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4o~IrA ., ;Jt~ ;JH.fI1


Y. 'j·n ·~'rc M~r.liltli'i.j( Regulation No, ! 7112009

f04.,e. .... 'U' ,(u1H Q"II{.)!' "'MhA ""I**"'l.I FinanCial Intelligence Center Establishment Council
f"'t'l.htC''f 9"'hC I\..J- ,(1-11... , ........ :JlI fo7i.IiEII ofMinisteTS Regulation .. " ....... " ........... Page 5112
Council ofMi"islus Regulation 11'0./7111009
"..." 'I.n+r.-l· S"'IlC fl.')- r h. -l'r-A' f J.,f_6-II'l! This Regulation is issued by the Couneil of M,"ist~rs
Jl.'l"tll~·r'Lft' tTih\.tl Mt,l{"'I.. oll"l'}"~ 1....11"1'1....
pursuant to Articles S and 34 of the Definition of Po,,"cr
'/';11(' f1unru(n n(l)f1ltl)< h.<P~ .",'C fif.r.IiIIIJI1X and Duties of the Ex~cuti\'e Orgall5 of th<.: Federal
liln'l'1.- .,,'1'(: U t.'lIat,p o').r.·,'1P'i1'l) "}+:I!: I'i ),,; li1i! Democratic Repubhc of Ethiopia Proclamalion No,
0'; nIOTr:t\ r:r:-d· \"I ""'~ Hu·n ro.e9'" 'Hll')' .l,?t' 47112005 (as amended by Proclamation No. 60312(08)
h(')lIDflf!- "'1.rt.of1'} hf; 7i·nc-'·'1~+·) nT/II'/1 0Il0l'h
and Artlde 21(1) of the Prevention and Suppression of
/I''''/ll1htl,'; "1V"'~"tmr: nmtT]())· n'f'Jf: ~i'I'C Xf..Yr,
Money Laundering and the Financing of TerrOrISm
I~i'i.!:' h'}.,.)!; t11i(1il "",{llL')- .I'.U" 1:HI hm·'r:b>\;:
f>roclamatioll No. 657/2009.
6. b$"C ClIO I. Shnrl Title
J',IJ f.'HI "1'4..e';"t'I .I'.ln~+
",,01 "'IohA This Regulation m;ty be eited as the "" inancial
"'1oJ:oJ:"'U' f"'l.'l.fl"I·C'r 9"'lle 0.+ f.'Hl ofl"'C • Intelligence Center Establishment Council of
'ij'{fhl!aUr -/-'UI'I- fI.fn'l"r'l j'.1· ...t..:: 1'o1III'51C1"S Regulation No. 17112009"

r. tC'l"1, Z. I)tfin jtion ~

I' .",fI·11.'/'1011 /1,1\ ·l,cI·:? 'l"I(lm(1l- nfl·,·.,.C [n tbis Regulauon unless the contcllt olherv.isc
OtI.lJ I:HI ClJ·fl',':· requues:
f!. ' h'P,"'- "'1(1')' O{\nU, .f:C'd· N'll nll11 I, "Proclamation" means 1he 1'''''''("11110n and
m,{'.II" ·j·nt.:·)· ;h.ff. M",'M· "'/-1'1.11"} h'i SuppreSSIon of Money L:lulldcring and Ih~
ii'I1C'I"~~')") 0"1")1111 ",'C.Il-l-', fluolt ... ItN," Financmg of Terrorism Pro<;Iama1ioll No.
/\",,,~rlll11r: \'ClJ"lClJ' h'I'"f: ",,','r: Vyf,/IUi.!t 65712009:
~(!I' I 2 the defin;liolls ass'i:Iled 10 the teml' 'nd("r
II. nh'f')!: h 'H'.. II 1"/'",,/\h'I'(1I- -)-(;:1"'1. A",c1e 2 of the »roclam~t"Hl sm.l: be
·hUt"'l. Y.!f'iA ! apphcabl~,

