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Task 2

Perform 3 Peer Observations (CLOs 1-6)

(complete the following forms for each peer observation (3 in total) that you do).

Please ensure that the observer /‘critical friend’ has a copy of the lesson plan.
Peer Observation Number: 1
Date/Time: October 22,2019 Name of Student Teacher to be observed: Reem Juma

Setting: Mohammed Bin Khaled School Grade: Three

Science lab

Area of Focus: Managing Learning Name of Observer/Critical Friend: Sabha Hamad

Topic for the lesson & Learning Outcomes:

Food web: Appreciate the importance of food web in an ecosystem and Construct a food web and Describe what
is a food web.

a) Give 3 examples of positive reinforcement a) Give 3 examples of how differentiation has

strategies that have been used. been used to cater to all learners including
b) What was efficient about these strategies? those with special needs.
c) How could these strategies have been b) What was efficient about these strategies?
improved? c) How could these strategies have been

 Time Management: Organize time

through lesson. a) There was no students with special needs in
the classroom.
 Use the clapping strategy: to start student
clean up. b) Effective in these strategies are clapping to
attract student attention to the teacher.
 Counting strategy: to stop talking during
c) Give students extra time to finish the activity.
the lesson.

Please tick the boxes using the scale with 5 indicating the best possible performance

Professionalism 1 2 3 4 5
 
Displays a high standard of professional behaviour, which includes punctuality 
and readiness for the session.
Shows initiative and enthusiasm during the session. 
Promotes a safe, and positive learning environment & builds good rapport with 
the learners.
Comments or reasons for scoring above:

 Have the ability to create a positive learning environment through the preparation of appropriate
activities for them.

1 2 3 4 5
Planning for Learning  

Provides a lesson plan, which includes all the required information and has clear 
and explicit learning outcomes.
The activities are well sequenced to scaffold student learning towards the 
learning objectives.
Incorporates differentiation through activities, questioning and/or learning styles. 
Materials and resources for teaching are of high quality and appropriate to the 
level of the learner.
Shows a student-centered focus in the lesson plan. 
Comments or reasons for scoring above:

 They are good at using activities in an innovative way that contributes to learning objectives.

1 2 3 4 5
Implementing and Managing Learning  

Uses accurate and appropriate language. 

Maintaining engagement – independence 
Ensures instructions, questions & explanations are clear, accurate & constructive. 
Uses effective questioning & elicitation (probe, praise, rephrase, redirect) 

Establishes and maintains clear and consistent rules & routines, and utilises a 
variety of positive reinforcement strategies to ensure that they are followed.

Maintains an appropriate pace to challenge and motivate the students. 

Uses a range of teaching strategies. 
Manages lesson time effectively. 
Comments or reasons for scoring above:

 She was excellent in time management during the lesson explanation which contributed to the
students' interaction with her.
Monitoring and Assessment 1 2 3 4 5
 
Monitors student progress effectively during the session. 
Provides ongoing feedback to students to enhance learning during the session. 
Uses formative and summative assessment instruments such as checklists, 
grading scales, rubrics, tests and projects etc. to evaluate students’ performance.

Comments or reasons for scoring above:

 More attention is necessary a different reinforcement methods for students during the lesson.

Overall Observed Strengths Overall Suggestions for further development

(also include comments for the area of focus) (also include comments for the area of focus)

 Give students a chance to participate in the

 Use words appropriate to the level of lesson.
 Excellent time management.
Reflection (to be completed after discussion of Peer Review with colleague): e.g. how did you feel about
conducting a formal observation? How did your colleague feel about being observed? How did you feel
about discussing your observations with your colleague after the lesson? How did your colleague react to
your assessment? Did she agree with your evaluation? Which of the suggestions you made will your
colleague apply in her next lesson? Do you and your colleague feel that this was a valuable experience?
Why/Why not?

During the observation, I felt comfortable that I had the skill and ability to express my opinion as I became
part of the learning process that I sought during my studies in achieving it. My colleague Reem felt during
her observation her enthusiasm and happiness as she tried to do her best to contribute to explain the lesson
to students in an easy and innovative way contribute to their interaction with them and attract their attention
to the lesson.

Therefore, in discussing my observation with my colleague Reem, I felt a sense of self-confidence,

responsibility, and courage because these observations will contribute to the improvement of students'
education. The reaction of my colleague Reem was a good direction towards my evaluation, where she
showed her positive and negative aspects in the way to explain the lesson. My friend Reem has agreed and
understanding, self-confident and ambitious personality who is always looking for the best. One of the
suggestions that I made to my colleagues Reem, is to develop students' skill so that students can absorb
information in the right way.

It is a fun and valuable experience for me and my colleague Reem because it helped us to improve our skills
in preparing activities that fit the level of students, and increased our self-confidence.

Please share feedback immediately following the observation once the forms are

Feedback meeting date: October 22 ,2019 Time: 8:05

Observer signature: Sabha Date: October 22,2019

Observer signature: Reem Date: October 22,2019