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Academic and Research Vice-Rector

Activity 4 : Speaking Assignment – Guide & Rubric

1. General description of the course

School or Vicerrectoría de Relaciones Internacionales

Academic unit
Level of Technical-Technological-Professional-Master
Field of Common Basic Interdisciplinary formation
Course name English III
Course code 90121
Type of course Methodological Can it be Yes ☐ No ☒
Number of 2

2. Description of the activity

Type of Number of
Individual ☒ Collaborative ☐ 6
activity: weeks
Moment of Intermedia,
Starting ☐ ☒ Final ☐
evaluation: unit:
Delivery environment:
Evaluative score: 90 points
Collaborative Learning
Starting date: October 19th,
Closing date: November 28th, 2019
Competence to develop:
Speaking skill: The students speak in English appropriately in current
situtations at intermedia level.
Topics to develop:
Phrasal verbs, Prepositions, Future.
Phases, steps or stages of learning strategy to develop
Activity 4 : Speaking Assignment
Activities to develop
Part 1 (50 points)
1. Post a photograph of a traditional festivity in the city or department
where you live.
2. Record a video describing that festivity and telling everything about
it: name, importance, type of celebration, description, etc. Finally,
you must invite your partners to come and enjoy it.

Ilustración 1


Imagen de un hombre haciendo la grabación de un vídeo en el computador.

3. Additionally, you will send two comments about two partners’


Part 2
Interview (40 points)
Ilustración 2

Imagen de dos personas realizando una entrevista vía Skype.
Step 1: Personal introduction. Introduce yourself (name, age, city
where you live, job, program you study, hobbies, and other information
you want to include: favorite drink, favorite food, etc.).

Step 2: Role-play. On the day of the interview, you will talk to your
tutor about the traditional festivity you chose; you will tell everything
about it and the tutor will ask you some questions about you and that

In case you have the opportunity to go to a CEAD, CCAV or UDR where
there is an INVIL tutor, you can perform the interview with him and he
will send a report via email to the course director. It consists of your
personal data (full name, number of group, tutor’s name), grade and

Besides, if you belong to a CIPA in your center, the tutor in charge will
send the report to the course director and some points will be added to
your Speaking grade according to your performance in this activity.

Note: In order to practice your pronunciation, you can use the following

Collaborative Learning
t to develop
Part 1
1. Upload the photograph in the forum.
2. Send the video or URL in the forum. This video
Products to should be shared in the forum before presenting the
submit by interview with your tutor.
the student The video can be made using any tool or software.
Guidelines for making a video:
 At the forefront of the video you must show up.
 At the backfront you can show the photograph
uploaded in the forum and/or the slides.
 The message of the video consists of three parts:
1. Greeting: You introduce yourself talking about:
name, age, place of residence, program you study,
among others. 2. You tell everything related to the
photograph sent in the forum. 3. You finish your
video saying goodbye and inviting people to visit
your city and the monument.
 Length of video is from 1:30 and 2:00 minutes.
 To avoid difficulties to upload your video in the
forum; you can upload it on Youtube and just share
the link.
Choose the proper place to record your video in order
to avoid pictures or sound unappropriate.

Part 2
Interview via Skype with your tutor. It is important to
upload the video/link before the interview.


Send two comments about your partners’ videos.

General guidelines of the collaborative work for developing
the activity

 Reading the unit contents with its references because

they support the activities.
activities to
 Active and thoughtful participation in the activities by
develop the
each student.
 Sharing appropriate and useful contributions for each
Roles to
perform by
No role must be performed by the students in this
the student
in the
Collector: Articulate the contributions of all the
participants of the collaborative group in order to
consolidate the final paper; including only those who
took part of the whole process.

Reviewer: To verify that the final paper and process

meet all the requirements established by the teacher.