r. ....ggr 3. Eslab'ilhmtn,
i\. 1'<\.J..... ')r'l .(u·)~,), u<>l.:Ji ..,!)hA (hll.ll n:\1\ l. Tbe Financial ' nlelhgence Center (hereinafter
' u'MhA M"I'l]fI \..../.ml.· ) 1',1."1 flm·H' \he ·Cenln") is hercby established as an
J'flm' /..{\." 1':"/\ """',..,,.....)- dD/"'/.j' n,')' autonomous govcrnmcnt office ha"ing \IS own
11","' IU1.U Y:HI "' ~4:":t.t\::
lcgal person;,':"ZYC.,---_---::-_-:-___ ,
l:.(.·j· :,n"l ;r", ,~ ~·it~
n~.·"." 5,40 N<:ganl Gazeta PObox 80,001
Uni1 Pric e
Federal Negarit Gazeta _ No. 5 February 12th 20 I 0 Page 5113

~. D116hl\· rf·mt.,.,: I\m,"'i\,e 0tJ. 'tfl:"?, 2. The Center shall be accountable to the Prime
,elfe;A:: Minister.

'P'j ODE?! o.t 4. Head Office

fD116hl\· 'Pe; mJetf The Center shall have its head office in Addis
OD11e;TCD'9" e~t­ ft. ')' lCD' Ababa and may have branch offices elsewhere as
,el'i\A:: may be necessary.

l;. fD116hft 'lOD11 5. Objectives

D116hl\· OCD'}~A Y:C'l.:'· f",11 11HoO CD,e9" The Center shall have the objectives to coordinate
'}oOl:" fh;Jlf nfloofll\" fD11""loOe; the various institutions involved in the fight against
"iioOC",1.,:,,·} 011HoO fOOC~T CD1~flol-1
money laundering'and the financing of terrorism, to
I\oohi\hA OD'l.~l1CD· 'l'lT fOtJ.ool\h:t'TCD·1
organize and analyze the information it receives and
'''<J:D11:'' fD11flrf'QOC: fD'l.~C"·T1 oolJiPJl-
to perform other related tasks to enable the
fD11~t-~:": foorf'1""}e; fD11flt-tJiliT 'he;
n 'P]f.1 rf'DJ'1t·lf D11 Y: l DJ 'h 1Jl:f A t\.flo l· implementation of the Proclamation.

'''tjD11~' et·PJ":j··} fD11he;CD1 1}i\D11 ,e'i'l'PA::

6. Powers and Duties of the Center

I. fD116hft eAtIJ'}'j 1"ge
The Center shall have the powers and duties to:
D116h1\. M1th\-T Mff(}c; 1""}fV..T ,e~..?:t'A:-
.1. exercise the powers and duties vested in it
fi. on'P]f. n1.,.1\ ?)fi(fl) f",flmCD·1 eAtlJ1~
under Article 21 (2) of the Proclamation;
rf'DJ'1C et· i\,e fCD·i\A !
2. own property, enter into contracts, sue and be
fl. f100lT '11\o.T ,elfe;A: CD·A ,e'P'Pi\A:
sued in its own name;
Oil 00' ,ehllA ,ehflllA! 3. carry out other lawful activities necessary for
e. 1}i\D11CD"} hDJoO I\D11 Y: lil fOtJ.fflt..A l' the attainment of its objectives.
I\.flol· U;Jlf "'DJ'1t-T1 fhe;CD·e;A::

i. fD1l6htk n1:pu
7. Ora:;anization of the Center
D116hl\· :-
f ~,et.h"'Cl- (lCY: :
The Center shall have: .....'-\
. , " Jot .. t .
?i. 1. a Board of Directors;
fl. 'Pe; ' ~,et.h"'C: 'he; ~ .i
2. a Director General; and
.. ' niltA'l. LPt-",7f>l-:
~) 3. the necessary staff. ~


