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The Mental Health Status of College Students

The Mental Health Status of College Students

Anderia Kyle M. Esperida

BS Medical Technology – 1st Semester, 1st year

December 6, 2019

The Mental Health Status of College Students

The Mental Health Status of College Students


There are college students who suffers from mental health problems especially,

depression. That's why this term paper came up with the aim to know what is the status of the

mental health that focuses on depression of college students.


There square measure tons of struggles that faculty students face like educational works,

money standing, family, and private issues. Therefore, there square measure faculty students who

square measure stricken by depression. This can be a widespread social issue that's relevant to our

country and particularly this generation. The aim of this term paper is to understand the standing

of depression among faculty students so it will facilitate professionals, different students, family,

friends, to understand a way to cope up and luxury faculty students who suffered psychological

state particularly, depression. The unstable state of Mental Health of College Students here in the

Philippines affects their performance and how certain laws and programs play a role in awareness

of psychological health towards its betterment but, the government lacks budget when it comes on

implementing it, resulting in deprivation of the students as well as other Filipinos on accessing the

right medications they need.


The Mental Health Status of College Students

What’s Depression?

Depression could be a common however serious mood disorder and a significant

depressive order. The severe symptoms might have an effect on however you handle daily

activities, like intake, operating and sleeping, and it should additionally have an effect on however

you are feeling (The National Institute of psychological state, 2018). Depression could be a mental

condition that may have an effect on a student’s ability to review, work, pay attention of

themselves, and move with their peers, sleeping an excessive amount of or having problem in

sleeping, retreating from collaborating in an exceedingly once enjoyed activities, feelings of

despair, unhappiness, and unhappiness, changes in appetency, and having a tough time on

concentrating in class works, someday symptoms of depression will result in thoughts of suicide

(Riba & Cusumano, 2018).

The Philippine Psychological state Law (RA 11036) and its beneficiaries.

Filipino individuals nowadays scored another finish with the language of the Republic Act

11036 or the Philippine psychological state Law by President Rodrigo R. Duterte. The

aforementioned law seeks to determine a national psychological state policy directed towards

rising the health of the population. It conjointly underscores the essential right of all Filipinos to

psychological state care whereas shaping the structural and attitudinal challenges to achieving a


LAW,” n.d.).

The Mental Health Status of College Students

Specifically, it aims to supply psychological state services at the barangay level and

integrate psychological state and eudaemonia programs within the grassroots level so interventions

are felt by the communities. It conjointly seeks to enhance psychological state facilities and to

market psychological state education in colleges and workplaces. Mechanisms for suicide

intervention, prevention, and response methods, with specific attention to the considerations of the

youth, are a part of the national psychological state program (DOH LAUDS SIGNING OF


“The DOH thanks President Duterte for language this law and every one the members of

each home of Congress for facilitating the total method, and therefore the psychological state

skilled teams United Nations agency labored inexhaustibly for many years to possess this law

passed. This demonstrates the seriousness of the govt. and its partners to uplift the psychological

state of the population and make sure the welfare and rights of those with mental, medical specialty

and substance use disorders,” Health Secretary Francisco T. Duque III aforementioned. The

measures contained within the psychological state Law square measure anchored on the Formula

One and strategy, namely: Governance, Health funding, Service Delivery, rules, and Performance


Foremost, this law can offer for the creation of the Philippine Council for psychological

state (PCMH) composed of the following: Secretary of DOH as presiding officer; Secretary of

DepEd; Secretary of DOLE; Secretary of the Department of the inside and native Government

(DILG); presiding officer of CHR; Chairperson of CHED; one representative from the

academe/research; one representative from medical or professional organizations; and one

representative from non-government organizations (NGOs) concerned in psychological state


The Mental Health Status of College Students

problems. The Council is answerable for developing and providing oversight functions within the

implementation of a national psychological state set up. The budget to be used for its operation is

taken at first from the 2018 DOH budget. For succeeding years, funds can come back from the

National Expenditure Program be supported the final bill. Beneficiaries of this law embrace

persons experiencing any psychological state condition, their families, careers and different

appointed legal representatives (DOH LAUDS SIGNING OF PHILIPPINE MENTAL HEALTH

LAW,” n.d.)

This law is otherwise referred to as “An Act Establishing a National psychological state

Policy for the aim of Enhancing the Delivery of Integrated psychological state Services, Promoting

and protective the Rights of Persons Utilizing psychiatrically, medicine and Psychosocial Health

Services, Appropriating Funds Therefor, and for different functions.” (DOH LAUDS SIGNING


Status of Psychological State

14% of a population of 4 million Filipinos with disabilities were known to own an upset

(Philippines Statistics Authority, 2010). The National Statistics workplace recognized that mental

state is that the third widespread style of morbidity, but then discovering that solely eighty-eight

occurrences of psychological state issues were reported for each one hundred 000 of the population

(DOH, 2005) is probably going an underestimate of truth extent of those problems. is probably

going an underestimate of truth extent of those problems. As of now, the Philippines has recently

passed its initial psychological state Act (Republic Act no. 11036). The Act seeks to inaugurate

access to comprehensive and integrated psychological state services whereas taking care of the

The Mental Health Status of College Students

rights of individuals with mental disorders and their members of the family (Lally et al, 2019).

However, the psychological state remains badly resourced: solely 3–5% of the full health budget

is spent on psychological state, and the seventieth of this can be spent on hospitalization (WHO &

Department of Health, 2006). 2005 WHO World Health Survey within the Philippines known that,

of ten 075 participants, 0.4% had an identification of schizophrenic disorder and fourteen.5% had

an identification of depression. of these with identification of schizophrenic disorder, 33.2% had

received treatment or screening within the past a pair of weeks, compared with Bastille Day of

these with identification of depression. Recent information from the Philippine Health system on

a psychological state knew that (from fourteen public and personal hospitals surveyed from 2014

to 2016) forty second of the 2562 surveyed patients were treated for the schizophrenic disorder.

Medication Access Program for Psychological State in the Philippines

There is a cultural drive to ‘save face’ once there's a warning to or mislaying of one's social

position, and intrinsically Filipinos might have to bother revealing to psychological state issues or

seeking to facilitate. there's a sturdy sense of family within the Philippines so, once troubles square

measure thought to be socially connected, Filipinos can address family and peer networks before

seeking medical facilitate (Tuliao, 2014). There's a national Department of Health Medication

Access Program for a psychological state that carries a central list of essential medications. These

medications square measure accessible the least bit service levels, however, funding issues limit

patient access, significantly access to the newest medications. The oftentimes used antipsychotics

in clinical follow square measure major tranquilizer and haloperidol; escitalopram and selective-

serotonin reuptake inhibitor square measure the foremost ordinarily used antidepressants.

The Mental Health Status of College Students


The understanding of the depression among students will help professionals, different

students, family, friends, and they can help students cope up with their mental health. It is clearly

stated that depression is a disorder it only means we cannot ignore this problem because it affects

student’s performance in school and in their personal lives. College students are very prone to

depression because of the academic stress. Here in the Philippines we have a right that protects the

students or individual who suffered from mental health issues and being protected with their rights,

under the Republic Act no. 11036 and The National Department of Health Medication Access

Program has a list of essential medication but unfortunately because of having low funding from

the government there are some limits to access these medications. This issue cannot ignore this

problem and the government should give focus and proper budget in this issue because the

students, the youth, and other individuals, because the success of the country lies within a health

mind of these sectors of the society.


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The Mental Health Status of College Students



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