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My name is Kaira Coburn and I am a student at Arizona State University.

My education

thus far within the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College has given me insight and guidance in

regards to furthering my education and career. My philosophy on education has been developed

over the years through my experience in various classroom settings. I am currently interning as a

student teacher aide at Rhodes Junior High School, located in Mesa, Arizona.

In my schooling thus far, I have made a wide variety of connections with various

professionals and have been inspired by their work within the education system. I have used

some of their knowledge and taken away key points to develop my own goals and what I plan to

contribute in my future career. My goals have been centered around student success,

engagement, and achievement. Setting personal goals for myself will give me the opportunity to

enhance my abilities and strategies.

As a teacher and future educator, my aspirations are endless. My professional demeanor,

positive attitude, and appreciation for diversity will contribute to my success in this capacity. I

am a studious, motivated, and professional individual who is a firm believer in positivity and

success. Having experience in community engagement has provided me the opportunity to work

well in a team environment, and collaborate to achieve goals. With this, I will be able to succeed

on various platforms and achieve endless goals.

In my future career, I aspire to be rational and fair. My personality allows me to connect

with various individuals and network at a high capacity. With this useful ability, I will be able to

provide resources and connections to my students. I am also a firm believer in parent and

guardian engagement. I believe that some of the best teachings come from home and I’d like to
be a part of that experience as well. Families directly impact and influence students on a daily


The demographics are pretty diverse, with a majority of White, Black, and Hispanic

students. Most of these students come from lower income homes, and the vast majority of the

Hispanic population are students classified as English Language Learners. With this being said,

it is imperative that students are given the resources they need in order to be successful on their

academic path. At Rhodes, the school does a fair job of supplying students with things to help

them reach their full potential. For example, there is a variety of clubs geared towards students

and positive involvement. There is also technology exposure that is available in school for

students that may not have access at home. This project will consider all of these factors and it is

displayed in greater detail within the other project overview components.