~. f(leg- b91lt
fi. f ~,et.h"'Cl- (lCY: fl'1T n'1i\T 8. Members of the Board of Directors
,e'i'?:t'A:: fD116hl\· 'Pe; ~,et.h"'C f(lC~ 1. The Board of Directors shall consist of seven
<J:D'l. n'1A ,elfe;A::, f(lC~ ft..,.0010Ce; members: The Director General of the Center
.,.tPJ:ri n9"ilT n'1i\T 0001DJeT shall be a permanent member of the Board .
The Chairperson of the Board and the
,eliD111\·: :
remaining five members shall be appointed
fl. I\~,et.hrf·Cl- (lCY: b'1i\T\CD·
by the Government.
nOA oom1 0001DJeT ,eCDfle;A:: 2. The amount of allowance to be paid to the
members of the Board shall be determined by
M. f(lC,If. e'AtlJl'j 1"9C
the Government.
.9. Powers and Dutjes of the Board
?i. Ottu ~100 b·}.,.1\ ~ 10·il n1.,.1\ (?i)
The Board shall:
f",m.,.fl·T') fD116hl\'1 eAtlJ1e; ",DJ'1
1. exercise the powers and duties of the Center
t-:'. oet- 'h1JlCD·I\· ff.l;JA!
referred to in sub-article (1) of Article 6 of
• J this Regulation;
___ .~_'I[ 'J I.
Federal Negarit Gazeta _ No. 5 February 12th 2010 Page 5114

~. fh'P;q:'} ht.~1.crC; ftnJohfa·'} Ft·Pli· 2. supervise and follow up the proper

. 001\~ .,~. ~·~fllmt·/;\ ~h;f'-I'I\/;\ -: ?, functioning of the Center and ensure the
fflt.'l,tnJ/;\ 1 II : t. r
implementation of the Proclamation;
t. Om'}:c!/;\ 1:C1. r f"'11 1,}Hll m~cr I 3. advise the Government on legislative,
'HIL~' I"n,;J'l! hfloofllr tnJel'L-fl'} "hC; ft- regulatory and policy reforms with regard to
7illC"'~"~"} 01'}H'fl ooC~r'} ODll.oofahrf: . money laundering and the financing of
f £h '? -: f «h1'1'CC; f T ttt\. tnJ1i1if Pli· I\~ ; 'J terrorism;
'o o'},? F~"} ftnJht·/;\ 1 4. issue directives necessary for the
h'P;q:'}C; Oh'P;q: oolPL~' y''}(l"f'} ! .~u implementation of the Proclamation and
fatnJflt.1.?" fDll.fflt./;\ l' ooootf Pl"f'} I j 'ft regulations issued under it; and
fmfll/;\ 1 'h~'
,i : 5. approve the policy manual, work plan,
ftnJohfa·'} fhlPt·C 7'ttt\.Pl"fC; f F/" i organizational structure and manning of the
0:"1: -: oo'P:"CC; f"m· ')~/;\ hY.L;q:c!~, : ·fH Center; and submit for government approval
'f1.1: ~/;\ 1 ft\.ft/;\ "cft,,·'} £h1"f oolP ! ';'C· the staff regulations of the Center prepared on
L;f''P. l}1\9" Pli· "'hrfa" f"'H,;J:c! ftnJohfa· I·>'? the basis of the basic principles of the civil
• I
service laws.

I. il0. Meetings and Procedures of the Board

~I (lC~· ')I\&. 'I":'} faoomfll~' F /"01' I. The Board shall meet for the discharge of its
ODll.m~'''m· oom'} OtnJC;Tm'cr 1.... :l functions as often as business requires;
, .~.:)'
tt"O"'O ~-:'''I\/;\ 1 trt;'9" fl.f'}fI O~flr provided however, that it shall meet not less
mC h'}1: 1. ... oo"'fl"ll ~t;'CO;f'/;\:: than once in three months.

iii (lC~-:
Ii,' 2. The Board:
i .' a) shall determine its own rules of
V) f"llflfl F"' FCl}rf:'} ~mflC;/;\ 1 I

fa) fa F/" m· hfltA1. trt;' "hflI'J11m' 1:LfI I 'ril· procedures of meetings;

