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Order No : 605296
Order Date : 30/09/2019 Head Office, Bennett House, Unit 3, Viking Street, Bolton BL3 2RR
Tel: 01204 534311 Fax 01204 362783
Account No. : 01/125521 email:
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Invoice To : Delivery To : Contact Details :

Student Finance England Harry Hay Harry Hay
Memphis Building 32 Hart Road 07342935025
Lingfield Point BENFLEET
McMullen Road Essex

Reference : 53534094555 Our Reference : LOUISE

Code Description Qty Training Date Arrival Between Status
99554 Training - First Session 1 04/11/2019 12PM - 2PM COMPLETED
2 Hours On Equipment

And Specialist Software




99556 Training - Second Session 1 15/11/2019 1PM - 3PM COMPLETED

2 Hours On Equipment

And Specialist Software

100686 Training - Third Session 1 19/11/2019 12PM - 2PM OUTSTANDING

2 Hours on Equipment

And Specialist Software

100687 Training - Fourth Session 1 OUTSTANDING

2 Hours On Equipment

And Specialist Software

99557 Training - Final Session 1 OUTSTANDING

2 Hours On Equipment

And Specialist Software


This document contains important

relating to your order
Please keep it in a safe place
for future reference

Your DSA order

Thank you for placing your DSA order with Barry Bennett Ltd.

The purpose of this document is to provide all the information you will require relating to your order
with us. We pride ourselves on the highest levels of customer service and will keep you informed at
each stage during the order process.

If we are providing your DSA equipment, delivery will be made as soon as all items on your order are
in stock. This is usually within ten working days of receiving your order confirmation. A summary of
the authorised equipment we will be supplying is attached.

£200 Contribution
If you are funded by Student Finance England and are required to pay the £200 contribution towards
your computer, we will need to receive this payment before we can release your order and confirm
your delivery date with you.

For convenience, payment can be made by Bank Transfer: Our bank details are as follows (please
quote student's name as the reference):

Bank: Handelsbanken

Sort Code: 40-51-62 (Agency Sort Code)

Account No: 19854692

Alternatively, you can telephone 01204 551814 to payment by card over the phone, or send a cheque
with the student name printed clearly on the reverse to:

Barry Bennett Ltd

Bennett House
Viking Street

Upgrading your order

If you would like to consider upgrading your equipment, please contact us within 48 hours of receipt
of your order confirmation so we can establish if this is possible.
Please go to browse a list of upgrade options available to
you. From that page you will also find information on how to go about contacting us with your upgrade
Please note:
• Any alterations must still comply with the assessor’s recommendations
• Requesting upgrades after 48 hours may result in additional charges as we may have already
started to prepare your equipment for despatch
• Payment will be required from you prior to your amended order being processed

Your delivery address has been given as per the attached order confirmation, and our Scheduling
Team will contact you within 4-5 working days to arrange a convenient date for delivery.

Please check that your award covers the cost of our services and be advised that you may be liable
for any cost of equipment/training that your DSA grant does not cover.
Once we have contacted you, delivery will be met within 10 working days, dependent on your
availability and the availability of the items on your order.

The type of delivery will be stated in the attached order document.

Delivery by Courier is carried out by a trusted courier company and you will be notified by text message
to confirm the time your delivery will be made.

Installation Where installation is indicated on your order, this means that we install all your software
onto the machine and fully test your hardware – the procedure takes place in our workshop by our
inhouse technical staff.
The delivery of your equipment is undertaken by one of our highly trained technical staff. All your
equipment is unpacked and set up for you at your delivery address. Familiarisation
This is carried out at the point of delivery and is to familiarise you with the equipment you have
received. This includes all areas of the operating system and any software purchased in addition to
how to use the equipment such as printers, scanners and how to connect to the internet.
If you have been allocated training, we strongly recommend that you try to take as many of the
sessions as you can as it will help to ensure you benefit from the hardware and software you have
been awarded through your DSA and will make it easier for you to continue with your studies.

Training can be face-to-face at your home, university campus or alternatively, remotely via a
broadband internet connection.

We will contact you within ten working days to arrange your training appointments at the soonest
opportunity dependent on your availability.

Where you have been allocated equipment and training with Barry Bennett, we endeavour to
commence training within 10 working days of delivery, and training will be limited to a maximum of
one 2 hour session per day.

If you have any queries regarding your delivery or training dates, our Scheduling Team can be contact
as below:

Tel: 01204 551 801


Warranty (If Supplied by Barry Bennett Ltd)

Your warranty is allocated for the duration of time stated on your order and cover commences from
the date your equipment is delivered. For issues relating to warranties, please contact our technical
support team.

Tel: 0800 089 6386

Direct line: 01204 551 818

Issues not covered by warranty are; spillage, accidental damage, theft, viruses/ malware, loss and
wear and tear amongst others.

Insurance (If Supplied by Barry Bennett Ltd)

Your insurance is arranged through Specialty Risks who are FSA registered and are recognised by
QAG as having an insurance scheme dedicated to DSA students.

