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Victoria Lynde



Looking back over my previous reflections, a pretty common theme or pattern

that seemed to come up in each one is something happening in my personal life that

would impede or take away the amount of time needed to thoroughly finish each

individual project. Since these occurrences were, of course, out of my control I would

still do my best to complete the project to an acceptable stage and submit it in time.

Because of the constant rush to complete the assignments on time, I feel that I was not

able to actually absorb a lot of the learning material within a lot of them. I’m a bit

surprised that we did not work with Excel of Google Sheets more as that is one program

that seems to be important in the business world and is certainly one that I need more

practice in using. Despite the numerous obstacles in my life outside of class, I am glad

that I was able to complete most of the work in a timely manner.

As I said before, there were numerous events outside of class that significantly

impeded my ability to complete many of the assignments in this class. I would try to

work past them by just trying to work on class material whenever I could get a moment

to myself. It was rather difficult to balance this work with my other classes as well. This

strategy to trying to complete the work has not changed too much since then, but I have

been having a bit more time to myself recently which allowed me more time to actually

work on the assignments at a slower pace.

At the beginning of this class, I had thought that we would be learning more

about technology that would be used frequently in the business world such as Excel and

practice working on things like spreadsheets. That quickly changed when I found that

the class was heavily based on material for Education majors. I don’t think that the class

material was bad, but I think that it should have been more explicitly stated in the course

description that this class was for Education majors. This thought sticks out a lot in my

mind with the last project we had to complete and how there wasn’t much instruction on

it because the only instructions there were for the version of the project that people with

an Education major had to complete.

If I were to take an assignment from the beginning of class and compare it with

one from the end of class, I don’t think I would see much difference in terms of quality of

content in each project. The difference that I would know between the two was the

amount of time I had to work on each when they were assigned. I had the same kind of

approach to how I completed the work, just trying to work on it when I had the time to, I

just had a bit more free time outside of class with the later projects that we were


One thing that I have seen in another person with my major’s projects is the

strong correlation to our major or what career path they want to take in the future. If I

were to go back or have to take this class again, I would want to try to relate the

projects more with my major or a future career path I might take.

If I could go back and do something different on one of our module projects, I

would go back to the Inquiry Module project and submit the amount of it that I had
completed at the time. I would also have myself contact the professor to let him know

that the reason I hadn’t submitted or fully completed the assignment was because two

family friends had passed away and in the midst of mourning I had forgotten to finish the

work and submit the assignment.

One goal that I would like to set for myself for next semester is to study harder for

my Japanese classes so that I struggle less with understanding grammar concepts and