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First thing that you need to do is to brainstorm

all the ideas about personal statement. After
brainstroming the ideas, arrangent them into
paragraphs. Follow these steps!
• List your formal achievements. Formal
achievements can include:
– Academic degrees and certifications
– Scholarship awards
– Awards or honors from academic institutions
– Workplace promotions, reviews, and evaluations
– Speaking at a conference, convention, or workshop
– Published works in your field of expertise
– Official recognition for community service or
• Define your academic and career goals. In order to
thoroughly cover your goals, ask yourself arrange of
questions like:
– How will this university/academic
program/scholarship/job position/client directly impact
my future?
– What is my ultimate career goal?
– Where do I see myself in 1 year? 5 years? 10 years?
– What are the steps I need to take in order to reach my
ultimate goal?
– What are other goals I hope to accomplish along the
• Outline how you reached this place in your life. Questions
worth asking yourself include:
– When did you originally develop an interest in your field of
– What do you love most about your field of choice?
– Why do you think your field of choice is important?
– What experiences have you had that have provided you
with experience in the field?
– Has there ever been a time that you nearly gave up on this
– Had you given up any other dreams or expectations in
order to chase after this one?
• Describe any challenges you have faced.
Possible challenges worth exploring include:
– Financial difficulties
– Social status difficulties
– Prejudice
– Learning disabilities
– Physical disabilities
– Family problems
– Medical problems
– Unexpected tragedies
• Ask yourself why you should be chosen.
Ask yourself a range of questions, such as:
– What personal qualities (leadership skills, organizational
skills, self control, etc.) do you possess which make you a
valuable asset?
– What experiences and beliefs have shaped your present
– What are some of your proudest "unofficial"
accomplishments? (Emphasize accomplishments that
demonstrate a positive character trait.)
– Have you had any turning points that redirected your life
in a positive way?

What appeals to me about the course?

• Why do I want to study in this course?
• Which part of this course that I realy
What qualifications or experiences do I
have that make me a suitable applicant for
this course?
Explain your skills and experiences that are
related to the course. Try to connect the skills
and the experiences you have with the course
you apply
What hobbies or interest do I have that
are relevant to this course?

Explain what the benefits that you get by doing

your hobbies or interests. Example, how
basketball sharpens and deepens your team work
and communication skills.

What would I hope to gain from the

Try to connect your future plan with the
course that you will apply for
How to Write Personal Statement


How to Write Personal Statement
1st Paragraph; Why are you applying for your
chosen course(s)?
I have always had a great interest in Science and
Mathematics because of the impacts that both of these have on
our daily lives. I have become fascinated by Pharmacy as a
career because it brings together Chemistry and Maths and
directly effects on the lives of people in the community.
Pharmacists are now more actively involved with the patients and
have become more accessible to the community and I am looking
forward to the challenge of career that involves life long learning.
How to Write Personal Statement
2nd Paragraph; Why does this subject interest you?

The complex chemical interactions within the body,

especially how neurones affect the brain and psychology is a
dilemma and one which I would love to study and understand.
The neurobiology behind the brain is a field I feel links strongly
with pharmacology. Pharmacology encompasses so much of
medical science, normal and abnormal function, including the
chance of applying my knowledge and exploring, and not merely
understanding, therefore I feel that pharmacology is a field I
would like to pursue.
How to Write Personal Statement
3rd Paragraph; Mention any academic
qualifications or experince you have in relation
to the course!
I have pursued many activities that have given me
experience in this field of study. I have encountered
independent voluntary work for local Pharmacy branch
located in Stretford. From this, I have learnt the insight
of being a Community Pharmacist and dealing with
prescriptions, which will prove valuable in the future.
How to Write Personal Statement
4th Paragraph; Write about your interests and
My favourite pastimes involves playing
cricket and listening to music of all genres. My
ongoing hobbies include squash, snooker, gym
and travelling when and wherever possible. I
enjoy going to the gym which help improves my
self-esteem and motivates me in doing my work.