy. Don’t repeatedly message them with your
offer and subscription. Handle refund policy with care.

Make it easy to understand and order. The very easy customer interface is
highly acceptable.
Step VI: Never underestimate Financing. Be transparent. If possible use software
to track and record finance and stock.

Now let me conclude with some highlight.

After you complete this step, you have successfully completed 10% of your
work on success to food delivery startup business.
What are the other 90%?

Your Hard work, Passion and attitude towards business.

Have a good luck.

If you are satisfied with the answer and want to connect for more tips. Mail me at
2. How do I make a food delivery app?

The Food Delivery industry continues to keep its progressive growth, which you
could have noticed during the last years. So if you had plans to make a food
delivery app, it’s definitely the right time!

However, considering that there are many food ordering apps (like Postmates,
UberEats or GrubHub which are your direct competitors), the challenge may seem
tough. Moreover, it’s difficult to compete with successful companies because they
have much more resources for food delivery app development.

So here are a few points that will help you to succeed:

 You should already have some management experience in the restaurant

industry. It’s even better if you already have an established delivery system
(e.g. if you have a restaurant or a cafe) and have been providing a delivery
option via your website or phone calls.
 It’ll be a great market opportunity if you don’t have direct competitors
(like already mentioned UberEats or Deliveroo) in your area, or if they
aren’t that strong in your region, yet.
 One of the options for you may be to build a food delivery app for your
area and then, when it becomes quite popular at the local level, make an
exit and sell it to some “big brother”. Actually, that’s quite a common
strategy: it’s enough to mention how UberEats acquired the mobile
delivery-only “restaurant” Ando or how New York-based food delivery
startup Maple was merged with Deliveroo.
So the key idea is that instead of thinking globally I'd recommend you to find your
niche and develop a Food Delivery Web &/or Mobile Product that could get big or
later get acquired (for great money, usually!) by UberEats, Deliveroo or whatever
big food delivery company would be interested in that. Sounds like a success story,
isn’t it? Talking about success stories, in this article - How to Create a Food Delivery
App like GrubHub or UberEats you could find one. Inspired by a team who created
an app for couriers named Gourmet Runner.

Returning to the answer, the first thing you should do is create an MVP for a niche
on-demand food delivery app, that will provide value to your audience and be able
to find its Product-Market Fit. How can it be done?

By finding a market opportunity, the pain-point of your customers and developing

a remarkable Mobile or Web-App, which will solve this pain. Follow me to find out
which features are necessary to make a food delivery app like UberEats but for your
local area!

What Are the Key Features of Food Ordering Apps?

One of the trickiest things about food delivery app development is that you will
have to create several products for all stakeholders to make the system work. Just
think of it:

 On the one hand, it’s obvious, that you need to create a custom
application through which all the orders will be made.
 On the other hand, you need an Admin Panel (a Web-App) where you’ll
manage and supervise all the requests.
 Usually, a courier app is also needed, unless your idea isn’t built around
another solution.
Although it seems a little bit complicated at first glance, this may be a key step to
success. Why? Despite the needs of every party are different, it’s still extremely
important to satisfy everyone:

 Users should have fast and easy access to the menus of the nearest
restaurants with the possibility to make orders right in the app.
 Couriers are interested in easy access to available orders and built-in
geolocating services showing them the way to the pickup and drop
 Restaurant managers would like to view the orders list, assign them to
contractors to organize the delivery of prepared meals to clients.
Moreover, it’s important for them to have access to analytical tools, so
they can track overall customer retention.

Tech tips

Here also a list of tech tips. Hope, they will come in handy for you during the food
ordering app development! Check them out:
 You can use Auth0 for any authorization of your users - passwordless
email, SMS-auth, classic auth.
 Stripe and Braintree SDKs can be used to integrate the payment system.
Both SDKs has already proved its efficiency and reliability.
 To add the detailed info about eateries you can use Google Places API.
 Firebase can be applied for your Backend and also to send push
notifications. Our developers use it right now, so they know for sure that
it's pretty convenient.
 People also advise using Routific API for route optimization. This feature
will suggest your couriers the best way from pickup to the drop location.
It seems like food ordering apps are going to become even more popular in the
next few years. Luckily for you, there are still some free niches left which you can
3. How do I start an online food ordering business?

Hey, there! Good question. It's easy to start if you use the right tools.

