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Name : Ms Ravina Patel

Subject : Midwifery and obstetric nursing
Topic : A health talks on Antenatal exercise
Group of participants : Antenatal mothers and their relatives.
Date : 29/05/2019
Time : 10:00 AM
Venue : Antenatal ward
Method of teaching : lecture cum discussion.
Av aids : flash card.


After attending health talk on Antenatal exercise participants are able to

know about the meaning of Antenatal, Antenatal exercise, types of Antenatal
exercise and its important. They can also know about the how to demonstrate
the exercise.


After completion of the health talk the participants will be able to:
 Introduction to the topic.
 Define the antenatal exercise
 Purpose of the antenatal exercise
 General instruction for antenatal exercise
 Types of antenatal exercise

1 1 Introduction Exercise during pregnancy has a Lecture cum Flash card What is the
minute of the benefits not just for expectant discussion meaning of
Antenatal mothers but also for their growing antenatal
exercise. babies. sutter health says that exercise?
antenatal exercise can relief back
pain , get women ready for labor by
improving muscle strength and
flexibility and improve energy
levels. And it will be the best to
continue with the familiar activities
rather than begin new types of
exercise and the women should
listen to her body when exercise and
stop if it she feels uncomfortable ,
fatigue or unwell
2 1 Definition of Exercise involves the physical and Lecture cum Flash card Define the
minute antenatal mental ability to participate in carry discussion antenatal
exercise. out the better functions of the body exercise?

throughout the pregnancy
3 2 Purpose of the  Antenatal exercise aims at Lecture cum Flash card what is the
minute antenatal preventing low back pain and discussion purpose of the
exercise. enhancing physical and antenatal
psychological preparation for exercise?
delivery by means of joint
stretching and muscle

4 1 General  Breathe smoothly, work Lecture cum Flash card what is the
minute instruction for gradually according to your discussion general
antenatal capability instruction for
exercise.  Work twice or thrice a day and the antenatal
repeat each set of movements exercise?
ten times in every session
 Antenatal exercise may begin
when pregnancy reaches 16 to
20 weeks
 Physiotherapist may make
modifications to the exercise
according to your
 physical conditions

 This leaflet is only a brief
introduction to antenatal

5 2 Explain all the  Pelvic floor Exercise Lecture cum Flash card Which are the
minute types of  Back and Abdominal Exercise discussion antenatal
antenatal  Ankle Exercise exercise?
exercise.  Lower limbs relaxation Exercise
 Breathing exercise

6 1 Explain Pelvic v PELVIC FLOOR EXERCISE:C Lecture cum How to perform

minute floor exercise floor exercise discussion Pelvic floor
 Sit on a chair with your back exercise?
against the seatback
 Tighten the vaginal, urethral
and anal muscles as if trying to
withhold urination or
 You can also do this exercise in a
standing position.
 Pelvic floor exercise enhances
the control and support of pelvic

floor muscles.
 It helps you prepare for
childbirth and prevents uterine
prolapse, urinary incontinence
and haemorrhoid.

7 2 Explain the BACK AND ABDOMINAL EXERCISE Lecture cum How to perform
minute Back and  Sit on a chair with your back discussion the Back and
abdominal against the seatback abdominal
exercise  Breathe naturally exercise?
 Tighten the abdomen and then
press the pelvis downwards to
flatten your low back against the
seatback. Hold for 5 seconds, and
 This exercise helps you by
correcting the low back and
pelvic posture.
 It strengthens your abdominal
muscles and prevents back pain.

8 1 Explain the ANKLE EXERCISE Lecture cum How to perform
minute Ankle exercise  Sit on a chair with your back discussion the ankle
against the seatback exercise?
 Start with one ankle and turn
the foot upwards and
 Each up-and-down movement is
counted as one time.
 Repeat ten times
 Rotate the ankle to draw an
inward or outward circle.
 Each circular movement is
counted as one time. Repeat ten
 Repeat the same steps at the
other ankle
 Ankle exercise helps reduce leg
swelling and varicose vein, thus
alleviating the problem of leg

9 2 Explain the LOWER LIMB RELAXATION Lecture cum How to perform
minute Lower limb EXERCISE discussion Lower limb
relaxation  This exercise enhances the relaxation
exercise flexibility and strength of inner exercise?
thighs and pelvic muscles.
 It helps you get accustomed to
the delivery position and
prevent thigh spasm during
 Sit on a stable low chair against
a wall and spread your thighs
 Hold for 5 seconds and relax

1. It is suitable for pregnant women
tight thighs
2. Do not pull apart the thighs
3. Please note that this exercise is
not suitable for those with pain over
the pubic bones

10 2 Explain the BREATHING EXERCISE Lecture cum How to perform
minute Breathing Breathing techniques for pain relief discussion the Breathing
exercise during labour. Exhale before inhale exercise?
is suggested

A. Abdominal breathing:
 Suitable for mild pain
 Breathe in through the nose and
feel the abdomen expand.
 Then breathe out through the

B. Lower costal breathing:

 Suitable for medium pain
 Put your hands on the lower rib
 Breathe in through the nose and
feel your chest expand.
 Then breathe out lightly through
the mouth

C. Apical breathing:
 Suitable for severe pain

 Cross your hands below the
clavicles with your mouth
slightly open.
 Breathe in through the nose and
the mouth.
 Breathe out lightly as if trying to
flicker the flame of a candle
without blowing it out, and feel
the upper lungs moving slightly
up and down
 During contractions, try to relax
and control your breathing.
 In between contractions, rest
and relax as much as you can in
the most comfortable position


Womens who were most active prior to pregnancy reduced their exercise
level but continued to be the most active during pregnancy as to overcoming the
problems of getting risk the antenatal exercises most powerful to the pregnant
womens might benefits from intensified antenatal advice concerning physical
activity during pregnancy through this the womens will entirely resolve the future
occurrence risk.


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