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To: Daya Duran Advertising Executive, Bri Yugen CEO, Tony Gerome Sales and Marketing

From: Alexis Trejo Website Director
Date: September 3, 2019
Subject: Effectiveness of Bracelet Websites
In response to the request of analyzing the two websites and, in order to determine which, one is more effective, has
demonstrated to be the one that is more effective. Through analyzing both websites I was able to
recognize the aspects that made the website effective and what were the things that made that
one website more effective than the other. Both websites appeal to the jewelry discourse
community, by providing bracelets with a bigger meaning behind them, one website focusses on
raising money for bigger things in the world through their bracelets while the other one focus on
inner strength and protection they can portray through their bracelets. Both websites demonstrate
aspects our project would benefit from.
The Pura Vida website appeals to an audience of teenage girls to woman in their fifties and most
of the bracelets are gender neutral. The main goal for this website is to give back, which they do
through their charity bracelets. Which is something that our website would benefit from, for
example we could sell bracelets the represent lung cancer and give the money to a lung cancer
charity. Relating on jewelry towards a charity and dedicating a tab in the home page to our
charity items, would allow the audience to understand that by purchasing an item they are also
giving back and helping make a change. The audience would also recognize that our website is
more than just a jewelry website but a foundation to many charities. The website also ensures the
jewelry is at an affordable price, many of the bracelets range from $4-$36 dollars, but when you
first go to the page they offer a 10% off on the first purchase and once you enter your email or
phone number into an area located on the bottom left you are able to receive coupons for
10%,20% and 30% off the purchases. With our website we could offer a 20% off on their first
purchase which would encourage the customers to make a purchase because they would not want
to lose that coupon, we could also ask for their email and send coupons, sales, and email them
when new charity items come out, which would make the customers feel welcomed to our
website. The jewelry in the website also varies from casual to fancy, which does allow it to
capture a bigger audience. Casual being bracelets made from string such as friendship bracelets,
whereas fancy bracelets are made of silver. The website also has tabs at the top of the page with
the picture and the name of the products in that tab which make it more appealing to audience.
The website will also have most of the font in bold and the letters throughout the text are all
capitalized, which attracts the eye more. The vocabulary used such as “Live free”, “charity” and
“give back to special causes you care about”, makes the audience feel welcomed, important, and
are given a sense of accomplishment. A tool this website has that we would benefit from is that
customers are able to rate the products and other are able to see the rates and there is a help
button at the right bottom which allows one to leave a message. The jewelry pictures are taken in
a white background which draws all the attention the product only, but then they have bigger
pictures that are colorful with people wearing the jewelry, which make the website very
appealing to the eye. The Pura Vida website is new, colorful, easy to use, affordable, and give
the customers the opportunity to help the world through buying a jewelry piece.
Alex and Ani website also sell jewelry with a meaning behind it, which there is strength and
protection. Their main audience is females in their twenties and up, their jewelry is more elegant
than the one in Pura Vida, but it is also a lot more expensive which does make it less affordable
for many. One of their goals is making their jewelry affordable, but most of the jewelry ranges
between twenty to fifty dollars. The home page of the website has pictures, words, but they all
seem to be clumped in one place, there is also ten different fonts going on and different sizes of
picture that tend to get overwhelming when looking through it, which leads to frustration. The
vocabulary on this website does tend to be religious and more professional in the way they
describe the jewelry, for example they use “Rafaelian Silver” and “God”. The font in the website
is also small which does make it hard to get one’s attention, but some important information is in
black boxes with white font, which does catch one’s attention. The pictures in the website are not
colorful which do make them less interesting and boring, the websites revolve around neutral
colors such as brown, black, and white, which do not grab the audience’s attention. The pictures
and the vocabulary portray a tone of tense. A tool this website has that we could benefit from is
that they have a chat box in the bottom right, which allows customers to chat with the staff if
they have questions or concerns and receive a text back in a matter of minutes. If we are
applying this tool to our website the customers would feel like the number one priority and
would know they are being heard. This website does not meet its goal of being affordable, it is
also not user friendly, and it is not the more effective website.
there is any need for any clarification or if there are any questions, please do not hesitate to email