b) may request advice and assistance from
htnJ'}~m'cr "01' tnJC;Tm'cr 9°hC
I, 1~3l.{ such persons as it considers necessary to
• ':1 ..J I
i, 'f!~1
m~9° "hC~;f' oomf:" ~i'l\/;\ 1 assist it to perform its functions; and
-~ ]
'i'\O( c) may appoint committees from its
dt) Ft·m·'} fatnJhC;m'} fDll.L~
members to assist it in the performance
J'DIl.i:Pl·,T· hhfll\'f: tnJ<J:<J:9° ~"fl\/;\:: of its functions.
t. OtnJC;Tm' cr f(lC~· fI-fl"fI h-fltJ~m' hfll\r 3. T . er~ ~hal1 be:(, qm>rum where a majority of
h"·11· 9° /;\ l}"·'l·fll}. ~t;' t·/;\:: tnJC;Tm'9°
01· ... "1. m~9° "hC9°;q Oflll"fI O-l'11·r
the members of the Board are present at any
meeting, and any decision or action shall be
hfll\~' h-fl1\1ilil. 1:crlJ ~m"C;/;\:: I . appro~ed by a majority of those present at the
i, ro(
..r •
i • ,... meeting.
- bl U I I

I '(
Hi. .,:11. Director General of the Center
I •
~• ..GftnJohfa· 1. The Director General of the Center shall be
;v 1
iP- appointed by the Government.
ftnJOhfa. 'PC; F/" I ·{ 2. The Director General shall be the chief
~" 'PC; ~~t,h-l't;.
executive officer of the Center and, as such,
hflt.~DIl. Oootr'} ftnJohfa·'} F/,.Pl"f shall direct and administer the activities of
~oot· /;\ -: ffl " '~1: /,./;\:: t'l the Center.
t. ftlu h'}"'1.· '}O·fI h'}"'1.· on hm~l\~ h" 3. Without limiting the generality stated in sub-
article (2) of this Article, the Director
,;J1C "h'}Y.i'mO·" trt;' 'PC; ~~~hi·t;. -:
General shall:
V) ftnJohfa·'} F/;\fll'}C; -I''?flt·~' h(lC~ I

) n
I a) exercise the powers and duties of the
ODll."mm· ooootf oolPLr O,l»/,. i Iftn)
I enter as directed by the Board;
I\~ fm·l\/;\ 1
b) employ and administer the employees of
fa) Otlu f:}ll h '}"'1.' U«(;) O-l'm.,."m· (hi f).
the 'Center in accordance with the staff
flPt··,·7j>:l"· oo"· ooootf oolP ?~n ~.
regulations referred to in Article 9(5) of
L~' ftnJohfa·'} lPt·.,' 7f'i· ~"'1't·/;\-: I U\\.9, ,
this Regulation;
ffl"·~1:t·/;\ 1

