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Name – Ar Li Ar Mat

Another Name – Khin Maung Hla

Age / Date of Birth – 25 (15. 6. 1988)

Birth Place – Mingalar Gyi ( 2 ) village , Mingalar Gyi village area

NRC – Not recognized

Education – 10 Grade

Occupation – General worker

Address – Mingalar Gyi ( 2 ) village, Mingalar Gyi village area, Maungdaw Township

Parents name / Occupation – ( F ) Mar Mat Se Dees / ( M ) Shaw Fe Ka Bay Gaung

Parents Address - Same village

Wife’s occupation – None

Reason of Investigation – Pyin Phyu police station ( pa ) 41/ 2017, Terrorist attack 50 ( Ka ) ( Za )

Investigation Date / Place – 2. 9. 2017, Maungdaw Police Station

Brief History
I was born on 15. 6. 1988, My parents are ( F ) Mar Mat Se Dees, ( M ) Shaw Fe Ka Bay Gaung.

I am the third of 9 siblings. The names of my siblings are :

1. No Mar Mat / Age – 30, Cloth shop, Mingalar Gyi ( 2 ) village,

2. Say No Wa / Age – 27, Dependent

3. No Ro Army / Age – 23, Grade 9

4. Mar Mat Ar Nours / Age – 20, Grade 6

5. Shaw Hoo Dar Bay Gaung / Age – 16, Dependent

6. Mar Mat Ju Nike / Age – 10, Grade 3

7. Shay Hay Nar Ar Fa Tar / Age – 5, Dependent

8. Mar Mat Ar Sart / Age – 3, Dependent

Compiled by Rick Heizman 1

I went to school in Mingalar Gyi village from kindergarten to grade 8, and studied grade 9 in Myaw
Daung high school, and studied grade 10 in Maungdaw high school until 2013. After leaving school, I
worked as a local health care staff person in our village from March, 2014, until now, and I was paid
50,000 kyats per month. Also, in my free time, I help my brother No Mar Mat who has a clothing
shop in Kyauk Hlay Gar market.

Our Village Mosques, and Our Mawlawis [Imams]:

There are about 100 houses in our village but I do not know exactly how many people there are.
There is a mosque where I go and pray five times a day. The name of the Mawlawi is Har Face Mu
Zar Bar, age – 50 years old, his native village is Kyauk Pyin Seik. His physical shape is – short black
hair, narrow forehead, good eyebrows, black eyes, good looking nose, wide ears, narrow mouth,
good skin, height – 5 feet and 5 inches, chews betel nuts, dirty teeth, and usually he wears a longyi.
And, the name of our Mingalar Gyi village chief is Maung Maung Tin, ( Bengali / Islam).

How We Were Recruited and Trained:

Mawlawi Har Face Mu Zar Bar, from our village, told all the villagers who came and prayed in the
mosque that we will attack Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Rathedaung one day to make an Islamic
State. Bengalis are discriminated against in education, social affairs, and religion. And in order to get
freedom, all Bengalis should organize to fight and to attack the police outposts and seize the
weapons. Mawlawi Har Face Mu Zar Bar told us again and again that when the ARSA militants
arrived with weapons, including bombs, the terrorist attacks would start. In the meantime, all
Bengalis had to be ready with swords, knives, sticks and other weapons whenever it became
necessary to attack.

How We Prepared To Attack Zin Pine Nya Police Outpost:

On 24. 8. 2017 Mawlawi Har Face Mu Zar Bar told all the villagers to meet in the mosque at 6 pm,
and, to let all the villagers know that ARSA militants had arrived. So, we will attack the police
outposts early in the morning and seize the weapons. He told us to have no worries about attacking
the police outposts because ARSA militants had guns and handmade bombs. Also other, villagers
would attack other police outposts all over Maungdaw and Buthidaung. We were told to come back
to the mosque at 11 pm, and to bring our own weapons such as swords, knives and iron rods, and
then we will meet with the ARSA militants. So, at 11 pm I came back to the mosque bringing my
sword. Also, other people from our village came and gathered in the mosque with their knives and
swords. Their names:

Har Mi Du Lar / Age 20 / Father’s name – Fay Ra

Ae Mar Ran / Age – 20 / Father’s Name – Abu La Laung

Mar Mat Sar Bai / Age - 19 / Father’s name – E Nu Ar Mauk

Har Bi Ra Mauk / Age – 50 / Father’s name – Nu Ra Mauk

Mar Mat Se Dees / Age – 50 / Father’s name – Adu Lar Chain

Shu Nar Myar / Age – 65 / Father’s name – Nil

Ar Bu Ar Laung / Age – 53 / Father’s name – Adu Lar King

Ar Li Ju Hat / Age – 26 / Father’s name – Zaw Hee Ar Mauk

Compiled by Rick Heizman 2

Mawlawi Har Face Mu Zar Bar led us to attack the police post. He had contact with other Mawlawis
from the other villages. So, on the way, Mawlawi Zar Face Mu Zar Bar joined with other Mawlawis
who led the other villagers from Mingalar Gyi (1) village and Mi Kyaung Tat village. I saw one man
from Mingalar Gyi (1) village, his name is Rawfis Annawa and another man from Mi Kyaung Tat
village is Arr No War Fike Say who joined this militant group. I think there were about 300 people in
the group. Then, we headed to attack Zin Pine Nya police outpost. At 3:45 am, on 25. 8. 2017, we
surrounded Zin Pine Nya police outpost and unknown leaders of the RSO and ARSA terrorists
attacked the police post with handmade bombs and guns. When the police shot back, we ran back
to our village. Then I went back to my house.

How We Were Captured:

After the attack on Zin Pine Nya police outpost Mawlawi Har Face Mu Zar Bar told us to burn our
houses ourselves and then run away. Some people did burn their own houses and ran away. I was
captured while I was at home at about 3:00 pm on 31. 8. 2017, by police, with the cooperation of
Mingalar Gyi village chief, Maung Maung Tin ( Bengali/ Islam ).


I joined the attack of Zin Pine Nya police outpost because Mawlawi Har Face Mu Zar Bar strongly
convinced me to do it. I dropped my sword when I fled from the counter attack. In our attack on the
police outpost, I knew that we were led by RSO and ARSA terrorists who had attended terrorist
training, but I did not know their names. Also, I heard that some people from our village attended
terrorist training, but I did not know their names. But, Mawlawi Har Face Mu Zar Bar knows them.

And, I knew that Arr No War Fike Say from Mi Kyaung Tat village, Rawfis Annawa from Mingalar Gyi
(1) village, Hamid Dullah, Ae Mar Ran, Mamed Sarbay from Mingalar Gyi ( 2 ) village were captured
by police in cooperation with Mingalar Gyi village chief, Maung Maung Tin ( Bengali / Islam )

Translator from Bengali to Myanmar – U Hla Maung Thar / Age – 30 / Father’s Name – U Yin Ku
Mar / NRC – 11/ Ma Ta Na ( Naing ) 019062

Mingalar Nyauk village, Maung Daw Township

Compiled by Rick Heizman 3