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Name – Nu Ru Hu Dar

Another name – Nil

Age / date of birth – 28 / 1988

Place of birth – Ni Dar village, Maungdaw township

NRC – 11/ Ma Ta Na ( Naing ) 252597

Race / Religion – Bengali / Islam

Occupation – Arabic teacher

Education – grade 4

Address – Ni Dar village , Maungdaw township

Parents name / occupation / address – ( F ) Kaw Lin Mu Lar,

( M ) Raw Hee Ma, ( farmers ), Ni Dar village, Maungdaw

Wife’s name / occupation / address – Kyun Naw Ta Ra ( dependent ), Ni Dar village

Children names – Nu Kaw Lin , age – six months old

Siblings names / occupation / address –

1. Shaw Zu Hu Dar - shopkeeper, went to Saudi Arabia in 2015

2. Kaw Zaw Ru Hu Dar – fishery, Ni Dar village

3. Su Hi Ta - ( dependent ), Ni Dar village

4. Naw Zu Ru Hu Dar – shopkeeper in Chittagong, Bangladesh

5. Ar Bu Har Zine – motorbike taxi, Ni Dar village

6. Mu Gi Bu Ra Man – went to Malaysia in 2013

7. Hu Mi Ra Bi Bi - ( dependent ), Ni Dar village

8. Ana Gar Bi Bra Hin – student , grade 7, Ni Dar village

9. Hu Ja Bu Islam – grade 3 student

10. Annawa Islam – grade 3 student

11. Ar Bi Mar – kindergarten student

12. Sway Yaw Tu Islam – dependent

13. Taw Aoo Dar – dependent

Place of investigation – Kyein Chaung police station

Date of investigation – 15. 10. 2016

Subject of investigation – suspected person as terrorist

Investigation force – Military Security Force ( West Military Base )

Compiled by Rick Heizman 1

Brief History:

I was born in 1988, in Ni Dar Village, Maungdaw township. I am the 5th of 14 siblings. Since I was
young I went to the primary school in Ni Dar Village, until grade 4. After that, from 1998 to 1999, I
went to the Arabic school in Ni Dar Village, and then from 1999 to 2010 I went to the Arabic
University in Kyein Chaung Village. From 2010 to 2012 I had a grocery shop in Kyein Chaung Village
market. Then, I lived with my parents for 2 years, selling coal to support us. In 2014 I married Kyun
Naw Ta Ra, and we have one son. In 2014 I worked as an Arabic teacher in the mosque in center
Kyein Chaung Village. I was paid 50,000 [$33 US] Burmese kyat a month. I was working that job until

Recruiting and Sending to Weapons Training Camps:

While I was studying at the Arabic University I made a friend. His name is Raw Fee U La, from Kyat
Yo Byin Village. We were very close friends. After 2 years he did not continue to study. After leaving
the university he didn’t work any job, except, he worked as a recruiter, by encouraging and
convincing young Bengali men to go to the RSO (Rohingya Solidarity Organization) militant training
camps. This was his job that I knew. He was the main man in the area, recruiting and sending the
young Bengali men to the weapons training.

Teaching Arabic Language:

When I finished the Arabic language course at the university I graduated as a Mawlawi [imam]. I was
then hired to teach Arabic at the center Kyein Chaung Village mosque. The man who hired me was
Adu Lar Kane, a shopkeeper in center Kyein Chaung village. He hired me and paid me 50,000 kyat a
month, and I taught the young children the Arabic language. On September 20, 2016, as I was
teaching the children Arabic, my friend Raw Fee U La phoned me. He said he has something
important to discuss with me, and I need to go to Kyat Yo Byin Village. So, the next morning, on
Sept 21, at 7 am, I started walking to Kyat Yo Byin Village. When I arrived there Raw Fee U La was
waiting for me on the path. We talked to each other on the side of the path.

Plans to Attack:

Raw Fee U La told me that we would attack the police outposts in Buthidaung and Maungdaw at the
same time. He asked me to convince and recruit about 15 young Muslim men in Ni Dar Village and
get them ready to take the weapons training courses. He said to find a safe secret place to do the
training. And he told me that all the men doing the training must be united and cooperate. When the
time is right we all have to come to Kyat Yo Byin Village and gather together and then we will attack
the police posts.

More Recruits:

At 11 pm I went back home in Ni Dar Village. I looked for the recruits that I needed, and talked to
young men, and one week later I phoned Raw Fee U La and told him that I already collected 15
recruits. The next day Raw Fee U La sent 2 trainers, Bar Hay, from Kyat Yo Byin Village, and another
trainer, I don’t know the name, to Anida Village. They arrived at Anida Village at 7 am.

Compiled by Rick Heizman 2

The Attacks Happen:

We didn’t know the attack date, but we knew it would be soon. Then on the morning of October 9,
2016, we heard that simultaneous surprise attacks had been launched against a number of Border
Guard Police bases, in Kyi Kan Byin, Nga Khu Ya and Koe Dan Kauk.

I phoned Raw Fee U La and when he answered I asked him why he didn’t call and inform me about
the attack plans, so we could join the attacks. He said that there weren’t enough weapons to give to
my group, that’s why they didn’t call me. He also said that for the next attacks he will call me so we
can join the attacks. And, he will give us weapons at that time. After that I just stayed home with my
family, and waited for Raw Fee U La to call me. The next day, Oct 10, I phoned Raw Fee U La again,
but there was no answer. I didn’t have any contact with Raw Fee U La until I was captured a few
days later.

[Note: The reason his group was not informed about the attacks was likely because there may have
been informers among the recruits, or suspected informers]

Names of 15 Bengali Muslim men whom I recruited and have attended militant
weapons training:

1. Nu Ru Hu Dar ( myself ) ( F ) Kaw Lin Mu Lar, age – 28, Ni Dar village, Maungdaw

2. E Bra Hein ( F ) Shaw Fe Ra Mauk, age – 25, wood cutter , Ni Dar village

3. Jaw Maw Tu Lar ( F ) Lar Gu, grade 9 student, Ni Dar village

4. Ar Mar Du Lar ( F ) Faw Rik Tu Lar, age – 25, wood cutter, Ni Dar village

5. Mu Kaw Ta Mat ( F ) Nu Mat Kar Hein, age – 20, wood cutter, Ni Dar village

6. Har Saung ( F ) Abu Ar Laung, age – 25 , wood cutter, Ni Dar village

7. Mu Ka Hein ( F ) Faw Ni Ar Mauk, Ni Dar Village

8. Mar Mat Hu Saung ( F ) E Nar See, age – 30 , wood cutter, Ni Dar village

9. E Ki Rak ( F ) Bar Zaw Mauk Ta Li, age – 25, furniture, Ni Dar village

10. U Sman ( F ) Har Mate Nu Saung, age – 30 , wood cutter, Ni Dar village

11. Mu Ta hat ( F ) Faw Ni Ar Mauk, age – 20 , general worker, Ni Dar village

12. Ar Yu ( F ) Ar Bu Bar Mauk, age – 25, wood cutter, Ni Dar village

13. Baw Taw Ar Laung ( F ) Sway Yaw, age – 20, Ni Dar village

14. Saw Lane Mu Lar (F) Sar Lar Mauk, age – 20, general worker, Ni Dar village

15. E Sman Li ( F ) Har Mate Hu Saung, age – 20, wood cutter, Ni Dar village

Compiled by Rick Heizman 3

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