According to a Nielson study, in developed countries such as the USA, the UK,
Japan, France, etc., about a quarter of online shoppers are already buying products
on the Internet, and 55% are ready to buy in the near future. But what prevents 45%
of users from buying products online? The most important range of decision
making is the taste and freshness of the product. These figures are unknown and
the logic of 45% of users is clear. What do you, as a seller, do to convince your
customers of the freshness and suitability of your products? Show them your

Let your customers understand that your products are fresh, yummy and delicious
with the help of the website. It's a very strong tool that will help you generate
quality sales and customers.

Step-by-step guide: how to launch an online food store

Step 1. Work out your visual concept

Study your target audience. You need to build the right model of decision making
by your client and to understand what emotions he experiences. Then you will
know exactly what information and in what form you need to show the user to form
his confidence and need for your product.

Basing on the emotional map and decision making model, create a visual idea and
concept for your online food business. If you are just testing a business idea, then it
is better to use a turnkey solution to minimize the budget. If you already have your
consumers and you are expanding your geography, it is better to use the services
of experts in building interfaces. That will give you more benefits as well as the
result of converting visitors into buyers.

Visual concept

The design of your online store should make it clear to the user what your food
might taste like. What needs except hunger your product will satisfy. People buy
food not so much to satisfy their hunger, but rather to get emotions. If this is sports
nutrition, then the buyer wants to feel involved in the sport, to the achievements of
an active lifestyle. If this is a healthy diet, then the consumer wants to feel that the
quality of his life and health is at a high-level thanks to your product. If it is a
burger, then the main thing is taste, pleasure, and joy. For example: Have you
noticed that the most common element on the pages of restaurants is a video of
the kitchen, cooking meat, filling a glass with wine, grilling vegetables or a
traditional breakfast? All these smells are known to you, so you get a chance to
recall them and induce you to order at that moment. This is not a new technique,
but still an effective one.

Step 2. Prepare your homepage design

The first thing you should take care of is the principles of building the interface, the
emotional impact on the client and the blocks that help with that.

Images, text, and the buy button are not enough to fill the landing page. To make
an online store interface clear and convenient for the client, you need to follow the
composition rules or contact the designer.

After you have picked your visual concept, you need to choose which content will
be placed on the main page. We recommend that you should write about your
positioning and key advantages of the brand in your first blocks and make it as
emotional as possible. Then place the product photo (s) from your line and invite
your customer to view the entire collection. Thus, he is unlikely to get lost on your
page and will immediately understand what you are offering and how you are
I have an argument that before selling products through selling food online, you’d
better work out the brand pages on social networks. What for? Your social media
accounts are an indicator of the life of your brand. If you are where your customers
go, and you are actively interacting with the audience and building up a new one,
you will earn trust from the customers who have visited your website for the first
time. Try this version of events. Do everything in parallel: while your online store is
going to be launched, pump social networks and be sure to add this block to the

And the most important block, which is 70% affects the decision to buy a product
or leave the site, is reviews. People trust people. It sounds not sophisticated, but
many people forget about it. Especially when launching a startup. Positive feedback
is the best indicator of the quality of your products and your decency as a seller.
There are many more blocks that you can add to your site. For example, a
newsletter subscription block, but before adding this item, make sure that you have
content that will be interesting to your users. The blocks that will keep the attention
of your users and motivate them to purchase goods must be well thought out and
not defiant. Do not scare potential customers with your desire to sell. To motivate
them to become your customers, ask the designer to help. It will help you create
visual messages that convert a design into sales.

The following steps and 4 secrets of successful online-store you can find
here: Professional tips from own experience.
4. What would allow a meal kit delivery company to truly go

There’s a myriad of meal delivery services and they’re all optimized for the same
kind of customer: a young 20-something who wants to get good food delivered
quickly and has disposable income. This is because most of the relevant meal
delivery services in the space have been started by young guys (think Postmates,
Uber Eats, Grubhub, DoorDash, Sprig, Munchery, etc). The meal delivery “kit”
companies are no exception. The most successful of these has been Blue Apron
which was created by young dudes who wanted good food and were short on time.
Founders like to solve problems for themselves and if the founders all look like
young single guys at the time they are founding the company, then they all end up
solving problems for a very specific, niche demographic.

For a meal delivery kit company to truly become mainstream though, the company
needs to address the real market of people who cook on a regular basis: families.
Parents are the ones who do meal planning on a regular basis and it’s a real
challenge for them to come up with healthy meals while short on time and money.
If meal kit companies want to address this market, they need to provide options
that are quick (ie. not tons of chopping), healthy (ie. make organic a choice),
affordable (ie. reasonable delivery and service fees) and feed enough people (ie.
more than just a couple). It’s not rocket science but no one has cracked all of those
factors yet.

