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Personal details:
Name : Sharif Al Hasan Monshi
Father’s Name : Abdul Barik Monshi
Mother’s Name : Mst Nasima Begum
Date of birth : 25/11/1998
Sex : Male
Religion : Islam
Marital status : Unmarried
Nationality : Bangladeshi
Home district : Comilla
Country : Bangladesh

Career Objective:
 Going a head with facing new challenges.
 Providing potentiality through working under pressure.
 Providing service for humanity through innovative idea.

Education Achievement:

Secondary School Certificate (S.S.C):

Institute Name : Bakasher High School.
Board : Comilla.
Group : Science
Result : G.P.A 4.44 ( scale of 5)
Year : 2015

Higher School Certificate (H.S.C):

Institute Name : Jaforgonj Mir Abdul Gafor College.
Board : Comilla.
Group : Science
Result : G.P.A 4.56 ( scale of 5)
Year : 2018

Perferred Job Location:

In Side Bangladesh : Any Location

Computer Ability:
 Operating System : Windows 7&8, Windows xp.
 Microsoft Office : MS Word, MS Excel, Powerpoint.
 Graphics Design : Adobe Photoshop.
Experience : 1.3 Year Experience in Grameenphone Distributor House as a
Computer Operator Officer. (Present)

Language Ability:
Well conversant and fluent in writing and speaking Bangla.
Well conversant and fluent in writing and well communication in English

Permanent & present address:

Sharif Al Hasan Monshi

C/O : Abdul Barik Monshi
Village: Bakasher
Post : Unjuty.
P.S : Debidwar
District : Comilla
Contact No. 01710-16 10 20
Email :

Declaration Authenticity:
I do here by declare that all information here is true to my knowledge. I required and where
applicable, this document can be supported by appropriate authentic certificates/papers.

Signature of the applicant

Sharif Al Hasan Monshi.