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Alexis Trejo

English 1110
October 19, 2019

Language Discrimination
It’s the year 2019 in a country in which we have the freedom of speech, but what
exactly does that mean? Well I assume it means we have the right to say what we want in
whatever language we want, but that’s just my opinion. Nearly 20% of the population in
the United States speaks another language other than English that is more than 60 million
Americans and 13.4% speak Spanish. Do these people who speak another language other
than English also have freedom of speech, well according to news reports some citizens
believe that in the United States the only language that should be spoken is English. One
of these citizens being Aaron Schlossberg, who believes that English is the only language
in the United States. It was a Tuesday Afternoon in Fresh Kitchen in Manhattan, when
customers and staff were threatened by Aaron by telling them he was going to call
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) because they were speaking Spanish. It all
began when one of the staffs took the order of a customer in Spanish and then took the
order of a group of customers who also began to speak Spanish to the staff member,
which bothered Aaron. The man Aaron then goes on to tell the manager that the staff is
speaking Spanish to the customers when they should only be speaking English, “your
staff is speaking Spanish to the customers when they should be speaking English”. He
then goes on and says “It’s America. Your staff should be speaking English, not
Spanish”, he also goes on and claims that they are undocumented just because they spoke
Spanish. He also claims that they are living off his money, and that he will contact ICE to
kick them out of his country because he is the one that pays for their welfare. Throughout
the video we are able to hear the laughter of other customers laughing at the man Aaron
and customers also calling him an “ignorant asshole”. The staff members and customers
were upset and mad that someone could be capable of telling them all this, which nobody
would blame them for because the other customers were just as mad with Aaron. Aaron
discriminated them just because of their language. It is surprising how someone can just
make all these remarks just because someone is not speaking English, but what surprises
me the most is that this is not the first time an incident like this occurs. Many Spanish
speaking are threatened with ICE on a daily basis, just because they don't speak English.
Are these people doing something bad by speaking Spanish?? Well it seems as if
speaking any other language but English nowadays is a crime.

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