But some new companies are taking notice. Gobble is one emerging company
that’s looking at parents as a market because they recognize that parents are the
largest consumer segment and that’s who they should target. Josephine is another
really interesting company in the meal space. They offer a way to get home cooked
meals from your neighbors for pick up.

It’s truly a market ripe for innovation. Many parents are already looking to
technology to solve the meal problem. Whether it’s using Instacart, apps like
Paprika that make meal planning easier, or even hacking Pinterest to get recipe
ideas, parents are always trying to reduce the time and money they spend on meals
but still provide nutritious, delicious options for their families.
5. What is the future of food delivery?

80% of cafés come up short. Despite the fact that reviews show individuals are
eating out additional, it's still difficult for cafés to gain by expanded purchaser
intrigue. In spite of getting ready extraordinary nourishment, the day by day
coordinations of working an eatery regularly meddle with understanding hungry
clients or opening new income openings.

We've achieved a one of a kind point where innovation can change the manner in
which cafés serve clients. Much the same as how the web made new open doors for
internet business and self-articulation, cafés are currently ready to interface with
clients in manners they couldn't previously.

While most cafés still depend on renting the most costly land in the best areas to
draw in clients and drive deals, innovation can enable eateries to develop past the
old method for working together. By using information, given by organizations like
Uber Eats, cafés can customize their client's requests and in certain examples, move
to a conveyance just model without the conventional high-foot dealt store.

From customized menus to eatery quality conveyance bundling, we are eager to

perceive how the eateries of things to come will keep on changing.

An emphasis on personalization

While hunting down melodies on Spotify or motion pictures on Netflix, we regularly

depend on their customized disclosure apparatuses to enable us to choose what to
watch or tune in to. In any case, static café menus haven't encountered a
comparative, customized advancement. Cafés need to provide food clients'
preferences however they need their criticism first. In the past this was an obstacle,
yet every time an eater arranges and gives input, we can get the hang of
something. Do they adore mushrooms yet detest bok choy? Was the dish
excessively zesty or not sufficiently fiery? Was the part excessively expansive or did
it have an excessive amount of salt in the flavoring?

On the off chance that cafés know your favored tastes, they can set that data
against what's in their nourishment to guarantee no two clients see a similar menu.
With exact information, cafés will make dishes and menus customized to singular
tastes and dietary needs, while as yet lining up with an eatery's image. Point by
point past conduct will be spared and naturally adjusted for the following dinner
suggestion to improve taste, customization and client joy.

Cafés are anxious to find out about their clients, however at present don't approach
these sorts of keen experiences. By taking advantage of innovation to control
business knowledge and robotize promoting, eateries can concentrate on what they
specialize in - make incredible sustenance. From our encounters working with cafés,
we hear there is an unmistakable hole in distinguishing the requirements of existing
or potential clients, and incorporating those bits of knowledge into an eatery's
current activities. By taking advantage of rich and significant bits of knowledge on
client's feasting encounters, cafés can more readily serve the advancing tastes of
their networks.

We need lightweight and great quality towel for our kitchen use. I am
using mizutowel .com for my kitchen.. You can also pick one for you. I am totally

A really good start is creating an MVP version of the delivery app. What is MVP?
Here’s the link to the blog post covering the topic I’ll try to
comment briefly on the topic. You need to have a minimum viable product created
and tested to see if the overall idea and features have any potential to succeed.

There are six types of MVP products:

 A piecemeal MVP
 A concierge MVP
 A Wizard of Oz MVP
 An explanatory video
 A landing page MVP
 An email MVP
Not all types are suitable for a food delivery app. Talk to a team of experts to
decide which one works best in your case.

Step two is finding a reliable developer and learning the price. FYI, the market of
developers is vast. But is that easy to find a good team you can rely on? Many
companies and startup projects choose to outsource the process of mobile app
development to teams from the countries of Europe. Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, and
Russia are among the top choices. It’s because of the high quality of provided
services and affordable labor costs.
If you are interested in learning more about hiring experts from Ukraine, follow the

As for the cost of development, much depends on the features you want to have in
your food delivery app. Again, any specifications should be discussed with a team
of developers.
Yes it is a good startup to get into.

Eating is something that everyone loves to do, and what’s better than sitting in the
comfort of your home, reading your favorite book, watching some show or film or
just idling with your family & friends and ordering food from your favorite
restaurant at your fingertips.
Food delivery apps are a new rage, from restaurant owners making their own food
ordering app for you to deliver food while sitting on your couch to services
like foodpanda, swiggy, tomato which act as a collaboration platform between the
restaurants and clients.

