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Tyler McGuire

September 24th, 2019

Professor Lewallen

Reflection of IgnitEd Labs

Peer Feedback On Project:

In my in-class critique, Jessica showed me many ways I could improve my overall report.

She showed me in many cases how my grammar could have improved and how I could make it

all flow smoother. I had many small cases where my essay did not flow as well as it should have.

She also showed me how my work was strong in some cases. I had places where I used strong

wording and gave examples for each category.

As well as Jessica, Grace gave really strong feedback that really helped me. She pointed

out how my flow was still not smooth. She also gave me tips on how I can improve the

grammatical errors to improve the flow. Grace also helped me choose which topics would work

better for my degree and future profession. I found out many cool tips and tricks on how to

utilize each technology and implement them into my classroom setting.

Implementation of Feedback:

In my original draft, I had started with using different technologies and they had more

negative connotations to my classroom than originally planned. However, I was able to go back

and explore more and get some research done to finally come to my three main technologies. I

then had many different in depth answers to the prompts that did not need to be as deep. I had to

go back and refocus on what the prompts actually meant. This shortened my answers but it made

them more clear and to the point. I had to revise my flow numerous times because I could not
find a good way to fit the information I obtained into a sentence or paragraph. However, I was

getting the feedback I needed and eventually got to a good point.

Learning Reflection:

I learned in the process of revision that it takes multiple tries to get to a good point and

that no matter what you can go back and fix the mistakes. I also saw that getting multiple peoples

perspectives really helps with the whole process overall. It is easy to run over mistakes easily

and sometimes it takes two to three people to catch the mistake. The in-class revision time gave

my editors time to fully go through and find ways of improving or supporting my project.

If I were to go back, I would definitely give myself more time at the lab and also more

time to fully get the project done. I feel like at some points I was rushing and trying to get things

done and it was making my work weaker. I could have spent more time preparing and recording

the video.

Alternative Use/ Future Directions:

Looking back on the technologies, I feel like there are some things I missed with them.

For example, with the Siri application, there is more than just asking it questions and getting a

response. Siri is a helpful tool in many people's lives and I can dive deeper into all its

possibilities to explore in class assignments. Also, with the Virtual reality goggles, I can have

students go more in depth with the device rather than just look at pictures and videos. They can

use it to build replicas of historical events or find parts of the body in Anatomy. The VR goggles

can be used in so many different ways than just looking at materials. The 3D printer is also used

for more things than just making replicas. I can have students learn how to visualize the

historical landmarks instead of just printing them and moving on.