Federal Negarit Gazeta _ No. 5 February 121h 20 I 0 Page 5115

til) fl1116hfa·') 'loo:r'f f Fir 6:"Y:C; c) prepare, and submit to the Board, the
n~~ . hH;J~·.y. fa(lC~ f+Cc)A i annual work plan and budget of the
n.4.+Y:r nFIr I\~ fCD·I\A! Center and implement same upon
00) fl1116hfa·') f Fir htC.~1-rC; f'llll1 approval;
t,TC~ hH;J~·.y. fa(lCY: f+Cc)A! d) submit performance and financial reports
LP) l1116hfa·') hY"'iI"'~CD1Cf'f ;JC of the Center to the Board;
nOlJ.~l1· "1')1·".y. 'f .eCDhl\A! e) represent the Center in its dealings with
l) FAflI,)C; "'"1c)? ') fal1116hfa· f Fir third parties;
:"A'l'«t:C; 'h C; CD·m.:rl111"~ hil4A 1.. f) delegate part of his powers and duties to
nlf., oom') fal1116hfa· LPIr.,.7f>'f the employees of the Center to the extent
nCD·hAC; .e"flIA j necessary for the effectiveness and
") noo,)"1F~~ Tlln. fl1116hfa· efficiency of the Center;
fil~Ir·'~Jt h:"flI65). I't.e "'tMCf g) keep the Board informed of any matter
Afll1:? fOlJ. 'ffa· 1·~r-'f 'i? n. that .could materially affect public policy
fa(lC~ , fllCD':J>A j or the strategic direction of the Center;
7i) Iblt--:': h(lC~· fOlJ."m· "'"1c)Ir~,) h) perform any other tasks as may be
fhC; CD' C; A:: assigned by the Board.
II. 004Tct 12. Reporting
ii. ·l1116hfa· nOlJ.iI'l'C fOlJ.mnch~,) ll.eQ;l,rC 1. The Center shall prepare and make available to
fOlJ.h"'fa·~·} fl-J"'''~ 'loo:rtf t,TC~ the public an annual report that shall at least
hH;J~·.y. fafhlHl .e~ f~C;JA:-
include the following information, not
otherwise confidential:
lJ) nh'P~ ooLPl~ f.,.+nl't:fCD·')
a) statistical data such as the number of
t,TC.y.'f: fafh"1 hil.t~OIJ. hl-JI't~ reports received pursuant to the
f"~oo? 1·~r-i·: h"'oo?~ CD·iI'l' Proclamation, the number of referrals
hil f,,·ooLPl.,.C):fCD· fCD,)~A made to law enforcement bodies, the
1·~r-i·: n'lfar h+«t: ~l)( f+ln· number and prosecutions based on those
referrals, and the number of international
f'hC~:r 'l' f«l:JD'fc; f ooll "fa,
requests for assistance; and
iI:r~iI-thlltf fch'l'C ool)(JD'f j
b) any other information mandated by the
'hC; Board to be included in the Annual
fa) n(lC~ CD·ll.,. 'h')-'tI-J.,.i: f.,.CD""· Report.
Iblt-i· ool)(JD'f::
fl. l1116hfa· CD:":rtf flf.,· nCD') ~A 1:(:1.. ~ 2. The Center shall transmit information on
f"'11 1,)Hl1 ,)l1l~ fh;Jtf common and emerging typologies of money
hil ooillt- l111:"ll1 ') 'h C; 7il1C.,. :-s.,~ ') laundering and the financing of terrorism as
n1,)Hl1 ooC~~') . n"'oofah.,. f.,.h"i:
a mechanism to provide guidance to the
f004.1-OIJ.f Hs.'oJD'f')C; Iblt-'f 'l'CflIt.
accountable persons on suspicious
f0lJ.4. 'l'? "111.e.y.:f') fal111CD:" fOlJ.l~
ool)(JD:f ~I'tk"~ I'tfaC):fCD' "JDi'
'h·)~hil4A1.."·1: nftti.CD· f"Ir65).A::

If. nfi 13. Budget

l1116hfa· . noo')"1F~ nOlJ.oo~l1fa~ n~~ The budget of the Center shall be allocated by the
.e·t·~ ~IrA:: Government.
If!. f'I/111 oolJ,l1t 14. Books of Accounts
1. The Center shall keep accurate and complete
ii. l1116hfa· "'~hhfa~C; f"'OXfa' f'llll1 001J
books of accounts.
"111"'~ .e.eIJA:: 2. The books of accounts and financial
K. fl1116hfa· f'l. Ufl1 001J"111~C; 1,)Hl1 .,h documents of the Center shall be audited
".,p.i· n4..s.'olrA 'PC; ~-'t"'C n'Pc; annually by the Federal Auditor General or
~-'t .,.? nOlJ.i'i9u ~-'t "'C nf'looi: .eool by an auditor appointed by the Auditor
oo&·fa·:: General.

IS. Rctation " -jth the National Bank or EthioJ)ia

In rdation 10 issues provided in Ihe Proclamation
nh <PJ!: f·'·J'..'/,I'H··) \'4-.fS·Ul .,.* regarding financial institutions. the Center shall
\''''1.""flf1.f; 1·,/0\\",1·') 1'h.,+I"A·Y act in consu ltation with the National Bank of
fl,h./... 'P. WHn n"'1"'1IlC J'.IJ-It·(>.:: Ethiopia .
n. 1,10=\'''1'rSot 111. 16. Effective Date
J'.U .f:HI hu,/o\C Sf; .f'"} !{i'i. !{ 't.r'. -"'I"C' This Regu lation shall enter into force as of the 4'"
day of December 2009.

Done at Addis Ababa, this 12" day of Fcbruary 20)0.

I'h,3'I"A'Y .UI"t ·"'P. Jo\..'l"llt·tt.r'P. ?Tflfl.1l