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Emmy's Cancer Journey

Emmy Cole was diagnosed with high risk Neuroblastoma at age 2. Neuroblastoma is a
type of cancer that forms in certain types of nerve tissue. It most commonly found in the
adrenalin glands and can develops in the stomach, chest, neck, pelvis, and bone. Emmy's mother
started to notice that something was wrong when she hold Emmy lower back while she was
trying to take small painful steps. Then her mother took a video of her that morning before she
take Emmy to the hospital. And she was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma on April 13rd, 2015. Her
mother can't believe at first so its hard to put into words that the crushing feeling like your whole
world stop. Neuroblastoma arises in parts of the nervous system that are outside of the brain.
Emmy's tumor had wrapped around her spine and gone into her spinal cord and it had broken
through her diaphragm and started invading the space in her lung cavity. The therapy for high
risk Neuroblastoma is very complicated and its very intense, even with the most aggressive
treatment that doctor gives only half of the children survived. Luckily Emmy Cole responded to
treatment well, with five rounds of chemotherapy, 2 surgeries and a stem cell transparent. Emmy
spent 200 nights at Seattle Children. Two week of that was spent in the ICU, because the doctor
afraid that she'd stopped breathing.

The Medical team at Seattle Children hope that they will develop an immunotherapy that
can take away some that horrific year to year of treatment. The current treatment long term
effects includes risk for other types of cancer growth disturbances of heart function effects. So
they want to eliminate those risk.

After going through with the treatment, now she has no sign of cancer. Emmy's parents
glad that the doctors and the nurses team at Seattle Children saved her daughter’s life. Seattle
Children cover all of the medical bills for Emmy. It was the biggest blessing that we could have
ever asked for, said Emmy's mother. Now Emmy can jump and run like other children. Emmy's
mother still think that it’s a miracle that Emmy can survived and she overwhelmed with joy.
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