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Dent Clin North Am. 2003 Jul;47(3):575-98.

Oral infections and systemic diseases.

Holmstrup P1, Poulsen AH, Andersen L, Skuldbøl T, Fiehn NE.
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An association between periodontal infection and CVD has been revealed in some epidemiologic studies, whereas
other studies were unable to demonstrate such an association. A link between the two diseases may be explained Similar articles
by shared established or nonestablished risk factors. Future studies with extended control of confounding factors Review The concept of "risk" and the
and intervention studies may add to the understanding of a possible relationship between the diseases. In some emerging discipline
[J Contempof periodontal
Dent Pract. 1999]
cases, IE is caused by dental plaque bacteria. Several studies are suggestive of oral bacteria causing respiratory
Review The periodontal infection-
infection. The pathogenesis and course of a number of other diseases including DM and rheumatoid arthritis have
systemic disease
[J Int Acad
link: Periodontol.
a review of the
been associated wish periodontitis, but more research is necessary to elucidate possible pathogenic interactions.
Review Systemic diseases caused by
PMID: 12848466 oral infection. [Clin Microbiol Rev. 2000]
[Indexed for MEDLINE]
The relationship between periodontal
diseases and respiratory
Today. 2003]

Review Dental plaque revisited:

bacteria associated
[J N Z Soc
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Cited by 5 PubMed Central

A comparative study of Dashana
Samskara Choorna Pratisarana

Periodontitis as risk factor for acute

myocardial infarction:[Heart
A caseViews.

The atherogenic bacterium

Porphyromonas gingivalis
[Infect evades
Immun. 2011]

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