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Each Yin/Yang paired LUO points can reenforce the opposite LUO’s function.

ie: LU 7 can help Large Intestine function, and LI 6 can assist Lung function.

LU 7 – LI 6
The connection of the TCM Lung & TCM Large Intestine shows through the
skin. Together they can used for acute allergies resulting in swelling. LI 6 assist
the LUNG in regulating water, and LU 7 assist Large Intestine in expelling

HT 5 – Si 7
This is to me an interesting pair, because the TCM Small Intestine and the TCM
Heart are probably the least Yin/Yang related meridians. HT 5 can be used to
assist in turbid urination (Si function separating the clear from the turbid), and
Si 7 calms the mind especially for sleep issues. In my practice I have found great
results using them together for Interstitial Cystitis accompanied with insomnia
and anxiety.

SP 4 – ST 40
This is probably my favourite pair! ST 40 is great to balance blood sugar
assisting SP function to transform and transport food, SP 4 calms the mind (due
to its connection to the Chong Vessel & Blood) for anxiety reenforcing ST
function for mania. So in my practice, when a patient has anxiety due to Blood
deficiency, I always SP 4 & ST 40 together!

LV 5 – GB 37
We know the TCM Liver & TCM Gallbladder work well together. LV 5 & Gb 37
both regulate LV Qi. So they work well for LV Qi stagnation when there is
breast pain or distension.

PC 6 – SJ 5
I love the fact that these 2 points can connect through 1 needle. That makes them
such a great pair! PC 6 opens the chest area & SJ 5 relaxes the upper back
tension. It’s a front and back kind of relationship. In practice, I use these 2
together when a patient has shoulder blade tension and tight chest due to anxiety
(Which is so common!).

KD 4 -BL 58
The TCM Bladder & TCM Kidneys connection is mostly through expelling
excess water & soothing the lower back. KD 4 assist BL is urine retention & BL
58 assist KD as a distal low back point. Great pair to use for pain due to Kidney
Ren 15 – Du 1
I don’t have a lot of experience with epilepsy, but I was taught REN 15 & DU 1
are a good combo to prevent attacks. Both points can be used o calm the mind
and are related to the brain, so it makes sense to use them together.

SP 21 – Major LUO Point of the Spleen

I love this point!!! The Major LUO Collateral of the Spleen stems from SP 21
and spreads through all muscle regions, which makes it one of the best point for
fibromyalgia, especially if the patient has digestive issues as well.

Xu Li – Major LUO Point of the Stomach

The Major LUO Collateral of the Stomach penetrates the diaphragm, connect
with the Lung & Heart (at Ren 17), and exit below the breast (ST 18). It is where
Zong (Gathering/Chest) Qi is located. So for irregular heart beat, palpitations,
chest pain and short of breath, using St 18 & Ren 17 works quite well.