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The Philippine visual arts encompass a range of forms developed by Filipinos

because it has a larger and more vigorous artistic community than any other Southeast

Asian nations because it has four cultural heritages - Asian, European, Mexican, and

American. In Manila alone, the arts and culture capital, there are many art galleries

showcasing the works of talented local painters, sculptors, muralists, and folk artists.

Theatrical and orchestral performances are also very popular. (GOVPH, 2014)

Everyone has its own artistic side and has their own abilities and styles when it

comes to visual arts. For most artists having a first solo exhibition of their carefully

conceptualized visual statement to a rather complicated contemporary art scene is a

dream. (Jay Bautista 2018).

Art has been looked down on, especially local art and people keep saying that

“There’s no money in Art”, and some of the young artists that have a potential and

passion in art are not recognize because of the fear of judgement of most of the people

that art will not help them to live, and some of them were forced to take other

profession in order to gain lots of money. As a result, some aspirant artists that has

potential were not able to improve or to show their talents to the world. Many of them

weakens their courage to continue and pursue their passion in arts.

Some will say “What will you do with your art? Will it really feed you and put a

roof over your head?" and “How we limit our artists" that’ll will discourage them. But

some still pursue their dreams, these are people who often go unrecognized, but still

do what they love to do. (Aleeza Abinuman, 2017)

With the development of the arts, the development of everything else will follow just Formatted: Indent: First line: 0"

like during the Renaissance period, when the flourishing of the arts paved the way for

social and governmental advances. NCCA Chairman Felipe De Leon (2014). Echoing

the statement of the NCCA Chairman, Senator Loren Legarda (2014) said “I believe

art should be an enabler for development”.


This is an account of the major events and milestones that have led to the

establishment of the biggest organization of Filipino visual artists in the country

today—GUHIT Pinas.

A group was created through Facebook, named GUHIT Pinas. It was

established by two young bicolanos namely, Jaime Coralde III and Rodman Papros,

that were both visionaries. Their first vision aims to have a healthy, dynamic and

purposeful community of Filipino visual artists. In order to create a local organization

that conducts art-related projects, they made used the social media, particularly

Facebook to find as many artists as they can and encourage the newbies, and the

aspiring artists to commune, interact and mature together with professional artists.

Originally, the guild was named GUHIT meaning Guild for Upholding and

Harnessing Indispensable Talents and was renamed GUHIT Pinas after a week. Since

then, their team decided to have GUHIT Pinas as their official name.

After the success of the group, the growth of the members was unstoppable

and later became a haven for visual artists, from beginners that was starting to realize

their potentials as an artist to professionals that share, teach and inspire other

members about the different medium and styles of art. From then, they have created
a revolution that could reshape the country’s entire creative industry. Also, the

administrators have also stepped up their game, numerous problems and tasks were

kept on increasing that they need to make an organized system that turned them into

a field and office workers, custodians, speakers, leaders, etc.

The team also added more people on their guild and divided each team to organize

and work on different committees. They made the group interesting by having online

segments and contests that shows the capabilities of the artists, including Kulitagisan,

SPAW, Featured Artist of the Week, Concept Day etc. that tests the creativity of each

members or artists who wants to join.

There was also a project called “Expansion Brigade” that will expand the

organization from different city, schools and universities from Luzon, Visayas and

Mindanao. This expansion made the creators visit different cities and provinces to

organize simple gatherings, where he introduces the guild from its vision, mission and


In order to show the vision, volunteers from each city make the vision possible.

These simple gatherings encourage the members to meet and communicate in person

to establish a good relationship which forms the foundation of the guild.

Their second vision was to make the Philippines as the Art Capital of Asia,

which make the guild’s path clearer by planning and executing of both online programs

and field works. And as the guild kept on expanding, financial was a problem, but for

the consecutive success of their minor and major events, they have caught the

attention from several firms including Pen Tool Mark, Faber Castell, and Dong-A that

expressed interest in providing support to the guild.


GUHIT Pinas are sometimes organizing a convention to gather different artists

from their respective chapters, to meet and interact with each other. This convention

has different activities and contests, from Team Building, Performances, Live Demo,

Workshops, etc. which held in People’s Park Valenzuela or Quezon City Circle.