The policy covers all of the hardware supplied and include all of the following benefits and exclusions:

• Zero excess policy

• Accidental damage, fire theft and malicious damage
• Full reinstatement of all hardware and software to at least the standard originally supplied
• Must not be limited to a single claim
• Worldwide cover can be provided, if requested

Permitted exclusions
Exclusions include: Theft from unlocked / unsecured premises or vehicles, or if an item is lost or
misplaced. Cosmetic Damage

Barry Bennett will reinstate software from the original license or an equivalent, if the original software
is no longer compatible.
If your machine is physically damaged and you have been awarded insurance, please don’t be afraid
to let us know as this will speed up the claim process.

For further information on your insurance (if awarded) please refer to your ‘Insurance Policy’ document
which is situated on the desktop of your machine. To request a hard copy of the document please

For all insurance claims, please telephone Specialty Risks on 03301 000 713 and ask for the claims
department, visit, or email You will need to
confirm your name and address to which the machine was delivered. They will then issue you with a
claim number and send you a claim form and advise you on the next steps in the process.

If any of the equipment provided by Barry Bennett is received damaged, please ensure you
contact us on 01204 534 311 within 3 working days as claims outside this period cannot be

Help Desk & Technical Support
If you need any help with any of your equipment supplied by Barry Bennett, our friendly Technical
Support team are here to help you and can be contacted by any of the following means:

Opening Times 8.30am - 5.30pm Monday - Thursday 8.30am - 5.00pm Friday

Tel: 0800 089 6386 or 01204 551 818

Text: 0795 804 2336
Type Talk: 18001 0800 089 06386

Where you contact our help desk by email, we will endeavour to respond within a 2 hour period from
receipt of the communication.

Repairs On site visits to carry out repairs will be provided within 2 working days (subject to your
availability) from the point that it is agreed that the problem can not be resolved remotely.

If the engineer cannot resolve the problem during the onsite visit, they will return the equipment to
Head Office (this is called a "return to base").

If the return to base repair is deemed necessary because the problem cannot be rectified remotely,
collection of the equipment will take place within 2 working days (subject to your availability) from the
point that it is agreed that the problem cannot be resolved remotely.

Provision of Loan Equipment

If the problem cannot be rectified within 3 working days of collection of your equipment, loan equipment
will be provided. The loan equipment will be of a suitable specification to run assistive technology

Length of time for repairs Return to base repairs will be completed within 3 weeks for desktop PCs
and laptops.

Remote Desktop Support

In a bid to improve our ability to support customers we are now able to provide live online support, this
will mean we can immediately diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve technical problems using a variety
of online tools. These include Chat Link, Remote Diagnostics and File Transfer.
Please keep any CDs you received with your equipment in a safe place as we may need you to access
these if you require any technical support in the future.

We do not add passwords to any computer or Apple machine. If your machine asks for a password,
simply leave the field blank and continue as if you have entered a password.

Internet Usage
Please download and install Windows updates when promoted and ensure that you keep your
antivirus definition up-to-date and do not disable any firewalls. If any email or website asks for your
personal information or passwords, do not provide them unless you are 100% sure they are legitimate.
If you are unsure, please call our technical support team for further assistance.

To delete viruses, run the antivirus scan in the supplied antivirus software (if purchased). Please do
not load more than one antivirus product as this will cause your system to run slowly and may affect
the ability to use Windows programs.

Backing up your work

Please ensure that your work and other important documents are backed up on a regular basis as we
cannot accept responsibility for the loss of any of your data if your machine fails.

Please note
The purpose of your equipment is for college / university work and you run an increased risk of virus
issues by using social network and music sites. We can assist with viruses on the first occasion and
after this we can advise on how you can eradicate them, however, if you require Barry Bennett to
remove them for you, please be aware that there will be a charge of £70 for this service.
Ink Cartridges
To replace your ink cartridges, please refer to your printer manual or the sticker on your printer.
Normally, if you open the printer, the print heads will automatically more to an easily accessible are
where you can then open the ink section to easily remove and replace them.

For replacement ink at very competitive pricing, please visit our website
and choose our students page where you will easily locate the products you require along with useful
information as to how to claim your consumables allowance (if awarded).

DSA-QAG Student Survey

Help Disabled Students Allowances Quality Assurance Group (DSA-QAG) and your fellow students
by completing the survey:

Complaints Procedure
Policy Statement Complaints

Step 1 You can make a complaint by phone, email or in writing. The first step is to contact the
supervisor of the department providing the service you want to complain about. Tell them the problem
and they will try and sort it out. In many cases they will deal with your complaint on the spot. If not we
will contact you within one working day. If you do not know who to contact ring our Technical Support
department on 0800 089 6386.

Step 2 If you are not satisfied with the answer you received at step one, or you don’t want to contact
the supervisor directly, please complete our simple online form with your name and contact details and
click ‘send’. A senior manager will then investigate your complaint. We aim to give you a full reply
within three working days.
Step 3 If you are still not satisfied you can ask for your complaint to be to be looked at by the Managing
Director. The Managing Director will deal with your complaint and give you a full reply within three
working days.

This document is also located on the desktop of your machine, however, if you require a
printed copy or Braille print or an alternative language, please email