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1999 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 150/609

Friday 12 February 1999


(1999/C 150/05)


Proceedings of the sitting

IN THE CHAIR: Mrs SCHLEICHER − Mr Mombaur on Mr Posselt’s remarks;

− Mr Vallvé protested about a postcard showing the new
building, on sale at the newsagent in Parliament’s premises,
(The sitting opened at 09.05) which described it as a Council of Europe building;

− Mr Corrie who wondered, given the large number of

amendments tabled to many reports and the large number of
1. Approval of Minutes of previous sitting reports referred back to committee, whether the Rules should
not be amended to the effect that if a report contained a great
Mr Bourlanges informed the Chair that he had been present at number of amendments it would automatically be referred
the previous sitting but had forgotten to sign the attendance back to committee (the President replied that the Rules would
register. be reviewed in depth in the near future and any proposals

The following spoke: − on the decision by the Conference of Presidents:

Mrs Theato, chairman of the Budgetary Control Committee,
− Mr McMahon who pointed out that the Commission had who emphasised that the discharge procedure must come under
not paid the freelance interpreters for some time and asked for Parliament’s control, in particular through its Budgetary
the matter to be dealt with (the President took note of his Control Committee; Mr Goepel on the future of committee
request); meetings (the President replied that Members would receive all
the information requested in writing); Mr Rübig who com-
− Mr Hallam, on the large number of requests for roll-call mented on the procedure under Rule 10(5) of the Rules;
votes during the previous day’s sitting and the waste this Mrs Aelvoet, on behalf of the V Group, and Mr Cox, on behalf
involved; of the ELDR Group, on the reasons for that decision;
Mr Wijsenbeek who objected to the European Council’s lack
− Mr Posselt, referring to statements made the previous day of consideration for Parliament in deciding to meet on the same
on the German version of the joint motion for a resolution on date as a parliamentary part-session; Mr Martens, on behalf of
Kazakhstan (Part I, in particular Item 18), asked for clarifica- the PPE Group, who asked for a report of the proceedings of
tion (the President replied that upon enquiry it had been found the Conference of Presidents to be forwarded to Members to
that an incorrect version had been published but that the correct avoid various Members of the Conference of Presidents
version had then been made available to Members. She added presenting their personal report; Mr Happart, after supporting
that the reasons for this error would be looked into); Mr Wijsenbeek, called for the agenda to be resumed;
Mrs Green, on behalf of the PSE Group, who endorsed
Mr Cox’s remarks; Mr Poettering who supported Mr Wijsen-
− Mr Evans, on Mr Hallam’s statement, pointed out that
beek’s remarks; and Mrs Green on Mr Poettering’s remarks.
fewer copies of the results of the roll-call votes and of the
Minutes could be published and that the Annex containing the
results of the roll-call votes could be put on the Internet instead The Minutes of the previous sitting were approved.
of being distributed systematically to Members, (the President
replied that according to the Rules the documents had to be

− Mr Fabre-Aubrespy, on the decision by the Conference of

Presidents to change the date of the March part-session in 2. Documents received
Brussels (Part I, Item 30 of Minutes), described that decision as
inopportune and legally inappropriate; referring to Article 5 of
Annex V to the Rules of Procedure, he stressed the importance The President had received:
of forwarding the report of the Committee of Experts to the
Committee on Budgetary Control (the President, after referring
to Rule 10(2) and (4) of the Rules, pointed out that this decision
had been taken by the chairmen of the political groups within (a) from the Council, requests for opinions on:
the Conference of Presidents to ensure that the President of the
Commission was present when the report by the Committee of
Experts was considered; Members could obtain more informa- − Proposal for a Council decision concerning the conclusion
tion from their group leaders); of a protocol on the extension of the period during which the