Advantages :

 Convenient – Customers no longer have to wait in queue or hold on to

the phone. Ordering a food item only requires a look, click and selection.
The more happy customers you have there is more chance of profit in
revenue & business.
 Efficienct – With online ordering there would be lesser number of people
to give answer to. Concentration of the employees would be focussed on
food only which is very much required as a startup business . So, there
would be Efficient operation and improved food quality
 Proper Ordering – Things to deliver & to prepare would be accurate as
they have been ordered by the customer only, so chances of writing down
the wrong order are being moved away.
Disadvantages :

 Costing – For startups, initial cost framework for developing and

implementing a system to accept online orders occurs to be expensive.
Solutions to this problem goes to be within developing it on your own or
buying it from professionals.
 Efficient Delivery Issues– Time equals money in any business . It is
difficult to keep track of each and every delivery boy and to control the
problem of late deliveries which is the main cause for the failure in food
delivery setups these days. The best solution is that one can opt for a
good Workforce Management System in market.
In my opinion there are few areas which needs your attention before going to start
your startup business.

Payment Gateways: Provide various payment options to customers on your

website as every customer may not be able to access the online payment method
or vice – versa.

Interface friendly: Your audience will want to access your website & this will
increase your reach.

Customization: Doing research and learning regarding the eating preferences will
surely give a boost to your research work and it will make your work easy.What
works in one city might not work in the other city so take care of the local cuisine
preferences and customize your menu so that it has something for everyone. You
should be able to know the times that they would order their food, the food types
that they would like to order.

Branding : No matter how good the quality of your food is, it is of no use if the
people are not aware of it. Online means through email and websites to try and
make people more aware of your food delivery service can be adapted.

Identify target area: Start with small. Always you should start your business with a
focus on a limited area. This will make you focus on one thing and will make your
brand name more stronger.

Efficient Staff: Get on board Good chefs to ensure your customers get what they
ordered and how exactly they wanted it to taste.

The thing which matters the most is trust & liability factor. If you are able to build
that trustr factor among your clients customers by your services such as by
providing hygeinic food, delivering the order on time, then surely you will be
ensured with the revenue chasing criterias.

Finally, the latter part of the food delivery app development cost is building a
restaurant app. Since it's not a mobile but a web-app you have no need to create
different versions for iOS and Android operating systems.

Food App Development Company is an affordable App solution for both

restaurants and takeaways to have a unique App to promote their business
8. What are some innovation in food delivery services?

After reading the answers, I wonder why hasn't someone mentioned it yet!

If you have ever got pizza delivered at your home, you must have had an encounter
with this little plastic thing. I saw this first when i was 14, relishing Domino's Pizza
first time at home.

That small plastic table is surely a thing to feel grateful for.

Step 1 : Analysis of the Problem

Pizza boxes are made from corrugated cardboard boxes that are helpful
keeping food warm ( corrugation creates an insulation layer- Thermoplast
containers are too costly to be disposed)

Being a kind of paper, when a hot pizza gets placed inside the box, the top face of
pizza box starts to sag and droop because of the steam. The corrugated boxes get
saggier with time and steam. It sinks!

The top of the box sinks and attaches itself to the pizza, flaying the cheese and
excising the toppings onto a sagged surface.

*It sucks … The worst nightmare *

Step 2 : The solution

A triangular table like structure served the purpose well.

In 1985, Carmela Vitale of New York as issued a patent for a plastic 3-legged
tripod stool that would sit in the middle of the box and keep the top from sagging
into pizza, cakes or other foods kept in a box. The patent was issued on 12 Feb

It was a lightweight and inexpensive device that was made from one of the
plastics which is heat resistant (thermosetting plastic).

It could be easily disposed (though i use it for my crafts ) , had minimal

volume and required less amount of plastic.

Pizza saver or package saver (or pizza table or pizza nipple) prevents the top of the
pizza box (or any other such container) from collapsing in at the center and
touching the food inside.
This way the guardian angel for the Pizza was born , which is actually a great boon
for pizza delivery boys and the customers.

9. What software can I use to manage orders for food delivery?

Food App Development Company POS is a robust solution for all types of food
service businesses, including bars, quick service, and full-service restaurants.Built
exclusively to provide a POS system for the restaurant and food service industry.