Roles and Evaluator: To verify that the final paper meets the
responsibilit criteria established by the rubric. The evaluator must
ies to inform the group about any corrections or adjustments
produce the regarding the quality of the document.
by the Submissions: To keep track and inform the group
students about the submission time, uploading the final paper
on time, using the link provided by the teacher or
established by the activity guide. To notify the group
members the final paper was submitted.

Alerts: To notify all the group members about changes

or news related to the submission or elaboration of the
final paper. To notify the teacher through the
collaborative forum and the course mail that the final
paper was submitted.
It is necessary to use the APA standards in order to
provide a bibliography of the sources cited in the
Use of
references Use this link as reference:

In the agreement 029 of December 13, 2013, article

99, the mistakes that infringe upon the academic
order, among others, are the following: paragraph e)
“To plagiarize is to present as your own work the whole
or part of a writing, report, task or document of
invention performed by another person. It also implies
the use of cites or lack of references, or includes cites
where there is no coincidence between them and the
reference” and paragraph f)”To reproduce, or copy for
profit, educational resources or results of research
products, which have intellectual rights reserved for
the University”.

The academic punishments that the student will face

Plagiarism are:
policy a) In case of academic fraud proved in the academic
work or evaluation, the score achieved will be zero
(0.0) without leading to disciplinary measures.
b) In case of plagiarism proved in the academic
work of any nature, the score achieved will be zero
(0.0), without leading to disciplinary measures.

To know how the documents must be cited, check the

following document:
Centro de Escritura Javeriano ( ) Normas APA. Sexta
edición. Taken from
4. Evaluation Rubric

Evaluation Rubric
Individual Collaborative
Type of activity: ☒ ☐
activity activity
Moment of Intermedia,
Starting ☐ ☒ Final ☐
evaluation unit
Performance levels of the individual activity
Item Score
High score Media score Low score
The student had
some pronunciation
the student’s
mistakes but these
pronunciation was
ones were not
clear, you had a
decisive because
pronunciation close The student did
they did not
Pronunciation the standard one not participate in 10
interfere to
with good the interview points
understand the
intonation and
speech. A better
appropriate pauses
pronunciation could
among sentences.
improve the
(Up to 10 points) (Up to 5 points) (0 points)
The student did
not introduce
The student’s
appropriately. The
speech showed a
student did not link
good handle of
simple questions
gramar structures
and answers
addressed in the
related to near The student did
units for this 5
Grammar environment and not participate in
activity. The points
the studens was the interview
student could make
not able to
some little mistakes
construct language
but the message
proper to the level
and related to the
context. The
student often made
mistakes that
interfere the
(Up to 5 points) (Up to 3 points) (0 points)
The student
The student used misused some
the vocabulary words isolated,
addresed in the without cohesion in
The student did
units. The message your speech. The
not participate in 8
Vocabulary was communicated unappropriate
the interview. points
clearly and chose of words and
appropriately with lack of vocabulary
cohesion. interfere the
(Up to 8 points) (Up to 4 points) (0 points)
The student
answered the
The student did
questions properly:
not understand
the student
questions nor follow
recognize the
instructions. The
sentences and The student did
stduent did not
include them in the not participate in 10
Listening recognize the
speech. It was not the interview. points
sounds of
necessary to repeat
elementary English
questions. The
words related to
student understand
this activity.
and follow
intructions clearly.
(Up to 10 points) (Up to 5 points) (0 points)
The student made
The student’s
too much effort to
fluency fluency
develop the speech
made the The student did
and make too long
conversation no participate in 7
Fluency pauses that affect
possible and easy the interview. points
the communication.
The student could
have used notes.
(Up to 7 points) (Up to 5 points) (0 points)
The student made The student’s The students did
Video the video video did not meet not make the
appropriately, the the requirements. video.
pronunciation and The pronunciation
fluency were quite and fluency were
well. The message not well.
was clear, relevant
and coherent. The
student used a
wide vocabulary.
(Up to 55 points) (Up to 28 points) (0 points)
Final score

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