Problems from financial like they are still renting some place or facility in order to

organize and plan such events, and from physical environment such us the place is

too hot, etc. The get-together of per chapters are quite small, but the annual national

convention where everyone who wants to participate were gathered from Luzon,

Visayas and Mindanao which have almost thousands of participants. Because of not

having any place to have such kind of activity and the need to rent for it to make it

happen, an Art Center for them would be a huge help, considering that there’s a lot of

people who also wants to learn, and showcase and share their talents to everyone.

Also, there are only few art centers in the Philippines and some of them are not

visited by people that often.


To guide the project, the goal of this study is to create a place for the GUHIT

Pinas guild to promote Philippine visual arts through architecture. In line with the

project goal are the following objectives:

1. To promote and strengthens the people’s appreciation for Philippine visual art;

2. To create a haven for the GUHIT Pinas new aspirants and professional Filipino

visual artist community as a place for building foundation; and.

3. To make the Philippines the Art Capital of Asia from the vision of the GUHIT



The proposed art center facility will have a great impact on the Filipino visual

artists, especially on the Philippine visual art. This project will encourage aspirant in

the field of arts and will promote the art of the different artists. It’ll provide spaces that

can assist the Filipino visual artists and aspirants from different chapters to work and

to make their vision possible. The facility will also help to promote the arts in the

Philippines and to strengthen the people’s appreciation for art.

The facility will be a haven for the unstoppable increase of GUHIT Pinas

community that these people will create a revolution that could reshape the country’s

entire creative industry. The facility will be a place for them to continue and share their

vision by using the facility for their indoor and outdoor activities.


The study will focus on how to promote art and to expand the community of

Filipino visual artists by developing an art facility for the guild and its community. The

GUHIT Pinas has various chapters from different school, universities and cities from

Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao and specialty groups, these group has various

members which practices different styles and techniques with the use of different

medium such as Graphite, Charcoal, Oil Paint, Tattoo, Pastel and Crayons,

Watercolors, Conceptual, Animation, Ballpoint, Mural and Graffiti, 3-D art, Comics,

Food, Doodle, Colored Pencil, Digital, Figure, T-shirt and Printing, Sculpture, Acrylic,

Caricature, Papercraft, Calligraphy, Anime and Fashion design.

Specifically, facilities that will help them do workshops, live demos, ceremonies,

performances etc. that will make the community interact and build a good foundation

for the guild. Also, galleries or museum that will showcase the different artworks and

masterpiece of those who won the contests and those who are already professional.

There is also a space for hall of fames to recognize each one of them, and outdoor

parks that connects the interior to the exterior spaces that will also be used for outdoor



G.U.H.I.T – meaning Guild for Upholding and Harnessing Indispensable Talents

Guhit - is the Filipino term for "drawing," a form of visual art that makes use of any Formatted: Font: Not Bold

number of drawing instruments to mark a two-dimensional medium.

Art Center – It is a functional community center that encourage art practice from

different forms of art. It provides facilities like theatre, gallery, stage for performance,

workshops areas, educational facilities, technical equipment etc.

Haven – A facility or place that offers opportunities or conditions for artists.

Guild - An association of artisans or merchants who oversee the practice of their

craft/trade in an area.

Indispensable – being necessary or important, has a vital skills or role.

Visual Art – different forms of visual arts.

Upholding - GUHIT Pinas is founded on the principle that every person has an artistic Formatted: Font: 12 pt, Bold
Formatted: Font: 12 pt
talent and Art is not for a select few. If discovered, enhanced, and utilized properly,

this artistic talent can be a tool for catalyzing national and global progress.

Harnessing -GUHIT Pinas promotes the welfare of mankind by discovering, Formatted: Font: 12 pt, Bold
Formatted: Font: 12 pt
enhancing, and utilizing the artistic talents of every Filipino through initiatives and

support for developmental campaigns.

Indispensable - Art is a potent and irreplaceable tool for communication. GUHIT Formatted: Font: 12 pt, Bold
Formatted: Font: 12 pt
Pinas aims at utilizing it for promoting peace, unity, character development, order, and

freedom, considering that they are the major ingredients of true progress and success.

Talents - While GUHIT Pinas is a guild for visual artists (painters, sketchers, Formatted: Font: 12 pt, Bold
Formatted: Font: 12 pt
illustrators, and the like), it also upholds other talents that relate and influence visual

art and the Guild's endeavors. Formatted: Font: (Default) Helvetica, Font color:
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