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The Chairman of the Indonesian Animal Medicine Association (ASOHI) Center predicts the sale of veterinary

drugs will increase which is driven by the brightness of the poultry industry and the increase in the animal
feed industry in 2019.

The Chairman of the Association of Livestock Food Entrepreneurs (GPMT) said that the momentum of the
campaign is more or less will have an impact on the livestock industry, especially poultry, be it the layer or
broiler. According to the Chairman, the demand for eggs and chicken meat will definitely increase, especially
in March-April 2019.

Director of Charoen Pokphand Indonesia (CPIN) estimates that the poultry industry in 2019 will grow by
around 7% - 8%, which is sustained by consumption due to improvements in people's purchasing power.

In addition, next year's animal feed production is expected to experience growth of 6% - 8% compared to
2018 which is estimated to be closed at 19.4 million tons of feed. In the calculation of industry, feed production
in 2019 can reach 20.3 million tons.

The Chairperson of the Association of Livestock Food Entrepreneurs (GPMT) said that the growth is due to
the economic projections of the Indonesian people who continued to experience growth of 5.2% every year,
so the need for animal protein, especially chickens, also increased.

The national husbandry industry is still facing hard challenges in 2019. Some of the challenges are the WTO’s
decision in 2017 that granted Brazil, which filed a claim against Indonesia over the chicken-meat importation
policy, and the issuance of the Regulation of Minister of Agriculture (Peraturan Menteri Pertanian) No 14/2017
concerning the prohibition of the raising-triggered antibiotics per January 1, 2018.

There are also other unfavorable regulations of the government related to the supply and distribution of corn
material and animal medicine as well as a poultry price reference.

However, the prospect of chicken poultry business is still quite good, because the consumption of chicken
meat is quite high, reaching 9 kg to 10 kg per capita per year.

In addition, the World Bank or World Bank predicts that world economic growth this year will only be 2.6%.
Lower than the previous projection of 2.9%

The World Bank in its Global Economic Risks and Implications for Indonesia report also predicts that the
Indonesian economy in 2020 will grow below 5% due to the impact of a slowing world economy.

So, we believe that the Company is still prospective in the business. On the other hand, the slowing down
of the Indonesian economy this year to 2020 needs to be put into consideration for all businessmen.