Our POS also comes fully equipped with a built-in loyalty program, making it simple
for restaurants to reward their most frequent customers. As well, the system can
support physical and digital gift cards, and our POS will work to integrate any
existing gift cards, making the transition between systems entirely seamless. We
really like our POS’s reporting capabilities, which create a way for restaurants to
analyze which menu items are bestsellers, as well as helping owners keep tabs on
all aspects of their business.

We have a dedicated team for therestaurant app development that will help you to
define the mobility of your business and going online for all sort of your day to day
restaurant activities. Let our app development team assist you in finding the best
way to design, develop, and deploy your restaurant mobile app.

How It Works

Four simple steps to efficient delivery


See all your incoming orders from your website, ordering platforms and those
placed per phone all in one dashboard.


Plan more efficiently according to location and remaining time so that every driver
gets to your customer on time.


With a real-time overview and automatic messaging you can keep your customers
updated at all times.


Our powerful analytics help you to identify opportunities to improve your delivery
and team performance.

How will you benefit from using our delivery management system?


Every day up to 30% of all orders are delivered late. We will help you to minimize
late deliveries and ensure your customers will order again happily.
By providing a superior service and a great customer experience, your restaurant
will increase order frequency and strengthen its brand.


Running a delivery service isn’t cheap. With our software tool restaurants will
improve their overall performance and make sure every dollar is used wisely.

Food App Development Company would be happy to discuss your specific

project so we can give you costs based on your exact scenario. Contact us at
10.How would you advertise a local food delivery service?

It’s not how much you should advertise and reach out to your customer,

It’s about WHY your customer should pick you, and then you don’t even need to
come up with marketing the word will travel itself from mouth to mouth in your
local community.

What i can give you as a tip try to be different from other delivery services

For example,

collaborate with some brands and products and parthner with them to advertise
along side your packaging, that way u could charge the advertisers the delivery fee
and your customer would want you more since you are not charging any delivery
and you can still get profit from advertising of other brands.

Think outside of the box and think creatively.

11.I want to open a food delivery business. Can you give me any tips?


It’s very easy to start your own food delivery company. All you need is to hire a good
company that can develop a mobile app for your idea.

There are so many companies, that can provide app development services to you. But
since you are looking to make a start-up I would prefer you to choose a company that
charge less and delivery best quality app.

I know it can be tough for you, to choose A GOOD APP DEVELOPMENT COMPANY,
because there are so many companies. I am from IT field and have experience of
many years, I have reviewed almost all the companies.

I would recommend you, to hire TecOrb Technologies to develop food delivery

app for you. This company have delivered more than 300 mobile apps to their clients
till date, and 80 percent of their apps have 4–5 start rating on Google Play Store
and App store.

You won’t believe me, but this company have 8+ years of experience in developing
mobile app for both android and iOS. They have cleint base in almost every part of
the globe, and despite of having such a name in market, it provide app development
services at pocket friendly price.
I have a friend from Bahrain, he got his app (FOOD-CLUB) developed from TecOrb
Technologies. One can only get honest review from the client himself. He is so much
satisfied with the customer, because they not only helped them in developing the app
but also adjusted the app according to client’s demand.

Coming back to your question-

In your food delivery app you will get 4 panels

1. Customer App
2. Delivery Agent App
3. Restaurant Owner App
4. Admin App (web also)
Customer App:

 Welcome Splash Screen,

 User can login using Social media or Email / Phone number (OTP verified)
 Create New Profile Screen,
 Select Restaurant/ Search for restaurant
 Select Food from menu
 Add delivery address
 Select Payment method
 Proceed to pay
 Wait for order to get accepted by Restaurant
 A Delivery agent will be assigned
 Track Order Status (Food is being prepared, Order out for delivery, etc)
 Track Delivery agent
 Call delivery agent
 Contact support
 Rate Delivery agent / Restaurant food
 Give feedback
 About us
 Wallet
 Add payment option (Paypal, Paytm,etc)
 Add delivery address,etc
Delivery Agent:

 Accept / Decline order

 See order details
 Track Restaurant / Delivery address
 update Order status
 Contact customer
 Contact support
 Update when delivered
 See old orders
 See total payment
 See new orders
 See total Tips collected, etc
Restaurant App:

 Accept/ decline orders

 Call customer / delivery agent assigned
 Update order status
 Update restaurant details
 Update Menu
 See new or old orders
 See order details (customization asked by customer)
 See total sales
 Add payment method
 Support
 Contact us,etc
Admin Panel:

 Manage user/ restaurant / delivery agent

 Verify updates of restaurants
 See total sales of every restaurants
 Add / Remove restaurant
 Add/ Remove Delivery agent
 See orders
 See feedback,etc
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