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August 09, 2019

Subject: Harassments, Threats and AWOL

Answer to False Accusations by Ms. Rosario Sagra
First of all, I am not the one who is harassing and threatening the management and deny the
allegation of AWOL. I personally talked to Ms. Rosario saying that I have only inquired at the
Department of Labor via phone.
(With proof of evidence by the DOLE conversation records)

1. In the early morning of August 6, 2019, I asked the Department of Labor for guidance about labor
law. This is my right as a regular employee and I also raised my concerns about my salary that I did
not receive the cut-off for July 16-31, 2019. However, Ms. Rosario promised me that I can still have
my salary on August 5, 2019 even if she had already received my resignation letter and that is why
she returned my ATM card. But the moment I talked to her, she already knew that my salary is on
hold, and did not gave me any notification ahead of time regarding this matter. Ms. Rosario, the HRD
Manager misled me.

2. My immediate resignation was effective on July 21, 2019. Since Ms. Rosario received my resignation
letter, DOLE advised me that she is supposed to give me the memo of approval that my resignation
is valid until August 21, 2019, to complete my turnover with the signature of Mary Ann Gaw (the Sales
Manager and a part owner), Ms. Rosario Sagra (HRD Manager) and me. However, Ms. Rosario insisted
me that mutual/verbal agreement on my turnover, which is not acceptable in labor law. Ms. Rosario,
the HRD Manager misled me again.

3. Regarding on my absences, DOLE advised me that Ms. Rosario has to inform me that I have to file a
leave of absence without pay. But, Ms. Rosario did not show any of my records or balances of my
leave. She is always insisting the mutual understanding without proof. During my absences, I always
text to inform her when I am not on duty. Since the Head Sales Manager assigned Ms. Rosario to
handle me during my stay, I always notify her and she knew the reason why I am absent (with
evidence via phone). I always ask Ms. Rosario if she does read my text messages, but she told me that
she had no load to text me back and she does receive my text messages.

4. Ms Rosario was accusing me verbally that my intention is not to finish my turnover, without any proof
of evidence.
5. With regards to my ATM card, she has no instructions whether my final pay will be credited on my
ATM account as my last salary or back pay. As far as I know, back pay or the last salary are always
paid in cheque.

6. Ms. Rosario assumed that I made her believe that I am staying in the company for the entire year,
just because of the Mid-Year bonuses without proof of evidence. But, I am not expecting any Mid-
Year bonuses coming from the company because from 2017 up to July2019 of working period, I have
made sales for about Php16.1 Million for the company, without health benefits, or any Annual Check-
up. I have an allowance for only Php50 per day and if I am absent it was deductible. I did not complain
and kept on working despite the allowance they have given me. As sales executive, I need the health
benefit because they oblige me to visit clients every week and I can be prone to accidents. I did not
took any advantages or abuse them to get the bonuses, because as far as I know, Mid-Year bonus are
only given to employees who have done satisfactory performance.

7. In my closing statement for the demo units as a part of my turnover, I gave my original copy but
unfortunately, Ms. Rosario refused to sign my receiving copy. This is the only assurance that she has
received the original one.

8. August 06, 2019. This is the most traumatic moment in my life, because the Head Sales Manager, who
is also a part owner, Ms. Mary Ann Gaw raised her voice at me saying that I am threatening the
management, I am a deceiver, and I am making her a fool. When she knew that I called and consulted
the Department of Labor, she instructed Ms. Rosario to accompany me to go to the DOLE. Ms.
MaryAnn GAW raised her voice and told me that she is not afraid to face DOLE. Ms. Rosario wanted
me to sign the memorandum of AWOL without showing me again any leave of records and as far as I
know, since June 2018, I have filed and it was recorded in the Company’s 201 file, a 30 days leave
which was approved. So, I am assuming this year 2019, I have 30 days less the 7 days I consumed.

9. I have no intention in creating any chaos, nor harassment and threats, because Ms. Rosario, the HRD
Manager is the one who was creating noise at that time and she is the one who raised her voice and
told me that I am unprofessional when she over reacted.

Ms. Marilyn the company’s accountant told us to transfer to another room as per Ms. Tina’s advice,
also a part owner, because Ms. Rosario was being too noisy, but she did not follow Ms. Marilyn’s
instructions. Ms. Rosario was the one who is acting like an impertinent person because she does not
know how to properly handle employee’s needs and rights. She could not even explain what is right
or wrong. I am telling the truth that this is what happen that day August 6, 2019 at 10am. So, I have
decided in the afternoon of August 06, 2019, after all this happened, that I go directly to the office of
DOLE and file my complaints.

10. Ms. Rosario Sagra, the HRD Manager, for this half-year did not present any hand book to give
guidelines to all employees which is very important and it could help people to create a harmonious
relationship for each and every one in the company.

Very Respectfully:

Hilda Paitone Valerio