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Dear readers/ audience,

When creating this website/ blog, my main purpose was to inform others of how Spanish
speakers are being treated and how the United States is not really a country in which one has a
freedom of speech. In order to make sure that I was able to obtain an angle in which I question
one of our amendments, I included some of the most talked about stories in which Spanish
speakers were prohibited or questioned for speaking Spanish. In this major writing assignment
(MWA)I created a commentary on language discrimination, especially against Spanish speakers,
since it is something that hits close to heart and would allow me to put that personal touch to it. I
also give my opinion on how we are prohibited from speaking Spanish in some places, when we
are a country of diversity. When creating the website/blog I was excited to do it because it is
something that hits close to heart, so it was important for me to keep my purpose in mind while
creating the website.

When first starting this commentary, I had to do a bit of research on some of the most
talked about language discriminations occurrences in the United States. Once I chose which two
situations to talk about, I began to cite evidence that would support my claim. Once all the
research was done, I began to write my paragraphs from introduction to conclusion, after that I
began to look up pictures to would incorporate well with the text and make it stronger. At the
end I citated all my resources and proofread everything to ensure it all flowed.

Some changes that I made in response to peer feedback was include one more story about
someone experiencing language discrimination, in order to add more of an opportunity in which
you as a reader can connect with or relate to. Another change I made in response to the peer
feedback was add pictures that related to language discrimination, which I added towards the end
of the website/blog, that added more of an appealing touch to the website/blog. I also included
picture along the side of the stories of language discrimination, to give more of that visual to the
readers. I took all the peer feedback into consideration because I felt that they were necessary for
me to achieve my purpose and my angle.

There is a lot of changes that I would make if I had more time, one of them being is
adding the videos of the occurrences that I talk about in the website, since there is a video of both
incidence and it would have given more of a visual to you my readers. I also feel that if I would
have added the videos more emotions would have been evoked. Another change I would have
made would to add more of personal touch to it, for example by including some of my own
personal stories in which I have experienced language discrimination or in which my entire
family has experienced language discrimination. If I added that personal aspect to the website,
then I would also have that more of a personal angle to the situation. These would have been
some of the changes that I would have done to my commentary if I had more time.

While completing this assignment I do feel that I have a better understanding of the
following student learning outcomes (SLO) A, C, and G. I had to analyze and reflect on many of
the arguments made towards language discrimination in order to be able to obtain evidence that
such as citations to incorporate in this MWA. In order to complete MWA #2 a lot of researching
had to be done on current evets and in the stats of Spanish speakers in the United States. I also
had to choose a side in some way to provide an argument in my commentary and I had to
provide evidence in which my argument was supported. For which I was able to get a better
understanding of SLO G due to doing research on language discrimination which allowed me to
develop a belief on the situation, which was that in reality the we have no freedom of speech..
When completing this assignment, I also made sure to incorporate the feedback my peers
provided in order to make my commentary stronger. An example of SLO C is that one of my
peers had given me the feedback to incorporate pictures to the commentary to make it stronger.
But the most important thing that this commentary did was allow me to express my personal
belief on language discrimination.

This assignment has by far been the one I have enjoyed doing the most and I would hands
down agree that it has been the assignment in which we were able to in some way express our
beliefs. It has also allowed me to provide my own interpretation of language discrimination. I
really hope you enjoyed this website/blog as much as I did.

Sincerely, Alexis Trejo